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aFe Direct-Fit Cold Air Intake System Review

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Review of the aFe Direct-Fit Cold Air Intake System

Speaker 1: Today we'll be having a look at the AFB direct fit cold air intake system with a Pro-Dry S filter, part number AFE51-12322, also available with a Pro-Guard seven oil filter. That's part number AFB75-12322.In this particular case, we're working on a 2013 GMC Sierra 2500.Here's what our air intake system looks like installed. This filter combined with the system has 33% more air flow than the factory air intake system.This filter also offers us a 99.2% filtration efficiency rate, and it is a lifetime filter. It's oil free. You don't ever have to worry about replacing it. When it's dirty, you can simply wash it off, let it dry and stick it back inside your vehicle, and you're good to go.Now this filter will save you money in the long run, because you don't ever have to worry about replacing the factory air filter ever again, as required maintenance.

Also, the potential is there for increased horse power gains and increased fuel economy, especially when you combine this filter system with other supporting mods, such as a computer programmer or a tuner.Now the reason this system provides more air flow to our vehicle and the potential for more fuel economy and more power, not only is because of the increased size of the air flow, but because of the smoothness of the piping going into our turbo inlet. We no longer have the accordion style elbows of the factory air box, which causes turbulence and disrupts airflow. The smooth flow of air going into our turbo inlet provides us with better power and better fuel economy.Here we are underneath the hood of our Sierra. We're gonna go over some features that our factory air intake system is lacking.Here, our factory air intake system, while it's efficient for a factory vehicle, if we're looking to improve fuel economy or add power to our vehicle, it's not adequate enough. Also, inside our factory air box here, we have a stock paper filter, which is a little bit restrictive and is also expensive to replace when it's due for maintenance.

We go back along our tube here, this accordion-looking tube that connects our air box to our vehicle's throttle body, you'll notice that this has these ridges in it, which disrupts air flow and causes turbulence, which takes away from power.Also, if you're looking to beef up the sound of your engine, this factory air box isn't gonna cut it for you. We'll demonstrate that, showing what it sounds like, stock.And now we'll do a take-off acceleration run to see what it sounds like.And now we'll have the truck pass us, to see what it sounds like underneath load.Now that you've heard the before, let's show you what it sounds like after.And now we'll do a take-off acceleration, as we're seeing by this truck.And now we'll have it accelerate as it drives towards us.And that completes a look at the AFB direct fit cold air intake system.

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