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Review of the Blue Ox Patriot II Braking System

Speaker 1: We'll be taking a look at the Blue Ox Patriot 2 portable braking system. Part number BRK2016.So we're taking our RV out with our towed vehicle with the braking system installed. The first thing you notice that this proportional braking system does, is that when we're applying a little bit of brake in the RV, we're getting the same amount of brakes being applied in our towed vehicleIf we're applying a lot of brake pressure, we'll get the matching amount of pressure inside the towed vehicle as well, bringing our towed vehicle to a smooth and safe stop in an equal manner with our RV so we don't have to deal with feeling any jerking or pushing of the towed vehicle against the RV. We won't even feel that it's back there.Now, one thing many of our customers like about this unit, is how easy it is to setup and use. You simply have to mount a breakaway switch to your vehicle and it simply sits on your floor in front of your seat and clamps to your brake pedal and rests against the seat and that's it. There's no modification required to the vehicle at all.Also, this is one of the few braking systems out there that is compatible with hybrid vehicles because hybrid vehicles don't have vacuum assisted brakes, this doesn't have to tap into your brake booster in order to work, so many of our customers with hybrids, this is their only option for a braking system.Also, another thing that many of our customers like, is if they have multiple vehicles that they flat tow, depending on the circumstance; they only have to have one braking system.

They can switch it between the two vehicles with ease.We also have a breakaway system. So, in the unlikely event that our Grand Cherokee will become separated from our motor home, this pin will be pulled, and the brakes will be applied inside of the Grand Cherokee at full pressure, bringing the vehicle to a stop.Inside our motor home, we have an easy to use display. The bottom button here is for manual override, so if we get into little squirrelly situation and our vehicle steps out beside the motor home and we wanna bring it back in line, we can manually apply the brakes on the car itself to bring it back in line behind the motor home.We can adjust the force as needed, so if we want more braking pressure, we can press the force button and we can go up for more power; or down for less power.Right in the middle, about five is right where we wanna be so we hit okay. We have an easy to use menu for adjusting sensitivity, pairing a new remote, changing the backlight on the display so when its braking you can see it better at night, our max force settings and if you change your settings and you don't like where its at; you can easily go back to the factory settings by hitting reset settings there.We also have a back-lit display so at night you can just press this button here, and it will light up the display and you can see it better.We also have an alert system so if our breakaway switch was pulled, you'll get an audible warning and a message will be displayed on the display to let you know what's going on so you can come to a stop.We have multiple different ways where we can put this display and controller. We can use the provided hook and loop tape to secure it someplace on the dash, if you wanna have it permanently mounted or we can use the rubber mat, which sticks very well and we can stick this inside of it so we can orient it in any position we want.So, if we want it closer to our steering wheel, we can.

If we want it further away, we can.Which we can use to adjust the settings on the Patriot without having to get inside the vehicle to do that.Now when we wanna use our Patriot, we simply rest it on our floor here in front of our seat. We'll take our pedal clamp, slide it around our brake pedal and we'll lock it to the brake pedal.We'll now slide our seat forward so it gently rests against the back of the Patriot, just enough so its gonna hold it in place, but not so much that it applies our brakes. Just like that'll be fine.We'll now take our breakaway cable and plug it into the port where it says breakaway. Now to accommodate vehicles that have uneven floors, that aren't perfectly flat like this Grand Cherokee, there are feet that can screw into the bottom of the unit to make sure that it sits flat and level on the floor.To accommodate large brake pedals, there are larger clamps that come with it as well, so it can easily clamp around your brake pedal regardless of the type of vehicle that you have.We'll now take our 12 volt outlet cord and plug it in to the constant towable power. We'll now press the power button on the Patriot and we'll press the setup button now.

It'll do a self-test operation and once we have the green power light on that's solid, we know we're ready to go inside the vehicle.Now we'll take our breakaway cable and we'll attach it to the breakaway switch on the front of our vehicle. We'll take the other end, go over the top of our tow bar, we'll now take the other end and insert it through the safety chain loop opening on our hitch on the motor home. Wrap it through, and we'll clip it onto the cable itself just like that.That completes our look at and showing you how to install the Blue Ox Patriot 2 portable braking system. Part number BRK2016.

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How does the unit know when I’ve applied the brakes. It didn’t connect to any wiring in the coach other than 12 volt power. Am I missing something? I assume it just uses gforce? 78863

Reply from Chris R.

The Blue Ox Patriot features a built in sensor that detects deceleration - so it will send back power to the vehicle's brakes based on how quickly/hard you're stopping the RV. 63957

Don W.

you do not mentioned anything about the break-a-way cable. Does it come with it and how do you install it? 56929

Reply from Rachael H.

The break away cable is included and is shown at about the 1:40 minute and again at the 5:50 minute mark. The breakaway switch needs to be mounted directly to the towed vehicle at a location that is strong enough to hold the breakaway switch and allow the pin to the be pulled out cleanly (red coiled cable). It is recommended to install using a bolt and lock nut, not self taping screws. Then on the other side of the brake away switch you will need to route the black cable either through the firewall of your towed vehicle, or through the window and plug it into the Patriot II braking unit. This is further explained in the installation instructions and I have linked those for your reference, as well as a link to the product page for the Patriot II Braking system. 50012

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