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Apogee Adapt-X 300 Folding Utility Trailer Review

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Review of the Apogee Adapt-X 300 Folding Utility Trailer

What's up everybody It's AJ with Today, we're gonna be checking out the Apogee Adapt-X 300. It's gonna be a aluminum folding trailer that you can hook up to your vehicle. It's gonna be four by eight and have a weight capacity of 2,300 pounds. So just keep that in mind with whatever you want to put in here and haul behind your vehicle. That's gonna be really nice.

That folding feature is pretty cool because you can put it on the side of your garage or even fit in your garage where you wouldn't necessarily have the space to store a full trailer. Let's check it out. I mentioned it was a folding trailer. You probably want to see exactly how that works. So we're gonna go through the process right now.

Now it's a very specific process of folding it up, so make sure you do it in the right order. Just follow along with me, and I'll show you how we do it. First off, we're gonna remove these clips and these pins from the ends. These go on the portions that fold. So I remove this one.

That one's already been removed on the opposite side. I'm gonna set the pin aside here. And then we're gonna fold up the back. So with those pins removed, you can just lift up and fold it in. Now we'll come back with those pins we removed.

There's a spot to put them there on the backside, right here. With this part going inward, it's gonna help you keep it upright. So we'll just put that pin there on both sides and store our clip there, too. Now, in order to fold up the front, we have to release it from the tongue here. So, just gonna unplug the wiring. We're gonna undo the locking cylinder. Pull this pin out. And then look at our latch. There's another pin down there we have to remove. Now with that removed, I can release this latch. Make sure you keep your hands clear when you pull out on it 'cause it will pop up on you like that. Now, just like we did on the backside, we're gonna remove these pins up on the front. Clip and pins removed. I'm gonna set it aside, and then we can pull up the front. With it folded up like that, we can set those pins in on both sides with the clips. Here at the side, we have the hook and loop fasteners that are attached to the trailer. So that's good. You have to worry about losing them. Just wrap that around the two bars here in the center. And that's just gonna be extra protection to keep it held together for you while you're moving it around. Removing the tongue is next. And all we have to do is unlock the lock cylinder on this one, remove that. Now grab the tongue of the trailer with one hand because you're gonna pull the pin out with the other and it's gonna want to drop. So, and sometimes you can lift up on it a little bit and that'll help get that pin out of there. Just like that. And when it tilts down, it's got stoppers at the bottom, so you don't have to worry about tilting on you, and you can remove the tongue. Now the tongue, you have two options with this. You can store it in your garage, along the side of the floor, against the wall, or it also hangs up on the trailer. There's a bracket to hang it onto. Put that one in, and there's one up here you can clip into. Just like that. Something that I want to point out is the stops at the bottom. I feel like that's important just to remember that they're there because you can tilt the trailer. So when you are gonna move it, don't forget they're there. It's okay if it goes to the backside, too. It'll just tilt and land on those stops. You don't have to worry about it falling over on itself when you're moving it. So the way I found it easy to move it is kind of just pushed a little pressure down here on the backside and that way it's bouncing on the wheels, and then it's really easy just to push from there. You can easily push it towards the wall and out of the way in your garage. I really like how maneuverable it is in this state. You know, it's one thing to have it fold up, but also I want it to be easy to move around when it's like this. Because if it folds up like this and it's a pain to move around, that doesn't help me a whole lot. But luckily, super easy to move around. I like how little space it takes up. I wouldn't have to make that choice for my garage. Like, do I want to pull the trailer and leave it there or my car in there I can even put the trailer folded up on the side of my garage instead and throw a cover on it. Kind of out of sight, out of mind there, and it doesn't take up a whole lot of space. But let's get specific and see how much space it actually does take up. So the width is gonna be 71-1/2 inches. We're gonna go to the height with the tongue included. That's gonna be 60 inches tall. And then the depth, which is gonna be from here to here, is gonna be 38 inches. Between the galvanized wheels and the whole trailer being made out of aluminum, you're not gonna have to worry about if you do store it outside the elements bother it at all. It's gonna hold up just fine in any kind of weather. Even in its unfolded state, it's still pretty light. You can easily move around with its handle. And you see I have no problems maneuvering it. I really liked that just because it's not one of those trailers that you have to kind of leave in a spot and back your vehicle up to. You can actually just bring it up to your vehicle. It's that easy. The handle makes it super easy. That way, when you're hooking it up to your ball, you just set it down on there, set the plates just like that. It's really easy to lock down. You've got the safety pin here, too. You might have to push on that a little bit just to get that hole to line up easier for it to slide