Black Armour Heavy-Duty Custom Truck Bed Mat Review

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Review of the Black Armour Heavy-Duty Custom Truck Bed Mat

What is up everybody, Adam here with etrailer. Today we're going to be taking a look at the line of Black Armour heavy duty custom fit truck bed mats. So if you're looking for something that is the heaviest duty truck bed mat that we carry or that's available on the internet, you found it. So all you got to do is use our fit guide on our website to find the correct fit for your specific truck. What sets this bed mat apart from all the other ones on the market is that it is so thick, a half inch of rubber. So this is extremely heavy duty and it's made of 100% recycled rubber.

So you can feel good about your purchase. I really do like the design. It's a non-slip checker plate design. So basically when water gets in here, if you don't have a tunnel cover, it's just going to kind of pull up in these little low spots. So some of them actually with their design, it's actually, this is going to be higher up.

I like that it's actually indented just because the water is going to pull inside there. So you have more surface area. That's not wet. So you won't slip around. If you're carrying around one of our generators that we sell here and it leaks, which it shouldn't, it's not going to really absorb any of that oil or that gas.

And whenever water sits in here, it's not going to absorb that either. So you don't really have to worry about what you put in it. It's going to be tough enough to handle all that. I'm trying to give you an idea of how heavy duty this thing is, as you can, hear, that is quite, a lot of weight. So it's a lot of rubber and it is hardened by vulcanization process.

So it's extremely strong. It's not going to crack or anything like that. So if you do bend it back to maybe clean out underneath, it's not really going to crack or anything like that, it isn't going to fade over time. So it is going to resist against the UV rays as well, since it is a custom fit, it will customly fit in the bed of your truck. So as it goes around your wheel wells and stuff, that's going to really hold it in place. But really the weight of it, I'm trying to move this thing. The weight of it is really going to keep it in the bed of your truck. So if you have heavy, heavy stuff up on top of here, it's not really going to shift around because of the rubber. And of course the whole entire mat itself, isn't really going to shift around either a lot of the times that this, like, if you're really just hauling around pallets or something crazy like that, it's not going to puncture through. So a lot of the times when you maybe I'm just hauling around, big rocks, and I'm just throwing this stuff in there, you don't really have to care or really keep in mind what you're throwing in there because it's not really going to puncture it, not going to damage it. And of course all that stress is going to be put on the mat. It's going to be able to handle it and your bed. Isn't gonna feel it. So whether you have a brand new truck and you want to protect it, or you just have an old truck that you just do truck stuff with, well, this is going to be the best way to protect it. There's nothing else on the market. That's going to match up to the Black Armour bed mat. And the cool thing about it is we actually, do have a little carrying case that comes with it. Obviously you're just going to put it in your bed and then leave it. But if you wanted to take it out, for whatever reason you can store it back in here, I actually did get it back in this case. Very simply. One thing about this thing is this thing's so thick. It is very, very thick. So if I we're to have to use this, Because I would hate to throw it away. You can always just put some of your, maybe your rakes or stuff like that. Maybe a couple hoes or whatever you really got This will be able to withstand all the, maybe pointier sides of some of those tools you may have in your garage. Cause you know, it's really hard to grab more than three of those longer tools that you have for your garden. So you can just put them in there and if you don't want it, you can just toss it. But it is a very, very high quality bag. And I'm pretty glad it comes with it. This thing is extremely heavy, 95 pounds. So if you have a friend, bring them, if not just toughen up and you can do it. One thing we do want to make sure of is there is going to be a little logo on this side. All it says is just Black Armour. We want to make sure that that's going to be towards the tailgate. So if you have a cart like this, here at each trailer, we have carts everywhere, hauling your parts. So I'm using a cart. It's going to make it a little bit easier on me. I think. So let's get this bad boy up here, holding it in half really helps because you have a good gripping point, put it down the wheel well get it situated. And once you have it, where you want it, you can go like this, just to see how close we were. There we go. It is fraying up a little bit, but when it sits in the sun for, maybe an hour, it'll flatten down, but that's basically it. And that'll do it for a look at the line of Black Armour, custom fit, heavy duty truck, bed mats..

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