Blue Ox Trailer Coupler Lock Review

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Review of a Blue Ox Trailer Coupler Lock

Randy: Hey guys, Randy here at Today we're taking a look at a Blue Ox coupler lock. This is designed to work with 1-7/8", 2", or 2-5/16" couplers. There's a few exceptions to that. The really big rolled lip, 2-5/16" couplers, it doesn't work with. And it doesn't work with 2" surge couplers that have the lever that comes down on top.Outside of that, as you'll see, we've been through a lot of trailers here in the yard and we haven't really found too many exceptions to that.

It's a really nice, well built coupler. I think this is going to protect your trailer whether you're storing it at home, you're storing it in a storage lot, whatever your cases may be. It's going to do a good job of deterring theft.Now, any lock can be bypassed. It just is what it is. But they do use a nice rounded-style key rather than just a flat key that goes in that can be a little bit more susceptible to being picked.

This one's going to use the core here. Now the core has seven pins in which the key pushes in a certain point that unlocks it and locks it. It's a really nice, smooth operation. You can see that's going to come off there, undo our latch, have that come out there. You can see where the ball is here.Now this is a lightweight aluminum.

It's not so lightweight that you can just hit it with a hammer or break it or anything. Then we've got the hardened hoop on the top. This is the part that most people are going to go after when they try to maybe disable a lock. See it just slides together really nice and easily, able to push down on it. With this being hardened, again, that's going to give us very good durability.It also locks on both sides.

There's a locking arm on this side and on this side. That's common on a lot of the coupler locks, but there are a few out there that just lock on one side. Having that additional lock on the other side of that additional catch just doubles the strength that it has.Another thing I like about the lock is that our key's going to go in one direction, and you can see it's spring-loaded so it's going to spring back. That's going to prevent us from removing the key and accidentally leaving it unlocked. It's always going to be locked when we take that key out.Now the installation process is really simple. Of course you'll want both pieces. You're going to come up to our coupler, place this in, and in most cases you'll want to latch it. That'll hold that base in. We can then take our upper hoop, just press that down in. We want to get it as tight as we can to reduce any movement or wiggle. At that point we've got our trailer protected.Now then working with customers, I've heard a lot of good things about the lock. It's very durable, it works for a long time, you don't have to worry about corrosion and stuff like that causing you any issues. There is a common question I get on coupler locks, and that is if they can be keyed alike. If you had multiple trailers, can you buy three or four of these and have the same key on all of them With the Blue Ox, you can't. That's not an option, but we do have an option for that if you're looking for it. It's from Fastway, it's the universal coupler lock, part number DT25013KA. That can be keyed alike for as many as you want. You can just have one set of keys, and whichever trailer you need that day, unlock it and hit the road.Now we've gone over all the basics of it. Now let's just head down the line on the different trailers and see what it's going to work out for and what it doesn't. Here you can see on a surge-style coupler, even with the twist lock handle here, does a good job fitting on there, holds in place really well. Won't have to worry about that coming off either.Now on the larger rolled lip couplers like this, 2-5/16, you'll see our hoop will not go all the way around. This isn't an application you want to try to use this lock on. On our traditional 2" coupler, you can see not a big lip that goes around there or a rolled lip. Works out really well. Won't have to worry about it coming off.Here on our 2" flat lip coupler, it works out really well. Very secure, very little movement. I think it's a really good fit on there. Here we've got a 2" coupler with the flat lip around it. It's got more of the horseshoe or the slide type top. As you can see, that's also a really good fit. Here you can see, again, a really nice, secure fit. We've got our latch down. I like the latch down. It seems to tighten it up quite a bit. But nice snug fit all the way around. Think it'll work out great in this type of application.As you guys can see, it's a very quick, easy, and effective way to deter theft on your trailer. For your trailer's stored in an area if you don't keep it inside, or maybe you're just in a higher theft area, think it's a great idea.

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