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AirBedz Truck Bed Air Mattress Review

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Review of the AirBedz Truck Bed Air Mattress

Hi everyone, it's Evangeline here at etrailer and today we'll be taking a look at our Airbedz Truck Bed Air Mattress right here at etrailer. If you've seen some of my other videos here at etrailer, you know, that I'm really into car camping and I just love that whole setup there. Now, that's not the case right over here, because this is not a car, this is a truck. So if you're doing truck stuff and you just want to utilize your truck bed for a nice night underneath the stars, or let's say you're out hiking, you're out hunting, you're out camping, and you just need a nice place to rest and relax, or you're going on a long drive and you need to nap, but comfortably, that's where a truck bed air mattress like this comes in handy. Ideally, you would have it with a car with a camper shell, or some kind of covering, but it works with pretty much any type of truck you have. You just need a truck bed.

So let's take a look at this mattress and its different features. So I have my team of co-workers right here. We have John, we have Dave and David's the taller person. John is not as tall as Dave. So they have different experiences here.

What do you guys think about the truck bed mattress so farI find it a little too small for me, my feet hang off the end, which is not uncommon, but. How tall are you6'4", but I'm not going to be able to stretch out my arms. And the first thing I noticed is putting both me and John got in here, it bulges in the middle and it kind of just forces me to want to go this direction. I think lengthwise, it's perfect for me. Like I can move up just a little bit more, have the pack here and I still have some room for my feet, pretty comfortable for me.

So somebody my height is probably gonna be perfect, like a 5'7", 5'8". For David's case, maybe he would like the one with the tailgate mattress more, just to give that little extra mattress space, but cool. Yeah, this would be perfect for like stargazing during the summer night, that kind of thing. So that was a really cute moment. I'm glad you we're able to see the experience of 2 different people on this mattress and just how it works with how you move around and how it bulges in the middle.

