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Access Toolbox Edition Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover Review

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Review of the Access Toolbox Edition Soft Roll-Up Tonneau Cover

Adam: What's going on everybody Adam here with etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the Access Toolbox Edition Soft, Roll-Up Tonneau Cover. Line of Access Tonneau Covers is going to be able to fit a wide variety of different trucks, use the etrailer fit guide to put in your year, make and model of your truck to find the exact fit for your truck bed with toolbox.You all know the many benefits to having a tonneau cover, yes, it's going to protect all the contents from all that rain and snow that you may have, also it's going to increase your fuel economy. But also the main thing for me is just to protect anything from theft, because people just have sticky fingers, but sometimes you really don't have the option, you have both a toolbox and a tunnel cover. Sometimes you really just have to pick one or the other. Well, this is the main benefit to having this tonneau cover.

We can have the lock box here, have all our tools and stuff in there and have all of our fun recreational stuff in here. And since we have a locking tailgate, everything is nice and secure.It is a very durable vinyl material and it is going to resist against the sun and all of the elements that mother nature's going to throw at it. And it's going to keep all of that water out too. And it is pretty low profile as well with the toolbox, we're losing a little bit of the rail space, but with the tonneau cover, we're not. So if you're like me and you like to talk after maybe around a golf or maybe after a long day at work, but you still have these rails to sit and relax.The Access Tonneau Cover gives you quick and easy access because all you got to do is just grab this little string here, pull that down, one hand, that's all you got to do.

And then you can go ahead and roll all this up, just like that. So you can go ahead and if you're going on a trip and you want to keep your bed open, whether you have contents in there or you just like it better that way, we have these little straps and they're just going to click right at the back of the cover on both sides and we can adjust this. I can actually roll it over one more time, maybe we can go ahead and tighten this up. It's going to hold this back on here and just grab this and bring it forward. Nice and tight.

Just like that.With the tonneau cover rolled up, we can get a closer look at our rails. So these are going to be made of an aerospace grade aluminum. So they're not going to rust away over time. And even the clamps are made of this aerospace grade aluminum, which is great. So they're not going to rust.

It's going to be easy to take on and off if you need to, but it looks good. So you don't really have to. And we do have a powder-coated finish too. So it gives a nice little look, blends in with the side rail colors on our Silverado.If you're tired of having to choose between a tonneau cover or a toolbox, etrailer has got a solution for you, the Access Tonneau Cover, it works just as well as any other soft, roll-up tonneau cover, but it just makes your truck to be able to do more. And that's something I like because trucks are made for working. And it also looks really good too.And that just about does it for our look at the Access Toolbox Edition Soft, Roll-Up Tonneau Cover. And I'm Adam with etrailer.

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