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Review of the Autowbrake Electric Brake Controller

Shane: Hey everyone. Shane here with Today, we're going to be taking a look at the auto brake trailer brake controller.When we think of a brake controller, we think of a brake controller inside of our vehicle. You have the aftermarket ones, and they hang off your dash, kind of take up a little bit of room, and also your factory ones. With this brake controller it mounts on the trailer, it's going to work with one to three axles. It's going to be completely proportional, and it doesn't require you to mount anything inside the vehicle.

What makes it great is anybody can use this brake or this trailer with this brake controller on it, as long as they have power going to a plug off the back of the vehicle.This is what our brake controller main unit is going to look like. It can be mounted in any orientation, anywhere on the trailer. If you notice the two buttons up here. These are going to calibrate the brake controller once you first get it set up and to change functions. What I mean by change your functions is, it's going to give you different weight passes for what you have on your trailer.It's going to have an LED light here, and when you change the functions the LED light is going to blink in a sequence to tell you what function you're in.

The first level is going to be for 3,500 pounds. Second level is going to be 3,500 to 6,900 pounds. Third level is going to be 6,900 to 12,000 pounds. As far as wiring it, it is pretty simple and straightforward. It's going to wire...

It's going to have five wires that come off it that wire directly into your junction box on your trailer. This system can be used with a 4-pole wiring harness on your vehicle, if your vehicle doesn't have a 7-pole. And the power wire that's coming out of this would just be hooked up to the running light signal.One thing to keep in mind, if you knew that, the running light signal on the vehicle may not be putting out enough power, or as much power, as this is going to draw. So, I would be kind of leery about doing that. If you're going to use this, I would suggest putting a 7-pole plug on by using ETBC7L.

ETBC7L is going to give you the 7-pole plug on the back of your vehicle with just your power and ground. So, if you're going to be using this it's actually going to be drawing power from your battery and not from your running light signal.As I mentioned, the brake controller is going to be proportional. What proportional means is, it's going to match the braking pressure you apply in the vehicle. So, let's say we're in an emergency situation. We slam on the brakes in our vehicle. It's going to apply the same amount of pressure to our trailer. Ideally, what we want is we want our trailer to be able to slow and stop itself. We're not relying on the vehicle to slow and stop both, especially if we have a load. If we apply our brakes maybe we're coming up to a stop sign or a stop light. We're coming to a slow stop. We lightly pressed on the brakes. It's going to apply that same amount of pressure in our trailer.Now, as I mentioned, this can be used for anybody that wants to tow a trailer, as long as they have power coming to a plug on the back of their vehicle, which makes it very nice, cause it's very universal. The only thing you're going to need is this key fob. If you're pulling the trailer, and you have it plugged in your vehicle, and you have this key five, you can control the brakes on the trailer. You're going to add two buttons on the top and bottom. Those we're for your game, and those we're to fine-tune your braking on the trailer.So, if we have a heavier load, we have it set, let's say, in the number two setting, the 3,500 to 6,900 pounds. As we're going down the road, maybe our trailer, it seems like it may be breaking a little bit more than what we want. It may be pulling on the truck, or on your vehicle, or maybe it's not breaking enough and pushing on the vehicle. We can use the up and down gain button to apply a little bit more pressure or less pressure on our trailer brakes. So, again, we're not reliant on the vehicle or the trailer to stop or to slow down each vehicle.Like any brake controller, they have a manual override. And what the manual override is for, it's for trailer sway. And how sway happens is, as the trailer moves off center from the vehicle, it pulls on your hitch ball, and it drops that side of your vehicle. What it's doing is it's pushing down your suspension. By the time your suspension reacts to push that trailer back up, it's pushing it over to the other side, and that's where you get your sway motion. You can push any one of these buttons without pushing the brake in the vehicle, and it'll apply the brakes on the trailer to bring it back to center. To fix that swaying motion that you're getting out of the trailer.Now when you first get everything connected, you get it hooked up to your vehicle, to calibrate it you're going to push these two buttons down, and you're going to see the LED light flash. To change your settings you want to make sure the vehicle is running. So, you have power going to your 7-pole plug. The left button, we're going to push it once. The light's going to blink three times quick. And it's going to be your high setting. Push it again. Light flashes twice. That's your second setting. Push it again. Light flashes once. That's your low setting.Once you have calibrated the trailer brake controller, the only time you're going to have to calibrate it again is if you change the location of it, or you put it on a different trailer. Once you have your brake controller calibrated, without anybody pressing on the brake, you're going to come back with your key fob. You're going to push it. You're going to see the light blink on the brake controller itself. That's telling you that the key fob is synced with the brake controller.As I mentioned before, this system is nice for a trailer that multiple people may tow. But let's say somebody wants to use your trailer that has a brake controller in the cabin of their vehicle already. This system is going to recognize that the cab of the vehicle, or that the vehicle towing it, has a brake controller already. And it's going to allow that brake controller in that cab to override this, and without having to disconnect anything.Now as far as my overall thoughts on this, this is the first time I've ever used a brake control like this, the first time I've ever installed one. Installation's easy. The unit itself is a lot smaller than the older one, or the previous one. So, it makes it a lot easier to do, mount it and in a lot more different locations on your trailer. And it's really versatile. It works well.The only thing that I might say is a little bit odd that you have to get used to is on a regular brake controller in your vehicle you can actually see the numbers if you're changing the gain for the trailer brakes. But other than that, I think it works just as well as any brake controller that you mount in your vehicle. And with the ones you mount in your vehicle, they take up a lot of room. So, with this, all you have is a little key fob to control your brakes, and it makes it very easy. With that being said, that's going to do it for a look at the auto brake trailer brake controller.

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