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Apogee Adapt-X 600 Folding Utility Trailer Review

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Review of the Apogee Adapt-X 600 Folding Utility Trailer

What's up everybody. It's A.J. with Today we're gonna be checking out this folding aluminum trailer from Apogee. This is gonna be the Adapt-X 600. This is gonna be a six by 10 foot trailer and has a weight capacity of 2,122 pounds.

I said it was folding. That's one of the big features about this is, is that it comes all assembled on a pallet and it folds up when you're not using it. So you can store it on the side of the garage or inside your garage. Let's check it out. I was talking about how great of a feature it is that it folds up.

Let's get right to it. I'm gonna show you how that works. Now there's a particular order you wanna do this in that way you don't get hurt. So just follow the instructions and it'll tell you how to do it or just follow along with me and I'll show you how to do it. So first up, we're gonna pull these clips and these pins out.

I'm gonna repeat that process on the other three. Now before we start folding this up, you wanna make sure you come down here and this can add a lot more pressure on this pin. So it's actually easier to remove this pin before you fold anything up. So usually we say fold up the backside and then do it. Just go ahead and do it now because then you can see how freely this pin moves.

When you fold up the back, it doesn't move that freely. So just jump right in, unplug the four-pole, turn this key, take off the lock cylinder and then you can just pop that pin out. Far easier than it was the other way. But make sure you keep this latch when you fold up the backside. With the pins removed we can fold up the back first. Zack's gonna help me as an extra set of hands. Just to be safe. Then we're gonna put the pins back here. They fall right into place there and keep it so if it was to come back a little bit, it would catch on this pin. At the front and just remove this pin so we can throw the latch and fold it up. The same thing we did on the backside. Drop our pin into place. Now we're gonna take the hook and loop, wrap it around the two beams here that help hold it together. And finally, we're gonna remove this pin and lock cylinder up here. We tilted the trailer on its back so it's resting on the pegs here on the backside. And that gave a little less pressure up here so we can just unlock this cylinder. I'll put one hand on the tongue too so when I pull the pin out and just slowly lower down. There's two brackets that allow you to hang the trailer tongue on there. That way you can store it with the trailer. But if you don't wanna hang it on trailer you can also set aside in your garage if that's easier for you. But with the tongue removed I'm gonna hang it up on the trailer. All we gotta do now is move it. So I'm just gonna push down on this end. You can see which way it's tilted and this will get it level like that and then you can easily just push it around. It is a little cumbersome 'cause it is a big trailer still even in its folded-up state. But it's pretty easy to do, one person can do it. One thing I would pass on to you is these pegs at the bottom are there. So if you do tilt it a little more forward those will hit the ground before it goes to flip over. So that's just one thing to ease of mind when you're pushing it around. Just remember those are there and you can tilt it back on there and it'll rest on 'em just fine. If you choose to store the tongue on the trailer, this part will add a little bit more to the depth. Maybe an inch or two. But you don't have to store it that way if that's not how you wanna do it in your garage. You can just take this off, slide it along the wall 'cause it takes up very little space on its own. Put it on a shelf somewhere. Overall though, it is still impressive that you can fit a six by 10 trailer in your garage. You could even push this to the front of the garage and still park in front of it. That's just something you couldn't do with a full, not folding trailer. So I really like that part of it. Save space and even if you don't want it in the garage, you can leave it folded up like this, wheel it out on the side, throw a cover on it, it's outside on the side of your garage and it'll be just fine. It's an aluminum trailer so the weather's not gonna bother it at all. Another great thing about it being aluminum, means you can just lift it up by the handle and just pull it around yourself. You don't have to always hook it up to the truck to move it. You can just easily walk it wherever you wanna put it. So we're gonna hook it up. We're gonna set it down on our two inch ball. Lock it on there. Also got a pin that goes through that part to help keep it in place. There you go. Now we'll do our safety chains. And make sure