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Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus Rear Axle Air Springs Review

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Review of the Air Lift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus Rear Axle Air Springs

Today you're going to be taking a look at the Airlift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus line of air helper springs. As you can see, once we add our load to the back of the bed of the truck, we have a significant squat in the back, which is actually going to raise up the front end. That's going to cause a lot of different problems. The back end, we're putting a lot of strain and stress on the suspension. We're not going to have as much travel, as we normally do. Then, on the front, it's actually pulling the front end up, causing a teetering effect, so our headlights are misaligned, our tires are not making as much contact as they should, which is going to diminish our steering and braking.Here's what our airbag looks like, once we have it installed.

It's going to fit in between the frame and the axle, and provide us the support we need, whenever we have a heavy load, like a trailer, fifth wheel, gooseneck, or a heavy load in the bed. Now, with our airbags installed, we actually got our truck back to where it should be with only 40 psi. The back end is not sagging down, as much, and it's being supported a lot better.And on the front, the front is right back where it should be. Our headlights and the front is right back where it should be also. The headlights are going to be aligned and our tires are going to have a good contact on the ground, so we're going to have better steering and braking.Our airbags are designed to replace our factory jounce stop and, as you can see, they are quite a bit bigger, and they're going to provide us a lot more support, rather than the factory jounce stop just preventing it from bottoming out.

Our springs are going to have the best of both worlds though. We're going to have the adjustability of the airbags, but they're also going to have an internal jounce bumper, so it's going to prevent any kind of bottoming out, if we have low or no air in the bags.The internal jounce bumper is going to be urethane, so it's not going to require any kind of maintenance, once we have them installed. The airbag assembly, itself, is going to be a two-ply reinforced rubber, so it's going to have extra durability to it. Our airbags are going to have stainless steel roll plates, as well as, hardware, and the brackets are going to be steel with a black powder coat finish to help resist rust and corrosion.One thing that's going to set our kit apart is that they're going to give us these stainless steel braided lines. These are going to be a lot more durable than the nylon lines that normally come with most airbags.

The nice thing about our airbags is that they are going to be compatible with most goosenecks and fifth wheels, because of how our bracket is going to mount to the frame. Our airbags are designed to support up to 5,000 pounds, and they're going to have an operating air range between five psi and all the way up to 100 psi.Now, keep in mind, these are not designed to increase the payload of your truck. They're really just designed to help support that extra load. Our airbags are going to come with a manual inflation valve. That way, we can inflate our bags easily, wherever we decide to mount it.

Now, it can be Y'ed off into one, so you can connect both bags at the same time, or you can have two separate inflation valves, so you can control side-to-side for those off-center loads.There is an option to where we can adjust the pressure without ever having to get out of the cab. That's going to be with a compressor kit that is sold separately. That will finish up your look at the Airlift LoadLifter 5000 Ultimate Plus line of air helper springs.