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Bestop EZ Fold Folding Tonneau Cover Review

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Review of the Bestop EZ Fold Folding Tonneau Cover

What's up everybody It's AJ with Today we're checking out the Besttop EZ Fold Tonneau Cover. So we got a tonneau cover that's really easy to put on there or take off when you need to. Let's check it out. The cover's gonna be made out of a soft vinyl material, but it is spread over this frame so there's gonna be four bars, one back here, here, here, and here to help hold it up and keep it stretched out. So that's gonna help you out if it snows or rains.

It's not gonna gather and cause it to droop down. It's not gonna have those problems. And also UV resistant so you don't have to worry about the elements really bothering it at all. One of the nice things about this cover is it's gonna be stretched over a frame. Some of the other roll up ones, soft covers, you have to go along the sides every time you roll it out and push it in on the hook and loop and that's gonna be on both sides.

And after a while you don't have to do that but when it's new you will have to stretch it out yourself and that's kind of a pain. This one, you don't have to worry about that. You just fold the panels really easily or undo them just as easy and it always stays in place. One of the other things that makes this easy to use is gonna be the clamp system. There's gonna be two in the back and then two up there in the front.

And all you do is throw the lever to unlatch it on both sides and you can start folding it up. Now with the cover you fold up the first panel like this. Now you can't keep it here, there are no clamps for this section, so you either have to have it all the way out or all the way up front right here. You also have clips so that when it is in this position, you just clip it in on both sides, and it'll stay there. Underneath the sides of the tonneau cover you have this foam padding and you peel back this part that way it starts to form fit to your truck rails when it's all down in place.

It's gonna take a couple hot days for that to happen but the nice thing is this will conform to the grooves in your rail and then be more form fitting. Those foam pads are a nice addition just to help keep rain out the bed. None of the tonneau covers are gonna be waterproof. They all let some rain or water in but this one's gonna help just keep some of it out. When the cover's flipped upside down, you can see the aluminum rails here underneath. They look like they're bowed and they're pushing up a little bit just to keep that tension on that vinyl cover at all times. Another thing when looking at tonneau covers, is how you're gonna use your truck. We have rails here for fifth wheel and that's something to consider, is it gonna work with this cover. Now this is a longer bed, so it's about eight foot so we have plenty of room in here that it might work. But some things to think about if you had a shorter bed, you wanna think about how much space this is gonna be taking up in the front of your truck and how much is gonna be sticking up. So this is gonna be sticking up about four inches. So I would go to your trailer that you wanna haul or connect to your fifth wheel and get those measurements to keep in mind to make sure, see if you can use this at the same time as having the fifth wheel dropped in. If you can't though, there are only four attachment points. You just pop those levers and you can pull it off and set it aside and use your fifth wheel. Something else I like it is it doesn't take up any bed space whatsoever. So if you get one of those hard tonneau covers that usually have a canister, it's nice that it all goes all the way there and it can stop at any place but that takes up extra bed space. So if you wanted to put a toolbox in there or you have a toolbox and you we're gonna use this with this, it will work with this tonneau cover. It'll sit down there, low profile. If you have a chest design toolbox, this will go right over top of it and you can use them at the same time. Overall, I do like this tonneau cover. It's really nice how easy it is to put on here or even take off. That way you're not fully committed to a tonneau cover that takes a lot to install or a second set of hands to set in place and remove. Most of them can be removed pretty easily. But this one, you don't have to drill any the holes for it either, there's no clamps, it's all by hand. You don't need tools and I think that's really great especially if you want to use your truck bed. You wanna completely remove this out of the way, you can do so. Just make sure that you enter in the fit guide and get the right one for your truck. That way it fits like it should. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out and I hope this helped..

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