you crisscross them underneath. And then finally our four-pole. Now we're ready to load up our trailer. So what we're gonna do is release the ramp and extend it. How we do that is we've got these pins here just like up front. Pull those. And the latch, also similar to what you got up front. Just throw that. Once it's released, you can fold out the tailgate slash ramp. Now it's gonna fold out all the way to four foot. And it's heavy bars of aluminum so I'm not worried about at all stepping on it. Doesn't seem like it's lightweight, it's gonna hold up when you do use it to bring in that ATV. As you saw, the ramp made it really easy to load up our ATV. It was nice that we didn't have to have a separate accessory to get it up there. You just unfold it, it was sturdy and drove right up it, no issues. And then the fact that it also has four tie-down points built into the trailer really helped us get it strapped down really quickly. And I can shake the whole trailer. See the ATV's not moving. So it's not gonna go anywhere. So let's just go ahead and drive around the parking lot and see how it does. We're gonna go over some speed bumps here in the parking lot first. It's pretty quiet. Bounced around a little bit on those speed bumps but I think the weight of the ATV on there is really helping to quiet down. Now we're gonna kinda go at it uphill in our parking lot. I don't hear much noise at all back there. I noticed it a few times but it's real quiet. I guess this one, being the heavier trailer makes far less noise because all that weight coming down on the ball mount. As you saw in the parking lot, it handled just fine. I felt like the trailer didn't move back and forth a whole brunch on me. Now, we we're just driving around the parking lot so I wasn't going at high speeds or anything. But it felt really good, there wasn't a lot of noise coming from back here. I think it helped cause we had it loaded up with the ATV kinda like I said. That kept that noise down but it was almost made for the ATV. You can see how nicely this fits in here. And the four tie-down points are spaced out really good. So you can get it nice and tight. I can shake the whole trailer back and forth and this thing's not moving. Now the other thing about this trailer is you can customize it. So there are some accessories. Like if you wanna do dirt bikes instead, there is wheel chocks specifically for those. So you can permanently install those if that's what you wanna carry on this trailer. Or you can even get just more tie-down points so if these four aren't in the right spot for whatever you're carrying and you need them to be a little bit closer, maybe here in the middle or over there on that side, you can get those and install those yourself too. Another great feature is that the wiring is all pretty installed for you so you don't have to run any wires. You just plug in that four-pole. As you can see, we have it in line with the truck, we got our flashers on. You can see it's lighting up here, the back and these are LED lights on both sides. And then we have the license plate holder here. And it's got a small LED light up here to put some light on there at nighttime, when you're driving down the road. There's another feature for this trailer. And it has a tilting function. So we're gonna unplug our four-pole. Remove the lock and pin. And then we can pull the latch. Now with that released, you can tilt it up like that. Now there is one issue with the tilting though, is if you look at the back ramp, it's got those slots in it. So if you we're to dump, let's say like a load of mulch or gravel, it's gonna go in between those slots. So you could put a tarp over it so when you go to tilt it, it would go into that tarp. And another thing is that gate isn't removable, it's permanently installed. So you can't take it off and get it out of the way either but it is still a function that you could use. Just throw a tarp down then you can access it with a or whatever once it's on that tarp. I think the trailer's really handy to have. It's nice that you can fold it up. But the best part about it, I think, is that it comes all put together. So there's just one less thing you gotta do. You don't have to spend the time assembling it, that takes a lot. But it comes to you on a pallet at your house. So let's check out on how that looks. This is what its gonna look like when it gets to your house. It's gonna ship on this pallet and have these bands holding it down. Now there's a very specific way they want you to unload this off the pallet. So don't just start cutting and ripping stuff off and pulling away. We're gonna do the first two levels of taking off the plastic and cutting these bands. Then you can get to your instructions right here. But you can always follow along with us and see how we do it. First thing we're gonna do is cut the bands. So just stand aside. Now