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Aluminum Car Hauler Ramp Set Review

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Review of the Aluminum Car Hauler Ramp Set

Speaker 1: Today we're gonna be taking a look at our line of aluminum car hauler ramp sets. Offering a 6,000 pound capacity. Today's aluminum car hauler ramps are gonna be the perfect solution for loading and unloading your trailer. Whether it's an ATV, UTV, car or other equipment you need loaded, the 6,000 pound combined capacity is gonna handle it all.Now these ramps are available in three different lengths. What you're looking at here are the 72" version. We also have a 60" and a 48" version.

They're gonna offer the same widths. Basically, with a longer ramp, you're just getting less of an angle. You can imagine if we shorten this point up 12", it's gonna be a little bit steeper. If we go in further than that, again, a little bit steeper.Now from the outside of the ramp to the outside of the ramp, it's 14.5". And from the inside of our tread here to the inside here, is gonna be about 12.

And from the top edge to the bottom edge, it's about 3 3/4 of an inch.Now on each side, to secure the ramp to the trailer, typically behind a ramp lip, we've got an inch wide tab here. It's gonna make good contact with your trailer. You can see our straps are holding it forward, and we didn't have any issues with it sliding, even on the concrete floor here. Now when we compare that connection point style to some of the other heavy duty ramps, they tend to offer a solid piece that goes all the way across. You can see the slat styled design here.

It leaves a little bit of room, in between, for dirt and debris to fall down and out. But I would imagine with this style set up on a UTV, or an ATV anyway, if you had a lot of mud, you might run into traction issues. Or in a car in an extremely wet environment, might have a little bit of slippage. But there are raised grooves all the way along to give us all the advantage that we can get.Now each ramp comes with a 1" wide, 6' long cam buckle strap. That's designed to give us a little extra assurance so our ramps won't slide.

Just gonna come back and just connect to one of the slats on the ramp to keep everything secure.Now when you're done using your ramps, you wanna of course undo your cam buckle straps here. Release your hook. Generally, I'll just extend this all the way out. Gonna bring it back around, hook it to itself, and then tighten it down. And that'll keep your straps from kind of flapping around. Like that. You can see on each one, we're gonna have a carrying handle to kind of aid us in getting it along. And as you can see, pretty easy to maneuver and kind of get in place with just one guy. And that's gonna complete our look of the aluminum car hauler ramp sets.

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