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ATAK Solar Mosquito Lantern Review

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Review of the ATAK Solar Mosquito Lantern

Hi everyone, It's Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we are looking at the Atack's Solar Mosquito Lantern here at etrailer. This is one of your heavier duty mosquito zapper lanterns. It's a great addition to your hiking, camping, RV camping setups. It also has a solar panel at the top as well as being rechargeable by a USB cord. All of this works together to keep you going and keep you zapping.

It's relatively portable. You have this hook that comes out so you can either hook this on to your tent or to your setup. Or you can take this out and use it to hook around a branch or a pool or whatever you have at your campsite. Here at the top, you have a solar panel and it has two functions. So one its going to draw in that sunlight and give you a little extra energy.

And another thing it does is during the day it will turn off your mosquito zapper. That way you're only zapping at night. Let's say you're getting ready to camp for the evening and let's set it up here on our branch. I just use my hook to hook around that branch and have it hanging right there. One thing to note is that hooks can come off pretty easily.

So you're going to have to be careful where you hold it as you hang it up. When you do have it hung up you might wonder what could happen if a storm comes in and some rain comes down. Now this is going to be rain proof. So you have that water resistance there. So when you have splashes coming up against it and raindrops falling on your lantern you're going to be fine.

Just don't submerge it in a lot of water. Now this has a brush that will initiate a self-cleaning cycle every 72 hours or you can just hold onto the power button. And that will cause the brush to start rotating around and clean off all the dead bugs stuck on your grid. Once that brush is done rotating. You then just twist this cap off and that's going to be where all your dead bugs are. So you can just knock that off as well as wash this with some soap and water and pop this right back on. Now I do like this cap because then even if I have this lantern let's say over my picnic table or my food I don't have to worry about bugs popping down below the lantern and just clean it off when I want to. You see what this lantern looks like out here in the bright sunny day here at, but let's go inside so we can take a closer look at how the light shines in darkness. So this has a power button here at the top and that's the only button you're going to need. So press it once for the lantern. So this is at low intensity or 20%, press it again, 50%. And here it is at the maximum 100% intensity. Now let's turn this off and to activate the UV light you hold the power button two seconds. It's going to blink once and that will show it is on. So when you want to turn that off, you hold it again for two seconds and it's going to blink three times to indicate it's turning off. Now, I recommend just leaving that on because after 72 hours that time will go off where it will activate the self cleaning brush. Another cool thing about leaving this on is during the day your sensor will tell it to turn off. So now let's take a look at the lantern in complete darkness. This will turn off the lights and let's turn this on at low intensity, medium intensity, high intensity. And now we'll turn on that UV light right there. So just walking from our lighted room here to our darkened room, I noticed how the light turns on automatically which is pretty cool because then you can see how it senses that light change. And it will turn on at night in your campsite. Right here behind this best cap. Let's open that up. You can see where the USB charging port is and it comes with its own USB charging cable. My final thoughts about this zapper and lantern is that I do like how it has more space. I have noticed that larger grids means I catch more mosquitoes or more insects. One thing I wasn't a big fan of was this hanger. When I was hanging around branches and tent poles I noticed that this comes off very quickly and I almost lost it in a bush. So just be very mindful as you do take it off so you don't lose it. But other than that, I think the zapper works really well. And I am a big fan of the brush. The light itself is okay, does add a little extra light but again, you'd probably get this for the zapper..

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