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AMPLock Lunette Ring Trailer Coupler Lock Review

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Review of the AMPLock Lunette Ring Trailer Coupler Lock

Hey, everybody. Welcome to I'm Bobby. And today we're taking a look at the AMPLock trailer coupler lock for lunette rings. So as you can see, we actually do have two versions for us today. We do have our three inch lunette ring version and our two and a half.

So I'll go ahead and make sure we are measuring that inner diameter on our lunette rings to make sure we have the right one to fit our trailer. Now, this is going to be a great little way of going ahead and securing our lunette ring that when anybody hook up to it, so therefore our trailer may be sitting wherever we leave it unattended. We have that nice peace of mind for ourselves. So you are getting the nice little stainless steel construction on this guy. It's going to work great.

And it's really, really simple to go ahead, take a closer look. See how we get this installed. Can you guys can see, we have a nice little fabric covering our outside chain, making our holding that much easier for ourselves. It's a pretty little simple device here, guys. You're seeing these two little balls right here that are preventing us from actually putting this on.

Of course that's what's preventing it from coming out when we actually get it installed. And there's certain accessing that we just want to simply slide over this cub cover plate here to access our tumblers. Now on the inside, you're having a ton of rotating desk and an AMPLock likes to point out you're getting a million different combinations with this. So you will need a very specific key that it comes with. So we got to go ahead and insert it like so, and just simply turn it to unlock it.

Then we can slide that up and out of the way as you guys can see, that's going to be pulling those balls into position. Allowing us to simply insert it, turn our key back out. Exposing those as well and preventing it from lifting out. So very little simple way of getting this installed and it's definitely going to work great. A lot of times when you're seeing lunette rings, you have a second assembling. You use it to put that one on the bottom one. Then the second one on top. I like how I can just simply walk up, pull that key out, pull those tumblers and drop it in place and then simply lock it right away. I mean, look at that. It's so easy. You can be hanging in there. Now, you are seeing it's just a little loose in there. However, I think it's actually doing a really good job and that can be popping out. Let's go ahead and stress test it a little bit. So we're just going to go ahead and try and see if we can pop this guy out. We just got a little rubber mallet here for ourselves today. It is pretty thick, you guys can see, we are seeing that exposed hammerhead on the bottom there. So we know it's going to do some pretty good work here. Let's go ahead, take a few swings. So I'm not seeing anything pop in that movement or anything. That stainless is holding up quite nice for us as well. That ball seems to be free spinning, so we're not damaging the inside of it anyway. And also as you guys can see, it's definitely not coming out at all. So even with me prying on it, you can see no movement from it. So I'm liking that those balls are staying in position, even with that tumbler being down. And I don't think we're going to get this guy out anytime soon. As you guys saw it seemed to be doing a pretty good job of standing up to our stress test. Now, obviously it's only a few whacks of a hammer, but I definitely am liking the stainless steel that makes for sure that it's going to be a nice strong product for ourselves. And I am a really big fan of those rate rotating desks. I definitely don't think I'd have an easy time getting in there. Of course it is nice that we are getting those two spare keys as well. And it's really easy just to walk right up, take that out, simply walk it away. I mean, it's really easy to go ahead, do that. I can see us too at the job site. Just drop into some place and leaving it for the weekend and having that nice peace of mind for ourselves. Well guys, I think that that's going to do it for our look at the AMPLock trailer coupler lock for lunette rings here at I'm Bobby, thank you for watching..

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