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Atwood AMPlock Padlocks Review

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Review of the Atwood AMPlock PadLocks

Today we're going to be taking a look at the Atwood AMPlock Padlock set. This is a three lock set, all of them are keyed alike. The part number is AT89020. The AMPlock padlocks from Atwood offer some of the highest security available on the market. These are going to use a rotating disc tumbler lock. It's going to provide maximum security.

There's nearly a million different possible key codes for this so there's a lot of different options out there. That's a hardened washer. This will prevent drilling into our lock core and prevent tampering. Here you can see our key design. One of the smoothest operating key systems that you're going to find. When the lock is in the unlocked position we're not going to be able to remove that key so there's not going to be any risk of us locking our keys in our vehicle or in our trailer, whatever we're trying to secure. The kit includes our three padlocks and six keyed alike keys.

It offers a 1/4" shackle diameter here so it's small, but very sturdy, very strong. Our same key set we can take right over to our second lock. The body of the lock is going to be a case hardened stainless steel. That helps it to stay shatter proof. You're not going to have to worry about them being able to hit it with a hammer and break it.

Once we lock that up let's head up to the front and we'll take a look at the third one. The same key, is going to come right off. What I really like to point out here is that we've got plenty of length if we're going to be using this as a coupler lock to lock our coupler as we're doing here and then also lock up the trailer. It works out really well. Plenty of length there as you can see to get that secured. We don't have to worry about anybody hooking up to it or taking it off of our vehicle when we don't want them to. Now that we've seen how they work and what they're made of, that's going to complete today's look at the Atwood AMPlock Padlock.

This is the three pack. Part number AT89020. .

Glen P.


Is it possible to buy 2 or more sets.......ALL keyed alike? Thanks

Etrailer Expert

Jon G.


This set has been discontinued and is only available as a single lock with part # AT89018 . This is only available with a unique key but I have linked our selection of padlocks that can be keyed alike for you to filter through.