with those cut, I can get the first layer of plastic off. Next we're gonna remove the foam from these spots here and there's gonna be four of 'em. I'm just gonna walk around and do that. And you have the plastic tied off here. So I'll just undo the knot. And then start unwrapping it. Now we're gonna come to the side, remove the cardboard on the fender. They'll probably just fall off on their own but you know, just go ahead and take them off. On both sides. And then now this is where the instructions are gonna be so this would be a good time to open this up and read those and then go ahead and follow along with us further and see how we unfold it. So that leaves us the last band here. etrailer Associate Uh-oh. So the same with the other ones just kinda stand to the side. And remove this bag of tape that's on 'em. These are gonna be covers for your wheels. Remove that. And then we'll get our locks and our box up here up top. Definitely wanna remember to get that off top because when you go to fold it you don't want this one falling down. From here onto the next few steps, it's probably a good idea to get a second set of hands. So Zack's gonna help me out. He's gonna hold the tongue while I cut the zip ties to make it loose. And up top. I'm just gonna cut the two zip ties right there. Now it should be fully loosened. Open up that box you took out earlier, that has the hardware in there and get the pins out. It'll be good just for safety, put it down in the pin holders. This is gonna keep this from unfolding. If it does, it'll catch it. But right now it's all wrapped up, it shouldn't. But just when you're tilting back and forth, probably a good idea to keep these in place. Here are the backside of the trailer. I'm gonna start to loosen these screws and pull them out and knock these blocks out of the bottom. But we're gonna leave one in the middle to keep it held up. And come back with a hammer. And knock it out. We're down to the last block. Zach's gonna come in and help. He's gonna put pressure on the trailer so it doesn't fall down when I knock that last block out. So I'll knock that block out, he'll be pushing on the trailer and just slowly lower it back down on the pallet. So with it tilted back on the pallet, I'm just gonna come around to the front and do the same thing. So that's gonna get all those screws out of there and then remove the blocks. Now we're gonna attach the tongue. So you're just gonna lift up this end and line up the holes. It can help to have that second set of hands on the other side, kinda moving tongue back and forth that way it helps you line that up a little bit better but let's see if we just lift it up into place. Looks like it lined up actually pretty nice. A second set of hands, we're gonna start to tilt it away. First thing we're gonna do is come up here and undo the hook and loop trap that was holding the two pieces together. Then we can come down here at the bottom and remove these pins. Just go ahead and set it aside. And now it's ready to be tilted over. Next we're gonna latch down the front to hold it in place. This trailer's pretty big and what we're having a problem with is this hole's not aligning properly. So we're gonna lock this into place. Add this pin in there too. Now we're gonna fold back the backside and that's gonna help these holes align. At the backside, same thing. Pull these pins. Zack's gonna help me lower it down. Now with that backside lowered down, it helped align all these pin holes a lot better just adding that extra weight to the trailer. You can see, now it goes in there with no problems. So we've got the pin in, we'll add on the lock on the other side. And put it over the cover. And while we're here, go ahead and plug the four-pole together. It's nice that it's pretty installed. All you have to do is this part. Just push it together. Now we're gonna add our pins on the side. You might have to work them in just a little bit. There you go. Add our clip and repeat that process for the other three. Now we're ready to add our cap to the inside of our wheel. And just push it in, that easy. Now we hook up the trailer to the ball mount or our truck and we're just gonna drive it off the pallet. Overall, I was pretty impressed with this trailer. I liked the fact that it didn't take any time to get it off the pallet. I work with a bunch of trailers here and most of the time, you have to put them together from scratch. And that just takes up a lot of extra time. This was already put together, you had a few steps to get it off that pallet and it wasn't very hard to do that. And now I got a trailer to use whenever I need it and I can fold it up and store it in my garage or on the side of the garage with the car in there and it's out of the way. Well, I think that does it. Thanks for hanging out. And I hope this helped..

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