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B and W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Hitch Hitch Ball Review

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Review of the B and W Turnoverball Underbed Gooseneck Hitch Hitch Ball

What's up, everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're gonna be taking a look at the B&W gooseneck ball. So this one, it's a two and five sixteenths inch ball. So it lines up with our coupler. You do wanna make sure that, it's gonna be the right size for your coupler, and it is gonna be a 30,000 pound capacity ball, which, our coupler on our trailer right now is 24,000 pounds. I always like to overcompensate, whenever it comes to the ball that I choose, just because we really don't want that to fail.

So definitely look at the specs of your gooseneck ball and hitch, so you can just kind of pair them up. So you're not really under limiting yourself, but as you can see, it's the right size. We're gonna get it nice and clipped in. And then once that's done, we just gotta hook some stuff up and we're basically ready to hit the road. When it comes to gooseneck hitch balls, there's a couple different things you can do.

You can just grab a basic ball. It's not gonna have a rise or anything. Or you can get another one that's gonna give us a little bit of a rise, which will just prevent your tailgate from hitting the bottom of whatever you're hauling. There's also gonna be one that's going to give you a little bit of an offset. So if you have a tool box or short bed, or maybe a fuel tank for all the farm equipment, we have one that's also gonna come back here.

Just know you do have options, but it all comes down to situation. But what we have right here is just gonna be a replacement from the one that we took out. As you can see, it's just getting worn down, there wasn't really anything wrong with it, but what you want to do to prevent excessive wear, you want to put some sort of grease in there. You can use a decent amount of different stuff. It's all about your preference.

So, if you need some, we do have some here at etrailer, but for right now, we don't have a tool box, we don't have a fuel tank, and we're not having any clearance issues. So, we just went with the same exact ball, just so we can just get the same exact set up that we had before. The B&W ball is what we had before so that's what we grabbed. And that's the rail kit that we have on this truck, but it is gonna work with other ones. Really, all you need to do is just match it up with your coupler. But what I did just to make sure it was the right one is I measured from the center of this hole to the bottom, this is about two inches. And of course, as you can see, this is the right one. So, if you wanna triple check, you can take that measurement and then use the information we give you on our website to grab the right one, but you don't really need a B&W rail kit for this to work. So, just know that it doesn't really matter when it comes to brands. As you can tell, it has a nice little color to it. So that's an anodized coating that goes on top of it, which just makes it extra strong. So it's not really gonna rust away. But if you don't grease this properly, it is gonna wear down more than it should. So just make sure you grab some grease for this, whether you're just replacing whatever you had before, or you're just getting started with your new trailer and you're starting to do the gooseneck thing. This is gonna be a great option for you. And that'll do it for our look at the BMW gooseneck ball. And I, am Adam with etrailer..

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