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BedRug Impact Truck Bed Liner Review

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Review of the BedRug Impact Truck Bed Liner

Hi, everyone. It's Evangeline, right here at etrailer. And today, we're gonna be taking a look at our BedRug Impact Truck Bed Liner. This is gonna be a full liner for your truck bed. So, you go beyond just getting a truck bed mat, you also have these polypropylene carpet-feeling sidewalls, and then your impact mat. So, we're gonna take a look at the different specs, the construction of our different materials, I'll tell you what it feels like and what I think about it.

So, hopefully this will help you decide if this is gonna be the right fit for you, your truck, and your adventures. So, let's talk about the different types of things you can put in your truck bed. So in the early days, the first things we used to get we're bed mats. Those would just drop onto the floor of your truck bed, provide a nice cushion, provide a nice surface, allow you to carry items without scratching up your truck bed. Now we have liners.

So from bed mats, you then get your drop-in liners, and then you get liners like these, and then your spray-in liners, which are a little bit more premium and more permanent. So, this is not as permanent as a spray-in liner, but definitely more premium. It has better materials than your basic bed mat. So, first we'll break this down into two parts. First, we're gonna talk about our polypropylene wall.

So, these feel like carpet, they look like carpet, but they're not the same material as the carpet you would have in your home. This is a hundred percent polypropylene. And what that means is it's designed for exterior conditions. You have your truck, it's sitting outside, it rains. Perfectly fine, because this is waterproof.

So, it's designed for the water just to hit it and then flow down and away from your truck bed. Not gonna gather that water. It also makes it easier to wash, because then, if you do get it dirty, you could just easily power wash it, let it dry, you're good to go. So, let's take a look at this. So, since this is a hundred percent polypropylene, it definitely feels plush. It feels very comfortable, but it still prevents dents and dings in your truck bed sidewalls. This is also chemical, stain, and UV resistant. So, even if it's out in the sun, you don't have to worry about this coming off. So since this is gonna be a custom fit, please make sure to follow etrailer's fit guide, just to make sure you get the right fit for your vehicle. But, notice how we have contours on our polypropylene sidewalls, to fit around your sidewalls and your wheel wells. So, now we're gonna talk about the BedRug Impact Mat. So, this is gonna be a different version compared to the BedRug Classic. If you got the Classic, you would have that polypropylene carpet all over your truck bed. Here you have that carpet material on the sidewalls, and then you have the impact mat on the floor. So, let's talk about that. So, the impact mat has a TPO construction on top. So that creates this smooth, but anti-skid surface. So, it's still comfortable to the hands and to the knees, but you can definitely see how it absorbs that impact and prevents dents and dings in your truck bed floor. Underneath your TPO surface is this 3/4 inch layer of foam. So, that foam is definitely what's absorbing that impact. And then your top layer is what's creating that surface texture. So that foam material is what you would usually feel on life jackets. And the way this works is it's waterproof and it resists mold and mildew. So, if it does rain on your truck bed, the water would just run down the sidewalls, would run past your impact mat. You do have the zippered corners, it will go through the zippers and then through your truck's drain holes, keeping everything nice and dry. In between your tailgate and your truck bed mat you have this tailgate gap hinge. So, this will create a full surface from your floor bed to your tailgate, but also helps prevent the debris from sticking in between your hinges. So, this provides you protection of a full floor bed liner, while still allowing you to close your tailgate when needed. So, comparing this with other types of bed liners that we have here at etrailer, this is definitely a more premium option compared to our bed mats. We have rubber mats that are almost universal. You can definitely check those out here at etrailer if you want a more affordable and easier option. It won't provide as much protection though, so you have your different pros and cons. We also have full liners. So, if you want something that's a bit more permanent and looks more, or has that traditional plastic feel, we have the bed tread. That does not have the carpet feeling sides. It has a stronger and more durable and even more custom-fit feel to that. So, definitely check it out if that's something you're more interested in. So, this is what I would call the middle-of-the-road option. It provides that premium feel, that premium look, that more protection, although it's not as rugged as a spray-on liner or the bed tread series. So, for the install or the setup process, what I actually do first, is I zip these sidewalls to our bottom layer first, before I drop the whole bed rug in. I find it so much easier that way, because then you have the full garage floor to work on it and zip it together. Once it's all in place, you just drop it into your truck bed, and then you go around and smooth the edges out. So, what we have here is a bare bed underneath this liner, but you can also use this with spray-in liners, as long as you use the special adhesive kit. So just make sure it fits over your wheel wells and also for your anchor points. Just make sure it fits around that. What we have here is a one by sixty inch long strip, one by thirty-six inch long strip, and then a one by two inch long strip. So, follow the instructions for your vehicle. We have vehicle-specific instructions for where you should place these strips, but you should just adhere them to your bed liner, but do not take off the adhesive backing until prompted to do so. So in our case here, we do not have a cutout on the end for our anchor point. So, what you can do when that happens is just to get your utility knife and cut a slit into the bed liner. Just make sure that you are staying away from any sewing seams. Also, if you have a utility track system in your bed, you would have to do that exact same process, if you have a truck bed extender, things like that, you can just easily adjust your bed liner to fit around those. So, make sure to thoroughly clean every single attachment point. Now, the best way to do this is to use alcohol, and then just wipe down that surface where the adhesive is gonna adhere, and then let it dry. So, you're gonna do this for all of the adhesive strips, even the ones underneath your liner, so make sure to dedicate some time for that. So, there aren't really instructions for whether you want to tuck it into your truck cab, or keep it on the outside. I personally would rather have it tucked in, so it looks more custom-fit. Also, if you have ladder racks that you're planning to install over these, you may wanna tuck them in too, to make sure that it doesn't interfere with those ladder racks. So, adhering those hook-and-loop strips is probably gonna be the major portion of your install process. It's is gonna be a little bit tedious, but once everything is adhered, everything looks good. All your corners look neat and everything's tucked in. That's gonna be it for your install process. So, my personal thoughts about the BedRug Impact series for all the different types of trucks, is I really liked the pairing of the impact mat with the polypropylene sidewalls, as well as the bulkhead liner. Everything just works together. You still have that nice look of a custom fit liner, but you also have the carpet material there that looks very premium, looks very classy, but with the impact mat, you can still carry your more rugged items, your more rugged cargo. Now, with this being made of polypropylene, that also makes me feel better, because then it's easier to clean. It's not as high maintenance as actual carpet. It's just harder to believe that it is polypropylene and not carpet. So looking at all the different specs, feeling the material, I will be very comfortable with having this inside of my truck, probably with a tonneau cover on top, especially if I had a camper shell. But, even with an open bed truck like this, I would still really feel comfortable due to what the material is, and what everything is made of. And that was a look here at our BedRug Impact Truck Bed Liner, right here at etrailer. My name is Evangeline and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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