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Blaylock EZ Lock Gooseneck Coupler Lock Review

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Review of the Blaylock EZ Lock Gooseneck Coupler Lock

Randy: Hey guys, Randy here at Today we're taking a look at a gooseneck coupler and set bolt lock kit. This is from Blaylock, it's called the Ez Lock. And it really is an excellent solution that's really easy to use.This setup's going to alleviate the problems that we have with trailers disappearing. Completely locks out the coupler, so it cannot be attached to, and then by adding the set bolt lock as well, nobody can remove your coupler.I highly recommend using these as a kit, because we could lock this, but in this particular setup, with an inch and an eighth wrench, I could take this coupler out. I can then put in my own coupler, and head down the road.

So using these together is an excellent solution; just keep that in mind.This particular style is going to be the one that we want to use for our TEMs, our Stallions, our Bulldogs, our Pro series, more the football shape. We'll talk a little bit more about that during the installation. But they also have the same design, it's going to have the single hole, for the Ram couplers. Those tend to be a lot thicker.So regardless of the coupler you've got, we're going to be able to get a good fit on there, and keep everything nice and secure. The entire lock here itself, along with the set bolt lock, are going to be cast aluminum.

They've been cleaned up really nicely, no sharp edges. The overall quality and feel is really really good. And of course rustproof aluminum, we're not going to have to worry about any corrosion.We've got our pin here that passes all the way through. You can see keeps everything nice and secure. And this is available with a Master locks, fully stainless steel, or if you already have your locks, you can just use your own, through that same hole, both on the bottom and on the top.Now something that I really like, these can be keyed alike.

So we're not going to have to worry about having two different keys for the two different ones, if you go that route.When we compare these to other coupler locks out there, instead of a set bolt lock, you can use a pass-through pin lock. We offer one from InfiniteRule. Now the thing to keep in mind, that's not going to work on this style of coupler, because it doesn't have a load pin.If you do have a load pin, you could go that route if you want. But it still leaves your coupler open. Gen-Y also has a coupler lock that goes on.

It's made out of a steel, rather than an aluminum. I like that this one's a little bit lighter weight, little bit easier to manage and get installed. But with that one, it's designed to work only with the Auto Latch, where this one gives us a wider variety of applications.Now as far as customer reviews, we've got a ton. I think it was over 500 reviews when I looked. And most of them are all positive. There have been a few instances where somebody was able to get by this. Let's face it, any lock that we use on a coupler, on a set bolt, a professional can get by it if they want. It's going to take them a lot more time though, with this in place, to hopefully somebody will see them, we can alert somebody, rather than this just being something they could back under, hook under and take off with.As far as the other reviews, people really like that it lasts a long time, they don't have to deal with rust, they don't have to deal with the corrosion. They don't have to worry, this is going to give you more peace of mind when you're at home and your trailer's at a storage. Or you got it parked out in the field, that it's going to be there when you get back.Now we're going to take you through the installation process of each of the different components. Of course both of the coupler locks are going to be extremely similar, but we will illustrate it on both the Ram style coupler, which has this really thick lip down here on the bottom. And we also have a Bulldog coupler I think that we're going to show you how it goes on.Basically on our Ram, these two tabs need to fit right up here, just like that. And we're going to rotate that up. Once we've got that rotated up, you're going to take the provided pin, that'll come through just like that. And then if you did get the option that has the lock with it, or if you decide on the lock, we use our Master lock to go on there, just like that. At that point, that's going to be nice and secure.When it's time to remove it, it's just going to be the opposite process there. Remove the lock and remove the pin, and begin to rotate that down, lift it up and out.Now the other style's going to have a couple of holes. That allows us to cover the gamut. But it does work with the Bulldogs, the TEMs, the Stallion types. Anything that's similar to this, it's going to have more of the two plate design, a little bit more of a football shape there.Pretty much the same on the installation. If your handle's like this, you can't have it turned to the side. That interferes, so leave that sticking straight out like that. Up and over, and then just pick whichever of the two holes that you need. The closer the better of course, we want that to be as tight as possible. And then at that point, again if you got the lock with it, just lock it up, get it secured.Now for the bolt lock that locks our coupler into place, we need to remove the bolt temporarily. Just so we can put our washer in behind it. I'm going to back that jam nut all the way out. Now this coupler doesn't have a pin. If yours doesn't have the pin, be sure to support it. If it does have a pin, it's not going to be that big of an issue.Now we're going to back this bolt all the way out, set that there for now. Once we've got that all the way out, just put our washer down and on, we'll just get it threaded back in, we'll get our coupler back in, set to the height that we want. Be sure that when you do this, that you do torque your set bolt back down. Generally the requirement for that's going to be 125 foot-pounds.So we've got that achieved. We're going to run that jam nut down right up against the washer, and then we'll torque that.Then once that washer's in place, you can see the groove right there. Slides right down and over. You're going to place our pin through. This little plastic spacer comes with it. I just keep it with the bolt, or with the pin, rather, and allow that to slide through. And if you look on the bottom there, you'll see we just need our lock to come through there.Now this really offers a little bit more of a challenge to get it in there, than what the actual coupler lock itself does. But this, once it's on, we're not going to take it back off, unless we want to remove our coupler, which really isn't that often.Now at that point you can see we've completely eliminated access to get in there. We shouldn't have to worry about our coupler going anywhere.

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