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B and W Tow and Stow 3-Ball Mount Review

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Review of the B and W Tow and Stow 3-Ball Mount

Hi there heavy hollers. Today we're gonna be taking a look at B&W's Tow & Stow 3-Ball receiver hitch. This ball mount comes with three different sized balls, and it's designed to fit in 2.5 inch hitches. We can see here in the end, we've got our two inch ball here, currently in the rise, 'cause our boat trailer here uses a two inch hitch, but we've also got a 1 7/8, and a 2 5/16 available. Another thing that's nice about this ball mount, is that it is adjustable. We've got seven inches of drop in its current position.

And if we we're to take it out and flip it over to where this portion was going upward, that would be the rise position, And we'd get about 7.5 inches in the rise position. We've got plenty of adjustment holes here, and each hole, the distance between those, is gonna give us about 1 3/8 of an inch of adjustment. When you're ready to adjust the height, it's pretty easy. We simply pull out the clips that hold our pins in place. And since this is a B&W, you'll appreciate how easy the pins just slide in and out.

The machining on these is just fantastic. So you can see here, also that, when we go to adjust it, that this is completely secured to our drop here. So, nobody can come along and grab our pins, and walk away with our ball. It's gonna stay secure on here. So, we can go ahead and slide it up to the position and that's gonna work best for us.

So, it's looks like, we're gonna be at about this position here. So, we'll just slide our pins back through, line up our holes, and then resecure the pins. So, now that we know the right height, we are gonna select the ball size that's appropriate for our setup. To do that, you'll wanna pull the pin for the ball, and you can see here that it now rotates. So, you can choose the most appropriate one for your trailer, whatever size your coupler is.

The smallest one on here is the 1 7/8. With this one, we're gonna have a maximum of a 3,500 pound towing capacity. The two inch is gonna give us a maximum of 7,500 pounds, and with our 2 5/16, we're gonna have a 14,500 pounds of towing capacity available to us. Regardless of which position you're using, this ball mount does have a 1,450 pound towing weight rating on it as well. And, that should be more than enough for anything you're gonna be hooking up to this thing. One of the things I'll point out, is that we've got two holes here for securing our ball. If you're gonna use the two, or the 2 5/16, you'll use the rear most hole to secure it in that position. If you're gonna use it in the 1 7/8, or in the storage position, you would use the forward most hole. So we're gonna set ours to the two inch, because that's what our trailer is here, and then resecure that pin. And having three different ball sizes, is going to maximize the versatility of what your truck can bring with you. Two inch balls are great for a lot of your boat trailers, and maybe your smaller car haulers. A lot of those have two inch hitches on them, so we've got a two inch available. We can bring all these things along with us. Your larger bumper pull campers and enclosed trailers, often have 2 5/16 inch balls, which we've got that available, again, with that 14,500 pound capacity, which should be more than enough than any of these campers have. Oftentimes these things usually top out about 10,000 pounds. So, you usually have plenty of leeway with that 2 5/16 ball. And, maybe it won't come up as often, but you've got a 1 7/8 inch ball in there as well. So, if you're doing a little bit of work around the house, you've got a small utility trailer that you'd like to hook up to just get some work done, you can do that. Or, maybe you've got a jet ski trailer or a kayak trailer. Something like that often has a 1 7/8 inch ball, 'cause it doesn't really have a lot of weight capacity to it. We're now over here, on our big enclosed camper. This is gonna show it off the best, as it's the biggest weight we've got here. It's a 2 5/16 ball. So, we've gone ahead and backed up. We did hook up our electrical so we can operate the jack, and we're just lowering our trailer onto it now. Once you've got it loaded on there, it's not uncommon for you to have to pull forward a little bit in order to get it latched. And, then you wanna finish hooking up the rest of your components, which includes your safety chains. Make sure you cross those to create a cradle underneath. So, in the event of a catastrophic disconnect, it'll catch your components, and keep from digging into the pavement. And, if you have brakes on your trailer, make sure you hook up that breakaway switch cable as well. The balls are double-chrome plated, to protect against rust and corrosion. And you can see, we put a little bit of grease on the ball that we use too, to help prevent any metal to metal contact, and extend the life of our ball. The body of it is constructed of steel, and can come in either a black powder coat finish, or chrome like we're showing off today. Now, we've talked about a lot, with our tri-ball features on this, but they don't call it the tow and stow for nothing. With this unit, we can actually store it, and reduce the distance that it sticks off the back of our truck here. So, to do that, we're gonna remove the pin and clip, and we're gonna put it in the 1 7/8 position. That's actually our storage position. We'll then resecure that. We'll pull both the pin and clips then, for our drop and rise position. And, you can see it'll drop all the way down. And once it drops all the way down, our ball actually will roll underneath. We can lift it back up as high as it'll go, and then reinsert our pins, and then store it right back into this position. And this is nice, because we've now reduced the distance that was sticking off the back here, by almost about six inches. It's quite a bit that sticks off the back. And, what this can do, is it can make the difference between being able to store your vehicle in the garage and shut the door. That sticking off at the back there, might've been just that enough that prevented that door from shutting. And also, if you have a slightly oversized garage, mine's a little bit deeper, and if I wanna park my truck in there, and I've got a ball on the back, it will fit, but I can't get around the truck. This will give me the distance that I need to be able to walk around and still utilize my garage when the truck's inside. And I like it. One of my favorite parts, is when you're doing stuff in the garage, or out working, you're usually in a hurry, you're running by, and all of a sudden you've hit your shin on that ball. And boy does that hurt. You're saying a lot of things you shouldn't say. Putting it like this makes it much closer to the truck, and it really minimizes the odds of you accidentally hitting it. I also kind of like the chrome finish. It makes it a little bit easier to see. So, even when it's darker outside, you're walking, maybe just using a flashlight or just a small light, it's gonna reflect really well, making this obvious that it's there. And one final feature that we really haven't talked about, is the hitch pin mounting holes located on our receiver hitch here. We've got two that are a little bit over an inch apart from one another. So, you can adjust as necessary to ensure you've got the appropriate distance for the truck and trailer that you're using in combination together. And that completes our look at B&W's Tow & Stow 3-Ball receiver hitch..

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