BoatBuckle Boat Winch Strap with Hook Review

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Review of the BoatBuckle Boat Winch Strap with Hook

Today we are going to be showing you how to install the boat buckle, boat wench strap with hook and safety latch. This is the loop end with a 4,000 lb. capacity. It's part number is IMF05848. As you can see, they've got really heavy thread that they've used. Stitched up even the tag ends here to make sure we don't have any fraying or we don't have any wear.

Got our nice snap hook end. It's got the keeper on it so once we've got it hooked in place we won't have to worry about it coming off while we're trying to crank it and work it. And this is gonna offer us a 4,000 lb. break strength and a 1,333 lb. safe working load limit, so should be a really good fit for our boat and trailer combination. Now to get this installed, we're gonna just kind of let this part of the strap hang out for a minute.

On this end, you're gonna see our loop end. Now the loop end of our strap is going to go right around the supplied bolt that we've got through the hole in the side of our wench. Now we've added just a small flat washer to our bolt, then we'll pass it through our strap holes in our wench. Put the small washer on the other side, then we can thread on that provided nylon locking nut. Now with that in place, we're going to tighten our bolt down just until we get rid of all the end play. What end play is, is you see how the bolt will move in and out, we want to get rid of that.

If we over tighten, we might risk deforming the wench itself, and that's not something we want to do, so just enough to get all of our end play off. Now you can see if you try to move that bolt side to side, it won't move, that should be perfect. Now we'll just hold a little bit of tension on our strap and go ahead and crank it in. Now with our strap wound up on our wench, we'll check it periodically to make sure it's nice and tight. That will complete the installation of the boat buckle 2 inch by 20 foot boat wench strap with hook and safety latch, part number IMF05848.

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