BedRug Truck Bed Mats Review - 2019 Chevrolet Colorado

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Review of the BedRug Truck Bed Mats on a 2019 Chevrolet Colorado

Today we've got a 2019 Chevrolet Colorado and we're gonna be doing a test fit on the bed rug XLT truck bed mat, for trucks with bare beds or spray in mats. Part number XLTBMB15CCS. This carpeted bed rug is a great feature for your truck bed. If you've got a five foot bed Colorado, it's custom fit to fit that, with the tailgate extension, so you have that extra padding on your tailgate, so it's all around your truck bed.The soft carpeted padding's gonna be soft, yet durable, so it's gonna be able to hold your fragile items or if you want to crawl up and kneel on, you can kneel on the mat and do any work you need to up in the bed of your truck. Or, if at the end of the day, after a long days work, you just want to toss your tools in the bed of the truck, it's gonna act as a great shock absorber, so it'll do a great job of protecting your truck bed for many dings, scratches, anything to that nature.Now let's go over real quick how to attach it to our truck bed. Right here, I have these hook and loop tabs.

These are for the tailgate side, I'll show you real quick. You would just peel these apart, stick them to the hook and loop service and then peel off that red backing. Once you have all these tabs lined up on the bottom side right here and the top, you just flip this over and make sure that adhesive sticks to the spot you deem most appropriate.One thing to keep in mind is you want to clean the surface pretty thoroughly where the adhesive is going to stick so that it works properly and lasts a lot longer. They do also give you a couple alcohol wipes to use for that purpose. For the full size mat itself, we have these two longer strips.

I'll flip this back for you real quick. You can see right here, there's one strip on that side and one over there. So, it's in the valley of the mat right now, but it would be sticking to one of the raised ridges on the truck bed right here. The same principle, you apply the hook and loop strap to the full length of the mat, tear off the backing right there, the red backing and then flip it over after you've cleaned it and then run through it and make sure it is sticking properly.For demonstration purposes, we're gonna go ahead and leave this step out. I'll go ahead and crawl up here and show you just a little bit about it.

It's also gonna be very easy to clean. Even though it's a carpet, you can clean it like you would the carpet in your house, or you can even just take a hose to it because it is waterproof. You can scrub out any stains you might get. You can use this for hauling anything like mulch, gravel or rock. It's gonna be durable for that as well.

Right now, my knees are doing just fine 'cause I'm not kneeling on the frame of the truck.The tailgate extension is a nice feature and right here, you can kinda see this flimsy part, which is gonna be how it bends. We'll go ahead and close the tailgate for you real quick to show you how that's gonna work. I'm gonna have to hold on right there, but as we pull the tailgate up, you can see it folds in right there and then you just . like that. As I said, normally would be sticking right here, but for demonstration purposes, we'll go ahead and leave that out.But that will do it for a look at the bed rug XLT truck bed mat on a 2019 Chevrolet Colorado.

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