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B and W Hitch Receiver Reducer Sleeve Review

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Review of the B and W Hitch Receiver Reducer Sleeve

Speaker 1: Today we're taking a look at the B&W hitcher reducer sleeve from 2-1/2" to 2", part number BWRHXA2182. This sleeve will reduce your 2-1/2" receiver down to a 2" receiver, which will allow you to use or tow any of your 2" hitch accessories. The pinched out sides will help prevent your sleeve from sliding too far into your hitch receiver. We're going to show you one of the advantages of having those pinched out sides. For demonstration purposes, we have right here another hitch reducer sleeve without pinched out sides. As you can see, when I slide this sleeve in we have to put our finger in the sides and line up the pin holes.

Now even though it was easy to get our pin holes lined up, when we insert something like a bike rack, that's going to allow our sleeve to move around. Then we have to line up the pin holes again.As you can see, as I insert my bike rack, the sleeve is now not in line, so we have to pull that back. As you can see, I've had to pull on my receiver to try to get the holes to line up on the sleeve and on the bike rack, but then trying to put the bike rack in without the sleeve moving is very challenging. As you can tell, the holes have not lined up. And sticking your fingers in is not the ideal way to do this, as you could pinch them.

Now let's see how much easier this is with our B&W. We've inserted our sleeve. We can insert our bike rack and it's not going to move around or slide as we try to line up the pin holes. And it's also not going to pinch our fingers. It has an E-coat and black powder coat finish to help resist rust and corrosion.

It's very easy to use. All you have to do is slide it into your hitch receiver or onto the shank of the accessory you want to use.The pinched out ends are also going to help keep your pin holes lined up with the pin holes on your hitch receiver. But as you can see, we have two sets of pin holes that are separated by 1/2". The benefit of having two separate sets of pin holes is that it's going to fit perfectly with all of the factory hitches for our three major truck brands, and it's also going to fit most of the after market hitches. What we're going to do now is test out to see which way the pinched out ends need to be facing in order for the pin holes to line up with our factory hitches on the three major trucks.

And then we're also going to test it out on two after market hitches. First, we'll start on our Ram 2500. I'm going to show you the incorrect way to do it first. Right now we have our notches on the top and bottom of our sleeve. When we slide it in and the notches get to the edge of the receiver, our pin holes do not line up. All you have to do to correct this is pull out your sleeve, turn it, and then reinsert it.With the pinched out ends on the sides, we're going to see that our pin holes line up correctly. Now we'll move onto our GM models. This is going to be our GMC and our Chevrolet 2500s. Now that we have the pinched out edges on the top and bottom, we see that our holes line up. And last we have our Ford F250. And now our pin holes do line up. Now we'll move on to our two after market hitches. We have a Curt and a Draw-Tite. Let's start with the Draw-Tite. For the Draw-Tite, you're going to need the notches to be on the left and right sides. When we insert it, the holes line up and we can insert our pin. For our Curt, it's going to be the opposite. We need the notches on the bottom and the top. As we insert it, we see our holes can line up and insert our pin. And there you have it for the B&W Hitch Reducer Sleeve, part BWRHXA2182.

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