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Alpena Twin Strobz LED Flashers Review

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Review of the Alpena Twin Strobz LED Flashers

Today, we're going to be taking a look at and reviewing the Alpena Twin Strobz Amber LED Flashers, part number ALP77234. The Twin Strobz are going to be a bright LED light system for your vehicle. They're going to offer 20 LED lights per individual unit. The power module and power controller is going to have lights on it that define the pattern, speed, and power state and remembers the last pattern used on your system. The lights will be water-proof, shock-proof, and compact and slim for a convenient mounting in tight locations. Installs easily to any 12-volt system and comes with included hardware. Now, with your on position, you're going to see the alternating lights, and they will blink at the same fashion the ones on the front of the vehicle are.

You hit the pattern button here . You can see that you're going to have your full on position, your full on flashing, your intermittent strobe, your alternating strobe, and then back to your on position. Press the power button to turn it off. You will have your individual strobe lights, both sets of wires, with the quick-disconnect area here, your control module that'll go on the inside of the vehicle as well as your power wire. Now, your power wire, you will need to pull off the tabs here to expose the wires and connect that to the positive and negative side. The control module will also come with the double-sided tape to stick it on the inside of the vehicle so it'll be easily accessible.

All the provided hardware is included as well to mount your strobes to the front of the vehicle. For temporary applications, you can also use zip ties to secure it to the front of the vehicle instead of drilling and placing the hardware. The first thing we'll do is disconnect the quick disconnect here. Press in the tab and pull out. Press down the tab and pull out. With the control module discounted, we'll set it off to the side so we can install our strobes.

Once you find a good location where you would like to place your strobes, go ahead and push through the extra excess wires and place it where you want it. We're going to go ahead and secure it for our temporary use using zip ties. Now, with our bigger zip ties, we're just going to go ahead and slide them through and around. We'll secure them on the back side. Now, we'll go ahead and repeat that process on the other side. Go ahead and unravel the wires and the safety cable holding it together, and place it over the top and weave it back down.

For this application, we'll have to go down the hood and back over toward the battery, working yourself over and down. Once we have the wire where we need it, we will then go ahead and repeat that on the other one and tie it all off. We'll go ahead and use an extra piece of hose to go ahead and fish it down so we can run it in between the door jamb and inside of the vehicle. Since this is only for a temporary application, this is going to be the easiest way to do so. We'll go ahead and take our extra wire here, and we're just going to tape it off on the ends so we can pull it through. Go ahead and pull through the extra slack down in between the door jamb. Then we'll go ahead and work those wires into the inside of the cabin. All right, now, we're going to take our control module and mount it in a place that's easily accessible. You can either mount it here, here, down here, or maybe even on top if you choose. Just keep in mind that you will have the readouts here saying what your flashers are doing on the front. It'll have the power button and the pattern switch here on the side marked with a "p." Go ahead and take your double-sided tape, place it on, and then stick it down. We're going to go ahead and set ours here on the top of the dash right above the vent so it's easily accessible with just a click of a button. Now, we'll go ahead and run our positive and negative wire back through the same track that we brought the other wires through to connect it to the battery so we can try out our new lights. Go ahead and connect up your connectors before you go ahead and run back those wires. That way, we don't need to worry about it later. Just like so. If you like, you can also put up the slack back down here or towards the engine compartment if that's easier for you. Go ahead and slide that tube back down. Just to help us out, you can also use a coat hanger if that helps you out better, or whatever you have around. Once we have it down here, we'll go ahead and connect that power wire to the end of it and pull it through. With our power wire pulled through, we'll now go ahead and prep it to connect to the battery. If you need to, go ahead and loosen up the terminals so you can place the wire in there. Now, we'll go ahead and tighten down our terminals. We're just going to go ahead and zip tie off the slack, so that way we don't have any rub or any tears in the wire. Now that'll do it for our look and review of the Alpena Twin Strobz Amber LED Flasher system, part number ALP77234.

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