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Bright Hitch Thin Red and Blue Line Hitch Cover Review

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Review of the Bright Hitch Thin Red and Blue Line Hitch Cover

Clayton: Hello everybody. Clayton here at And today, we'll be taking a look at the thin red line and thin blue line American flag hitch cover. Now this particular hitch cover is one of my favorites because you can interchange the face. So maybe you want to put your favorite team on there or a different American flag, or a Don't Tread On Me logo, there's tons of options and you can find those here at Our hitch cover is going to be made out of a high durability ABS plastic.

So it's going to weather pretty well. It's not going to crack and break over time. It's going to look really nice on the back of our truck. We do have a really nice gel coat finish over our American flag. So that's not going to fade or peel back or anything like that.

Again, it's going to hold up well over time. We can support our first responders and then, it also protects our receiver tube. We're going to protect our receiver tube from dirt and debris, getting in there, causing rust, or just making it dirty.Now this kit does not include a hitch pin. It uses a standard five eighths inch hitch pin. If you do not have one, you can find those here at

One nice feature I like about it is the two different holes. So you can adjust it to your particular receiver tube. If you want it to sit further in or further out, you can choose which option you'd like to use. And when you want to take this face out, you just take a flat blade screwdriver, push in here and here, and this whole face will pop right out. That's going to complete our look at the red line and blue thin line American flag hitch cover..

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