right through. With that in place, we can put on our safety chains and hook up our wiring. It fits on a two-inch ball, so you will need a two-inch ball mount, but everything else is included with. So the safety chains are attached, ready to go. Same with the four-pole on the wiring. It even has the paperwork and documentation, that way you're towing legally. Time to unfold the ramp, so that way you can load the trailer. It's easy, just like the rest of the trailer. You have a pin here. You pull that out. You can throw this latch. That unlatches it here. And now this is gonna fold out into a four-foot ramp. I like the ramp is thick bars that make it. It's not that chain-link fence kind-of stuff that you drive on. So you don't have to worry about it being compromised when I'm driving up on there. It's really sturdy. You see I can step on it. There's no issues there. And it gives you plenty of room to pull up whatever you want to put it in your trailer. A little bit of a tight fit, but the ATV got up in there just fine. The ramp really helped out. It was nice and sturdy. Had no issues with it folding it out or folding it back in. Another thing that I liked that they have is the integrated tie-down points. There's two at the front and two at the back that are already installed. It's just another thing that includes with this trailer that you don't have to worry about. I like that, that they're already there and in place. And we just use some ratchet straps to make sure we tied this down. Let me show you. I can shake the whole thing back and forth. You see that ATV is not going anywhere. Now we're gonna drive around the parking lot. First, we'll go over some speed bumps. Keep an eye on that trailer down there. It's got the weight of that ATV back there, so that's gonna help but not bounce around as much. So far, so good. Of course, it's moving a little bit when you go over the bumps, but otherwise it looks pretty sturdy. The first thing a lot of the people said around the shop is that it's an aluminum trailer, how loud is it gonna be when you're going down the road Like, is it gonna rattle a whole bunch, especially with the fact that it folds up like it does You kind of wonder if those moving parts are gonna be an issue while you're driving, but so far, so good. I think that extra weight of the ATV definitely helps, like I said before, but I don't hear the trailer at all. Going at a slight incline. Keeping an eye on it. Overall, I was pretty impressed with how it handled in the parking lot. It didn't make a whole bunch of noise, but every trailer is gonna make some sort of noise. So most of the noise came from up here at the ball mount, and you can take a lot of that out there if you get an anti-rattle device and install that on there, too. So you can take a lot of that noise out of there. But like I said before, a trailer, anything you're hauling behind your vehicle, is gonna make some sort of noise back there. But it was pretty low and it really didn't bother me a whole bunch. The other thing I really liked about it was the longer tongue on this trailer helped us make turns without worrying about making contact with the trailer. You had plenty of space to make those turns. The pre-installed four-pole system works really well. You can see it works in tandem with the vehicle. We got it hooked up to a truck right now. You can see we have the hazards on. It's going right there in line with the hazards on the truck. So that's a good thing. It's another thing you don't have to worry about. It's all set up and ready to go. You just have to plug it in. So if you're driving around at night, you don't have to worry about anybody not seeing your trailer. Another thing, you have a small LED light there on the license plate. So, again, you drive around legally with your trailer at night. There's another feature that the trailer offers. You can actually tilt it out of the way. And how you do that is we're going to unplug the four-pole first. Then we're gonna unlock our cylinder up here. Pull the pin. And I'll pull this pin down here at the bottom in front of our latch. With those latches and the pin removed, you can just lift up and tilt your trailer. Now one downside to this is the ramp is permanently attached, so you can't take that off. So you'd probably have to put some kind of tarp or cover over that if you're gonna use it kind of like a dump trailer because it's just gonna go all on that ramp and fall in between that ramp. But if you had a tarp or a cover over there, it'll go on the tarp or cover. I think this trailer really is a complete package. I like all the stuff they included, all the little things that you might not think about but other trailers, they're kind of add-ons. But this one has them all. The only thing I really want to add to it, maybe if you wanted to customize it, depending on what you're gonna haul with it, let's say you're doing motorcycles or dirt bikes, there are motorcycle or dirt bike wheel chocks that you can install on here that would better help you tie that down specifically. But otherwise, it really has everything else you need. Plus it comes all assembled on a pallet for you, which that's awesome. You don't have to assemble the whole trailer and take like four hours to do that. You can just quickly unfold it. Now, how you do that, we did it for you. Just follow along with us and see how we did it. This is how it's gonna look when it gets shipped to your house. It's gonna be on a pallet with the bands over it. Don't start just ripping it apart and getting into it right away. You really need to see the instructions and check out how to properly take this off of the pallet. There's a very specific order they want you to do this in to make sure you do it safely and do it right. So make sure you check out