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Adco Travel Trailer RV Cover Review

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Review of the Adco Travel Trailer RV Cover

Today we're going to be taking a look at the ADCO RV covers for travel trailers. See for your specific size. Sun, moisture and snow can all take a toll on your travel trailer especially while in storage. Protect your investment with an ADCO RV cover for travel trailers. It features a Tyvek all-climate top to protect it from the elements. The sides are made out of a durable polypropylene.

It beads water on contact. Check it out. It's designed to accommodate our rooftop accessories as well. The vented sides and the breathable top keeps moisture from accumulating, preventing mold and mildew. It has reinforced corners to prevent snags and tears.

The zippered panels allow us full access to our travel trailer even while the cover remains in place. ADCO has also included tire covers for temporary use. To remove it, just reverse your steps. At the end, fold it up, and you get a nice bag to stow it in when not in use. Now that we've gone over all the features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed. First thing we need to do is unroll it and unfold it.

As we unroll it and we find our tire covers, we can just set those aside. Now as we unfold it, we also need to be sure we find the front and the rear. The rear's going to go to the back. The front's going to go towards the front where the coupler is. Now as we unroll it, we also need to find the top.

The top is going to be all white. Now we can go around, locate all of our straps, and we need to unroll them. Now what we want to do is fold our sides in so it's inside out. Then we're going to roll it up starting from the rear towards the front. Now we can carry it over to the rear of our camper. Now what we need to do, with it rolled up, we'll grab the front of our cover, and we're going to head up the ladder. Now since our ladder's on the side, we're just going to climb up it from the side, but it's going to unroll as we're pulling it towards the front of our travel trailer. With us on the roof, we're just going to pull it towards the front of our travel trailer. Once we get to the very front, we'll begin unfolding it, finding the corners first, and then working our way back. Now the front is going to hang off far over the edge here. Now as we get to the corners, what we want to do is do the corner opposite our ladder first, then climb down our ladder, and pull the cover over the last corner. With us on the ground, we can finish pulling down our sides and square up our cover. Now we can go around and begin securing our straps. We're going to start on the bottom corner here. Now it is a cinch strap, so as we tighten it here, it's going to tighten up that other corner. What we want to do is we want to bring it this way. Now it doesn't have to be extremely tight, and you want to make sure that it stays around the other corner. Then I'm going to adjust my buckle and then just plug it in. Here in the front, we've got two cinch straps. We'll do the front one first and then we'll do the side, so same thing as before. I'm just going to pull it nice and snug, adjust our buckle, and then plug it in. Now we can just work our way up securing our straps. Everything we do here in the back we're going to do in the front. The top corners are just cinch straps again. With our front and rear straps done, we can begin running our bottom straps. To do that, ADCO has provided us with a special weighted strap to make it easy to get this strap here to the other side. We're just going to plug it in and then toss it underneath to the other side. Here on the other side, we can just disconnect it, connect it to our cover, and then pull it tight. We're going to repeat this same process for the remaining two. With all the straps in place, we got you covered. That's going to complete our look at the ADCO RV cover for travel trailers.

Questions and Comments about this Video

Myrna G.
Is there a cover made for the 1475 model? Price? Is it ok to climb on roof? Is there a ladder that can be purchased? Price? Can an extra shelf be purchased for pantry? Price? Thanks.
Etrailer Expert
Reply from Jon G.

What year/make/model trailer do you have? It should be okay to climb on the roof but I'd double check with your manufacturer. We do have some universal ladders that can work with most applications but you'll need to determine if and where it's safe to install one on your trailer. We don't have any extra shelves for a pantry. Current pricing can be found on each product page.