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Review of the BedRug XLT Truck Bed Mat

Collin: Hey guys. This Is Collin here at eTrailer. Today, we're going to take a look at BedRug's line of their XLT truck bed mats. These carpeted bed mats are going to be a great accessory to add to your truck bed. They are custom fit so just make sure you enter your trucks year, make, and model into our fit guide, and it'll give you the one that's going to be designed for your truck bed. Now, right away I just want to show you guys one of the great advantages to having this truck bed is just being able to toss stuff in there.

It's going to protect your truck bed and your other cargo from damaging each other if you just want to get it loaded and not have to worry about setting everything down into place. When you toss stuff like these pipe wrenches onto a bare bed, it makes a lot of noise, could dent or scratch your truck bed. Especially if you have a brand new truck, it's definitely something you want to avoid, and this bed rug helps out with that.Now, one thing I do want to point out about these mats is that it's not just throwing a rug in the bed of your truck. Even though we've got the nice carpet and material on top, it is going to be a very durable truck bed mat. Now with this tailgate flap, this is going to be about a quarter inch thick.

The construction underneath is actually foam, so it's going to be very tough and durable, resist the elements. If we go towards the truck bed, this foam is actually going to be three quarters of an inch thick, so it's going to be very tough and durable. It's going to absorb impacts very well. It's also a nice porous material, so if it we're to get wet, which it can, you can power wash it off if it ever gets dirty. That porous material is going to let that water seep out and drive much quicker.Now, I know this is something that has annoyed me before, whenever I haul gravel or mulch or anything like that in the bed of my pickup, I shovel it all out and I don't want to clean out my truck.

I'll sweep it out or get the power washer and spray everything out. But still, a lot of that dirt and debris gets in the crack of our tailgate right here. It gets down in there. Then it's actually pretty hard to get it all out. To help keep the area clean, we have this nice hinge cover.

That's connecting the mat that's in the truck bed, and then that flap and the mat that's on your tailgate.A lot of times, you'll just get those thick rubber mats that you'll have one for the truck bed, one for the tailgate, but that area is still wide open, so it's nice having that little bridge right there to catch all that stuff. So once you're done cleaning it out, you can kind of sweep it all out of the truck bed. Then it's good to go. It keeps that area clean. And you're still able to shut your tailgate. It is a little bit tight, but you're still able to shut it with that little flap in there.Now, one thing I do want to point out is that this is only going to be for your truck beds that have spray-in liners or just a bare bed. I've you have a plastic drop in liner, this mats not going to work for that because the bottom is actually designed to go into the valleys of your truck bed. If you've got that plastic liner, it's not going to fit at all, because the bottom of the mats all have these nice cutouts that fit into the gurus of our truck bed, and with that plastic liner, they much smaller groups that go in there and you're not going to be able to get this to stay attached to it.Another thing that's nice about these bed rugs is that if you ever have to get into the better your pickup, whether you got to hook up your gooseneck, do other work back here, it kind of sucks to have to kneel on that bare bed or even just put the spray-in liner. Having this nice carpet area with that sick foam, it's going to be very easy on your knees. If you're unloading your truck bed, you can get all that out without hurting yourself, which is a really nice and key feature, in my opinion, to this mat. As we're unloading this, let's go ahead and show you guys how easy it is to get this stuff clean.Now, here we are with a different truck right now, because this is actually an employee's truck and he owns this BedRug XLT mat. Now, this isn't the exact one we are working with earlier. It's just a little bit older. He's gotten some use out of it. But overall, it is going to be the same construction, it's just fit for his Ram, as opposed to that GMC we're we're just using. Now with this mat, you can see he's made some modifications to it. He's gotten a lot of use out of it. He has his flagpole holders. He cut out some slots right here so that it could go around it, so you've got that option in case you've got some different things mounted in the better your pickup.Now, even up front you can see this is a pretty common thing with these mats is he has a cutout right there for his gooseneck so he can turn over his ball. He's got the safety chain loops to be able to get his gooseneck trailer installed without having to remove his BedRug. Then, you can also see some of the stains he's got from the years of using it for side jobs.Now, in any cases where maybe you get it dirty from chemicals, or dirt, or stuff like that. We've got a battery laying in there, should some battery acid leak out and get on there, you don't have to worry about that. Maybe even some motor oil. You see right here, we can dump a little bit of that on there. It's going to be able to wash right out, the mat's going to be just fine.Now, if you pick up mulch, gravel, just for your house or something like that, you can also throw it in here and then wash it right out. For our purposes, we're just going to get some mud, toss it in there just to show you guys at this thing can get back to it's newer form. Just try to cake that on there.Now obviously, this is a small sample size of the stuff you could be doing with your truck, but what we're going to do is just get a push broom, push all the bigger dirt and debris out, go through our local car wash, get their power washer, and then clean this BedRug up.Now, you can see we got most of the big stuff off of it. All those crumbs and stuff are to come off once we spray it off. Let's go ahead and put some quarters in there so we can get going.Now, we'll go ahead and let this thing dry so we can come back later and then take a look and see how it did.As you can see, it's all dry. We got most of it cleaned off. There is still a little bit of dirt on it. That's just from the years of use that this employee has had it. He doesn't clean it that often, but we got all the dirt that we threw on it off. Even though you can't really see it too well, the motor oil did also come out very easily, so you don't have to worry about those chemicals getting in and just seeping really deep into your carpeted bed mat.Now, with this truck bed empty, we can go over the custom fit aspect of these mats, but with our GMC Sierra right here, you can see how it lines these contours very well. It is still bowed up a little bit, but that's just how it's going to be when you first get it out of the box. I promise over time, especially if you put some weight on here, it's going to flatten down. We can see when I push down, it lines those contours very nicely and it hugs our wheel well also. That's a really nice feature in my opinion is just having that maximum coverage on your truck bed.Now, another great thing about these carpeted bed mats is that if you're going on a vacation, you want to throw some cargo, some luggage back here, you can do that, and it's all going to be protected. If you've got these nice duffel bags right here, don't want to really scratch those on your spray-in bed liner, and we're also going to have this nice non-skid surface, so there's not really going to be able to move around at all. I have to really pull on it to get it to budge. This is going to help your cargo avoid shifting around while you're traveling. If You combine this with a tonneau cover, like you can see we have on our GMC right now, and that's also going to protect your cargo from the elements while you're traveling.Now, how the BedRug secures to your truck bed, it uses a series of these hook and loop straps. What we have on the backside with the tailgate flap, you can see we've got a strip on the side close to that gap right there and we've got a strip on the top side. We're going to get 14 of these little mini hook and loop pads. What you'll do is peel off that red backing that kind of gives you an adhesive material to put on your tailgate. Then you just take seven of them for the front and then seven of them for the bottom right there. Place them throughout that full strip on the bottom. You want to make sure you get it as even as possible. Peel off that backing. Then we're just going to stick it to the plastic top cap of our tailgate. Then you would just repeat this for the rest of the 13 hook and loop pads to make sure that your tailgate flap stays in place.Well everyone, that's just going to about do it for our look at BedRug's line of their XLT truck bed mats.

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