So let's take a look at some specs and some measurements just to see how it will fit on your vehicle. The mattress itself sits 12 inches above our truck bed. So that's gonna be the height you're gonna be at. Notice how with our truck here, there's only 10 inches of clearance from the top of the mattress to the end of the bed. So if you're someone who moves a lot in their sleep, if your bed is a little bit lower than that, that may be an issue for you, just in case you roll out of your mattress. There's 2 different versions of this mattress when it comes to the what you can add to it, as well as its size. So you can have the one that can be used with a tailgate extension or without a tailgate extension. Those that can be extended, have those special notches on the end and for those extensions. You also have some different size options. So whether you have an 8 foot long bed or a 6 and a half foot short bed, which is what we have here, you can get a mattress to match. We also have versions that go even shorter. So even if you have a 5 and a half foot bed, we got one for you. Taking a closer look at the mattress itself. I want to see how our material feels like. How our cushions feel like and the seams as well. So the mattress itself is made of a durable polyester construction. So taking a look at the top, we have almost like a gritty surface. It's soft, but not like cushiony soft. If you want something that's extra soft. That's the Airbedz Pro 3. This one just feels like an air bed mattress. Over here on the bottom, we have our seams. So you can see here how, the way it's made, I'm not getting too much fraying here. And I don't feel any leaks along the seams either. Notice how this also isn't just a flat mattress. We do have some cushion here as well as some grooves. So this utilizes an integrated air coil system, which is why you have pretty good weight distribution here. Now, depending on where your wheel wells are, this can get down there, so let's take a look at that. Ideally this should fit right over your wheel well and be supported by your wheel wells since there is a gap there, but you can see here on our truck, there's actually some space where your mattress is unsupported, which is why when you do put your weight on this, you're tempted to fall through. So if that's the situation with your truck, the solution to that is just to push your truck bed mattress all the way to one side, leaving the other side with a gap. So if your truck bed is wider than the mattress and you did have to move it to one side just to get that support from the wheel well. What you can do is you can use the wheel well insert on the side of the mattress that has a gap. So we're just gonna fit this right in here. And just like that, we now have support on both sides and we're not dipping in towards that wheel well insert. So the mattress itself is 55 inches wide. So depending on your truck bed width that will help you figure out if you have space around your wheel wells and in for the length, it's going to be 73 inches long. Now that length measurement is going to change depending on which size mattress you get for which size truck bed. This does have a weight capacity of 2,000 pounds. Now remember, since this does take up most of your truck bed and then you lose that cargo space for, well, your cargo. What's helpful for that weight capacity is then you can put your bags, your other cargo on top of the air mattress when you have it inflated. So what else is included other than your actual air mattress, well, you get this carry bag, which you put the mattress in once you have it deflated. You also get this emergency repair kit. So this just has patches as well as some patch glue. And then you have a charger. So this charger is for the battery that's inside your mattress. So make sure to have that charged up before you go out on your trip. And when you're ready to go, all you need to do is just switch this to deflate and then it will deflate itself. And then you can fold it up and put it into the bag. So let's take a look at what it looks like in the storage position. So this is the carrying case or the carrying bag that you can store your mattress in. You can see how we have a lot of wiggle room for, if you haven't fully deflated your mattress. This makes this easy to store in let's say your seat. If you have it in your truck, underneath your seats in the back, pretty much every, anywhere you want in your vehicle. It has handles just to make it easier to carry. Although it is kind on the heavy side, since it's a large mattress, well, when you open it up, you can see the mattress inside. This is also where you can store your charger and your battery. So my personal thoughts about this truck bed air mattress is I would prefer to have this inside a truck with a camper shell, because then I would be protected from the elements, whether it's rain or shine, I would be okay. But I also see how useful it would be with other trucks like this. So if you just want to go stargazing, if it's date night, if you're in a drive-in movie theater, or if you just wanna hang out with your friends or have a tailgate, this is pretty comfortable. You can also get things like some people have lawn chairs that they set up inside of their truck bed, or they put down comforters and cushions. This is a lot easier to set up. And it's also quick to just deflate and pack up and you're ready to go again. Some things I recommend adding, or at least taking a look at is the version of this mattress with the tailgate extension, because if you're already parked and just camping out in your truck, why not maximize your space Also, you can take a look at our wheel well inserts. They pop right into the sides and convert this into a whole air mattress for what you just want to use a premium mattress at home. I also have some other comfort items here, too. We have our blankets from Kelty that are nice and comfortable. We also have things like pillows right here at etrailer. So before we set up our mattress, we first need to clean out our truck bed, that's just how it is when you do have a truck bed that does not have a tonneau cover or a camper shell. What we're gonna do is we could use a leaf blower. We could have a truck bed mat, like what we have here, but in my case, I'm gonna go old school and just sweep it out with a broom. So have our mattress here in the carrying case, we'll just take it out of that bag and unwrap it. So you just want to make sure that your logo is facing your tailgate. With our mattress set up, we're then gonna insert our battery. So I had this charging for at least 12 hours or overnight. Highly recommended to do so the instant you receive your mattress, so that you're ready to go. So with this charged up, we're just going to open this door over here and pop that in. I have my stopwatch right here. So we'll start that and then we'll inflate our mattress. All right and right there we'll stop it. And that was about a minute and 40 seconds. So pretty fast for it to fully inflate our mattress. So I also tried this with a battery that was just barely charged and it still inflated the mattress, but it took a little bit longer and it kind of worked a little harder. So it's nice to know that even if your battery is low, this is still gonna work out for you. But if your battery is completely dead, another option for you is this pump that's included with your kit. Now this doesn't push out that much air. So it might take a minute. So here is your manual valve for if you want to inflate this manually, or if you have your own air pump that you like more. So notice how you have your different valves here. This one completely deflates it, you pop that in. There you go. So you have a one-way valve and this just pops right in there. Just another note to this manual pump, I do recommend for using pretty much any other pump that you'd have around house, unless you enjoy getting an extra workout in. So once you have your mattress inflated to the density that you want it to be at, that's when you start putting sheets on there, you put your blankets on there, but that's all there is to the install process. And that was look here at our Airbedz Truck Bed Air Mattress right here at etrailer. My name is Eangeline and I hope you enjoyed the journey..

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