those instructions. We're gonna walk through it with you right now, so you can just watch and follow us, as well. First off what we're gonna do is cut these bands on the outside. So you see one here and here. I'm gonna cut those first, just like that. Here's where the instructions are gonna be right here. So you can cut it in there and look at those and see the whole process. That way you can see the diagrams that they give you. We're gonna continue on. We're gonna start cutting these bands and remove some more of the packing material around it. So just slide those off the ends on the front and the back. With it unwrapped, you can get the locks and pins up here in a box. It's gonna be right up there. Then you can come around to the sides, remove the cardboard that's sitting on the fenders and covering the wheels. Now we're gonna go ahead and cut the zip ties. I'm gonna start at the bottom. This is what's holding the tongue to the trailer, so be careful when you're doing this part. I start at the bottom. Cut that one. Now this is loose down here at the bottom. I can come to the top, hold it with one hand and start to clip it there. And now it's released. I'm gonna set it aside. Now this part's not part of the instructions, but it's just something I recommend. We've done a few of these trailers. At this point, you're gonna be tilting it back to knock out, to get the blocks out from underneath it. So I recommend just putting these pins in place here, just to help hold this up. It's not gonna fall on you, but it just helps. It's another thing to help with safety. At the bottom of pallet, you're gonna see those blocks. What we're gonna do is remove three of them. I'm gonna leave the center one in. So first you're just gonna grab our drill, our impact, and back them out. I'm gonna come back through with this hammer and knock the blocks out from underneath. Remember, we're leaving this one. I did not unscrew that one, so it's gonna keep the trailer propped up. Now this part, it's recommended you get a second set of hands. Zach's gonna help me out here. He's gonna push on the trailer while I get this last block out of there, so when I hit it out of there it doesn't fall down on the pallet. He's just gonna slowly rest it down on the pallet. So just continue on what we're doing. I'm gonna come back here. Now with it out of the way, Zach's gonna lower it down, just like that. Now we're gonna install the tongue on the trailer. This part, you can still use a second set of hands because it's gotta be straight on with this because we're just gonna lift this up here and line up these holes But if it's out of whack just a little bit, it can be a little more complicated, so make sure you get this straight. And if you have issues, you can have somebody to hold the other end, kind of lift it up straight with it. That way the pin goes right in. I'm gonna try and do it just me. Lift this part up. I went too far in, so I need to come back just a little bit. Looks lined up right there. Pull it right through. Add a lock on the other side. Now with my hammer and my impact, I'm gonna go back along the front and remove those blocks, just like we did in the backside. But with it tilted up, you know, it's not gonna be resting on those, but it's still recommended you use the hammer. You don't wanna put your hands between the trailer and that pallet. Zach's back to help us out again. So we're gonna pull these pins on both sides. Just gonna set it aside. And then do the hook and loop over here. And now we're gonna tilt down the front of the trailer. Now we're gonna secure the front of the trailer. We're gonna run this pin through the front. Unlock it real quick and go in from this side. Kind of work it in, like that, and add our lock. Now with that in there, we can also secure our latch. Bring it up. Push on the handle. Now that's latched in place. And then the further help that out, we have a pin that goes in the bottom. With all the pins in place, I can plug in our wiring. Just go ahead and push those together, and now you're good there. I'm gonna pull the pins back here. And I got the tongue installed in the front, so that's adding more leverage up there. You don't have to worry about it moving on you or anything. Just slowly tilt back the back half. With the trailer all folded it out, we can put our pins in place. This is gonna go in here. There's four of them. Just run through the holes on the side and line it up. And it can be a kind of a tight fit. But they will go through. Now each one of them comes with its own clip. Just put it on the opposite side, helps keep it in place. At this point, you can hook it up to your ball mount on your vehicle and then pull it off the pallet. I know it seems like it's super light, you should just be able to pull it off there, but it's kind of down in the pallet. So pulling it, you're gonna have to pull it kind of hard and that can risk like falling down when you're walking backwards with it, so they just suggest that you lift it up and put it on the ball mount. This has our safety chains, too. Plug in our wiring. Now we're ready just to pull it off the pallet. Overall, I think it was not that bad to get it off the pallet. It seems a little intimidating at first with it coming shipped all strapped down and going step by step through your instructions, but they just want to make sure you do it safe. It didn't take us that long to get it done. You just need one extra set of hands. And now your trailer is unfolded, ready to go. Hopefully you saw how easy it is to fold it and unfold it and store it in your garage, outside your garage. I think this trailer is really gonna help you out with hauling that ATV or just whatever you need it for around the house on the weekends. Well, thanks for hanging out and I hope this helps..