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Air Lift LoadLifter Air Helper Springs Upgrade Kit Review

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Review of the Air Lift LoadLifter Air Helper Springs Upgrade Kit

Hi there heavy haulers. Today we're going to be taking a look at Air Lift's LoadLifter, Air Line Upgrade Kit. These heavy duty braided stainless steel airlines will replace your old nylon airline tubing. And the old airline tubing that we've got here is plenty fine. It does work, but it is sensitive to heat and tears and cuts and road debris. Whereas our stainless steel braided lines are going to be significantly more durable and resistant against heat.

You'll receive two in your kit of equal length to route to from the back of your vehicle up to your airbags. And the other end is going to connect to new fittings that you'll receive that'll thread into your airbags. We've got the 90 degree swivel fitting installed on ours, but you'll also receive a straight fitting included in your kit. So you can just thread it straight down if that's a better fit for your particular vehicle.Each end of our steel braided airline is going to have a female threaded fitting that will thread on to the fittings in your airbag, as well as the air fittings at the back of the vehicle for airing it up. This is going to be a stronger, more robust connection than your quick connect fittings that come with a standard Air Lift kit.

Each of our braided hoses is around five feet. So you'll receive plenty to run from your airbags to your fittings here at the back of the vehicle. You'll also receive some additional nylon airline tubing included with your kit, as well as an adapter fitting that will take our stainless braided line and screw onto one end and go to a quick connect on the other end so we can attach it to regular nylon tubing. This is nice if you have an air compressor system or any other accessories that you're running off of the air pressure that you have for your airbag system. Your old lines are going to go into either a straight or 90 degree fitting in your airbag.And this is just a quick connect fitting.

If you try to pull the hose out, you're not going to be able to take it out and it's installed by just pushing it in. So if you're going to be replacing this, you'll not only need to unthread your old fitting, but take your nylon tubing out of there as well. Because in most cases, you will have a difficult time leaving this in. To remove your airline tubing here, you'll just use a wrench or you can even do it by hand. It's pretty difficult to do it by hand though.

So I just use, I suggest using a wrench that's close to the size of your airline tubing. Press the wrench against the fitting until it crushes the end. And then you can just pull the tube out. See how this piece just moves in and out.And if you are going to be connecting into an air compressor or anything, and you're still going to use some of this line for those other accessories, it's as easy as pushing it together, to get it to lock into place. Before replacing your airlines, you should remove any air pressure that you do have on your airbags. This will ensure you don't get any surprises when disconnecting your lines. Some reasons you might consider this upgrade is if you do a lot of off-roading. These are a more robust, stronger, durable line.And since they're stainless steel, they're going to be able to resist against the elements. Another reason you might consider them is if you've got a show truck and you just want the nicest look for your vehicle, especially I know you guys up there with lifted vehicles. A lot of people are so high. You can just walk up and look underneath and we want it to look pretty for everybody. And the last reason you might consider it is if your vehicle is just in a difficult installation process for it, where the lines may be close to an exhaust pipe and there's just not a very good routing option.And you're worried that your old nylon lines might start to deteriorate or melt because of how close it is, these are going to be a little more robust. You still don't want them sitting up against an exhaust, but they are going to be more resistant against heat in comparison with a nylon line. And that completes our look at Air Lift's LoadLifter, Air Line Upgrade Kit.

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