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Review of the Blaylock EZ Trailer Wheel Lock

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Blaylock EZ Aluminum Wheel Lock, part number BLEZ-300, designed to fit most 13-inch, 15-inch, 205, 215 and some 225-inch tires. Now, the wheel lock itself, this is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, so they didn't cheap out on the construction. It's going to be very strong, it's going to resist wear, it's going resist corrosion. But it's also going to be lightweight. It's not something super-heavy that we're going to have to try to manipulate to get around our wheel and things like that. Now, they do include two keys for our lock. These can be keyed to match other CT Johnson style deadbolt locks.

This is a tumbler-style lock, so it's going to prevent any picking. Dust cover's going to keep the dust and corrosion out, and you can see, the way it recesses in there, it's going to make it tamper-resistant, so we're not going to have to worry about people being able to get those large tools in there and work on it. Now, from the end here out to the tip, we're looking at about a total of 15 inches. Side to side, from this edge over to the other side, we're looking at about 10 inches. Then, the tallest part of it's going to be the lock itself here. That measures about 4 inches. Now, this is going to have our wheel locked up, so you can imagine if somebody we're to try to pull this trailer, it's not going to look very pretty.

You may think, "Well, just take the tire off. You can drive a trailer with three tires, not a big deal there." They've thought of that at Blaylock, and what they've provided you with, it's going to be a replacement lug nut. You can see this is a locking wheel nut. It's going to come with two of them. You're going to have a key.

This key is going to work with the 19-millimeter or 3/4-inch sockets. It's also going to work with those 13 and 16th-inch sockets, which will allow you to typically match your lug nuts. Typically with these, we're looking at it either being a 19 or a 21 or a 13/16, which is what this is set up for. So if you're able to take off your regular lug nuts, this tool is going to be adaptable to allow you to use that same tool to take off your locking lug nut. Now, the Blaylock EZ Lock's going to have three different holes for us to select from here on the top. You're going to see we've got four here on the bottom.

This is going to give us four different settings, so one lock is going to be able to fit multiple different sizes of tires. Our first setting that's going to be the smallest is going to give us about 2 1/2 inches inside of our jaws here, and then at the larger part at its widest area it's going to be about 7 1/2 inches. As we go up to the next setting, it's going to move it out a little bit. Now, we've got a 3-inch gap here, about an 8-inch gap here. Our next setting, gradually increasing this, now we're looking at 4 inches inside the ends of our jaw and about 8 1/2 inches in the middle, and then at its largest setting we're going to be all the way up to having about 6 1/4 inches here on the inside with about 9 3/4 of an inch here at the largest point. Now, to use it, it's a really easy process. We want to spread it out. We want to bring it around our tire. Then it's just a matter of squeezing our jaws together until it gets to its smallest points. We're going to line that up with the closest hole that we can find. This is where our lock's going to come in. Our lock's going to pass right up through the middle just like that, and then we'll be able to place it on while holding the key. We'll rotate it from underneath until it stops. That's all there is to it. We can pull our key out. See we've got a nice dust cover that's going to go over the end. When it's time to remove, we're simply going to take our key, place it in our lock, and then rotate. You can rotate either with the key or with the lock on the other side. And we'll just pull out the pin there, spread our jaws open, and we can tuck it in our trailer until we're ready to use it next time. All right, with our trailer secure, that's going to complete our installation of the Blaylock EZ Trailer Wheel Lock, part number BLEZ-300.

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