Adco RV Cover with Tyre Gards Review

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Review of the Adco RV Cover with Tyre Gards

Today we're going to be taking a look at the ADCO RV cover for fifth wheel trailers. They're available in eight different sizes to fit your fifth wheel up to 43 feet long. This ADCO All-Climate fifth wheel cover features a Tyvek top panel. It's designed to protect your fifth wheel trailer from sun exposure, wind, and the elements. The fabric is water resistant, yet breathable to help prevent mold or mildew. The vents will also help reduce moisture.

The zippered entry panels allow you easy access to your fifth wheel trailer while the cover remains in place. It features a cinch system at the front and the rear to remove slack and reduce billowing. The 28 foot long end grater covers also have a zipper panel at the rear for your toy hauler. To remove it just reverse your steps and it comes with a storage bag to keep everything nice and tidy. Now that we've gone over features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed. Now this most certainly be done with one person but on a windy day like today, it's a good idea to have an extra set of hands.

Now it's going to come shipped to you wrapped up just like this. I'm going to go ahead and unwrap it and then call in my extra set of hands. We're going to unroll it and find out which way is the front and which is the rear and they're labeled. We can set our storage bag aside. It looks like you found the rear there.

I'll take this to the rear while he takes the front to the front. Now we can go ahead and spread it out and we need to locate the top, it's all white. By bringing the top over, we can then kick out the other side. Now should the wind build up, just bring it as low to the ground as you can until it all escapes. As we're spreading it out, let's locate our straps and unravel those. Once all of our straps are unrolled, we now want to take the sides and fold them roughly over to the middle.

You want to repeat this for the other side. Now let's roll it up from the rear to the front. Then we'll want to carry the whole bundle and set it just behind our fifth wheel trailer. We'll grab the end and start climbing up our ladder and it's going to unravel as we go. Once we get to the top, we'll walk all the way forward and start throwing it over the corners. I've got my buddy down below holding the other end should the wind start to pick up. Then we'll begin spreading out the corners. Now as you're working down the sides, it's a good idea to throw down the straps that way your buddy can help you kind of work it into place. With our front corner started, we can begin then heading back towards the rear and letting down our sides. Once we get to the rear, we'll want to do our corner opposite the ladder first and then climb down. As we clomb down, we'll take the last corner with us. Then we can just go around our fifth wheel pulling down the sides. As we get to the front, we'll just continue pulling them down. With everything in place we'll want to be sure and center it up with our fifth wheel, then we can begin securing our bottom corners. The bottom corners are cinch straps. We can just connect the buckles and then pull it tight. As you can see I'm just tightening it as I pull it. Now should it get difficult to tighten with it connected, you can actually disconnect it, pull it tight and then reconnect it. Then we'll do the same process in the front. In the front we're just tucking it up underneath our fifth wheel hitch connection. Then we'll tighten the slip stream straps that run along the top side. This is going to tighten up our top corners. Then we'll repeat this process with all four corners. With our top slip stream straps secured, let's go ahead and do our bottom. Again we'll just pull out as much slack as we can and then connect it. We'll repeat the same process for the other side. Now we'll return to the back and secure our three straps here. With the back being done, let's go ahead and secure the entire front. Here underneath the hook and loop is removable to adjust for different sizes. Now we'll do our two straps for the underside. Lastly we can secure our bottom straps. We'll take our included weight, we'll attach it here and throw it underneath so we can access it from the other side. Here on the underside we can disconnect our weight, we'll connect it to the buckle and then tighten it up just the same. Then we'll repeat the same process for the other straps. Now we can install our tire guards. We'll be sure to find the elastic end, that's what's going to go over the top of our tire. The straps go at the bottom. I'm just going to slightly lift up on my RV cover, bring it over the top, make sure that the front seam lines up with the front portion of the tire and then just pull it down. Then we'll bring our strap around to the back side and connect it to the buckle and pull it tight. Then we'll just repeat the same process for our other tires. With our tire guards installed, we've got you covered. That's going to complete our look at the ADCO RV cover for fifth wheel trailers.

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Looks good but for some people you should tell them that they need to cover the towing pin so no grease gets on their new cover. And maybe a way to do this without getting on the top look at the age of most of the people that have the money buying the trailers 63865

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