Autowbrake Electric Brake Controller Review

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Review of the Autowbrake Trailer Mount Electric Brake Controller

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at the Autowbrake trailer mount for proportional brake controllers. This works for one, up to three axles. Part number is 3430001. Once you have you Autowbrake mounted right here on our trailer, and this is going to be the ideal solution for hauling a single trailer with multiple vehicles or if you don't want to change the inside of your vehicles. With newer trucks that we have nowadays, finding mounting locations for brake controllers can be a challenge. You've got knee airbags that you sometimes have to deal with or the contour of the dash just doesn't really lend itself to allow us to mount that controller.

This is a really nice set up. It's fully proportional. We can mount it on absolutely any angle. We can mount it flat, up on it's side, and all of our controls are very easily accessible. The only thing we're gonna have inside the vehicle is a very small key fob that's gonna act as out manual override.With the proportional aspect of the Autowbrake, we're never gonna have to worry about getting the braking response that we need.

We have three presets there, so we can go to the right setting for the load that we have on our trailer. And then from that point, the censor inside is gonna sense whether we're trying to slow down very quickly or very slowly and the trailer brakes are gonna match that perfectly. When this senses that we're trying to come to an emergency stop, it's gonna fully apply the brakes from the trailer for us. On the other side of that, if we're just going through traffic and trying to slowly come to a stop, it senses that also. Essentially what this does is when we have that emergency stop situation, we're not putting all of the braking force on our truck.

In the slower stop situation, we're not getting too much braking. So we're not doing too much brake wear to our trailer. Overall, this is gonna make for a very safe system when both the truck and the trailer are doing their fair share of the work, everything is going to be braking appropriately.Now we've used and tested the Autowbrake for almost six months now on this trailer. And this is a trailer we use around the shop here a lot. It's nice that regardless of the vehicle, as long as it have a working seven pull on the back, we're about to plug it directly in.

We don't have any issues. Also it's worked really well. It's been through winter, it's been through a lot of rain going through spring. I think the weather tight casing really does a great job of protecting those internals and insuring that we get proper operation.With the Autowbrake being trailer mounted is, we kinda touched on before, we're not making any modifications inside our vehicle at all. The dashboards anymore look pretty clean and pretty sleek. And we really don't wanna drill extra holes or have a bulky brake controller mounted on their we might potentially hit our knee on as we're trying to get in and out.Now wiring up the Autowbrake is really pretty straight forward. We've got five wires that come off of it. One is gonna go to our 12 volt hot lead coming from our vehicle. One goes to the ground from our vehicle. Then we're gonna have one to the brake controller wire of course, one to the left turn, one to the right turn. And if you have a junction box mounted on your trailer, you can just do that with ring terminals. If you don't have a junction box, they're either fairly inexpensive to pick up on our website, or you can wire it directly to your pigtail coming off your trailer connecting to your truck.Now it is possible to wire the Autowbrake up for use with a four pull connector as well, but we really don't recommend doing that. Basically, you're gonna use your running light signal as the power lead. So you'll have to turn on the lights in your vehicle to have that come through. With all of the after market wiring options tat we have for vehicle, they max out at maybe seven and a half or eight amps. And the Autowbrake is gonna require 15 amps. So generally with any vehicle that's gonna put 15 amps out, it's probably gonna have a seven volt.Now to change the power level in your Autowbrake, we simple are gonna have out vehicle on, or at least power coming to the Autowbrake. And you'll need to hold down the brakes in the truck. You'll see as we go through our settings here, the LEDs gonna flash and indicate which mode it's in. You see this is a triple flash and it happens three times in row. That means we're on the highest setting. If we we're to hit it again, it should now go to double flash. That's gonna do that three times in a row. That means we're in that mid-level. And once more, we'll just have three single flashes. That means it's in the lower setting. Now for the low setting, that's gonna be for trailers up to 3500 pounds. Middle settings gonna be great for trailers between 3500 and 6900 pounds. And for the high setting, that's gonna work out really well for those 6900 up to 12000 pounds trailers. Once we have that set, we'll simple release the brake and the last setting will be saved. Next time we turn it on, it's not process we'll have to go through again.Now once we have the main adjustments done for the weight class of our trailers, we're then gonna have the two buttons here on the outside. Those allow us to adjust the gain up and down. So give us more braking force or less braking force. So allows up to fine-tune it. It's very similar to most brake controllers out there on the market you can really fine-tune it to that exact power that you need. And in the event that we have sway incident where our trailer starts swaying, we can simply hit that middle button which is gonna act like a manual override on any other brake controller. That's gonna apply the brakes on our trailer to help get that back and under control.As you can see, it's really a lot smaller than most key fobs you're gonna have. Its pretty thin, pretty narrow so I don't think it's gonna take up a whole lot of room on that key ring if you decide to have it there, or it can be easily stored in a small compartment.Now of somebody decides to use or barrow you trailer and they have their own brake controller already set up in their vehicle, they're more comfortable using that, the Autowbrakes gonna go completely into a sleep mode. When it's in that sleep mode, our brake controller inside the vehicle can be used the entire time. Once we get connected into a vehicle that doesn't have a brake controller, it's gonna go right back into it's standard mode.Just to insure you have the space to mount the Autowbrake, well give you some measurements. The top to bottom here is gonna be five and quarter inches. Side to side we're looking at six and seven eighths. And then from your mounting surface to the top, it's an inch and half.Now like we said, we've been using the brake controller for quite a while on this particular trailer. Bob is one of our guys here, he does a lot of the technical stuff here at Etrailer. This is his trailer, he's been using it for quite a while. He's also use proportional brake controllers in the past. I really enjoyed the experience I had out of it. Based on your experience with your old proportional brake controller, how was this one similar, different, the same What'd you think about it Bob: So for me, the best thing is that this trailer gets used by a lot of people. So anyone can come plug it in and I don't have to worry about them stopping after they load the thing down because the brake controller is already here. So if they don't have one in their truck, there's no worries, the trailers still gonna help them stop. So when I use my MCAB controller, I had the ability to see where I'm set at and I know it because I've used it for a very long time. But if that system we're to break down, I would still have brakes here on the trailer. That's the things that I really like about it. Speaker 1: As far as the performance out of the Autowbrake versus that one, can you tell any real difference Bob: With this unit, you can tell a difference when you first start towing the trailer each time after you plug it in because it has to learn the weight of the trailer every time. It's not something you really notice except for when you first start using it because it's a little different. It actually applies the brakes a little hard the first couple of stops. It learns the weight of the trailer and then it smooths out and it's just like a proportional controller. Speaker 1: Now as far as the remote control aspect of it, you know how to load the trailers, you don't probably have to worry about sway too much, but with the adjustability, you can adjust that gain up a little bit, adjust it down a little bit and kind of fine-tune it. Did you find that that works similar to other brakes controllers or was it more of a challenge Bob: That works pretty well. You don't have a read out on your display in the cab to go by so that's the challenge of it. Speaker 1: We're setting it by feel. Bob: You can actually once you get it set, apply the brakes and test it and then you can tell that it is making a change. Speaker 1: Awesome. Well thanks for the info boss.And that will complete our look at the Autowbrake proportional trailer mount brake controller part number 3430001.

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