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Review of the A-iPower Pressure Washer

Hey guys! It's Jake here with etrailer. Today, we're going to be taking a look at the A-iPower Pressure Washer. This is going to be a 2700 PSI pressure washer that's going to help you convert that standard hose pressure into pressurized water to be able to wash different things like your RV, your siding, or maybe your sidewalks at your house.Now, right away, you're going to notice that this pressure washer's going to be very small in size, but I will not say that it has anything to do with the amount of pressure that it's going to dispense. A lot of times, with power washers or pressure washers, we want to get as much power as possible because we want the job to be effortless. I can tell you this is going to get the job done without damaging anything.The pressure washer is going to come with three tips which is very convenient because a lot of them will only come with the one tip which is going to be very similar to our 25-degree angle but with this kit, you're going to get a 0-degree angle which is going to be your straight line, high pressure wash, your 25-degree which is going to be more of your fan design. That's what you're going to want to use on your siding or your vehicle or on your concrete sidewalks.

And then you're also going to have a soap nozzle, which I like. It's going to be a feature that you're going to add a hose onto the back end of the pump. It's going to siphon out of a soap jug and blend it in with the stream and apply a nice, even amount of soap on whatever surface you may be washing.Now the engine on this pressure washer is going to be a 196 CC motor, which is going to come out to about 6.5 horsepower, so that's going to be more than enough power to be able to drive that pump on the backside. Now, here on the back, you're going to see our direct drive pump. The difference between this and any other pump you might see on a pressure washer is that it's going to come straight off the drive shaft of our motor and with this direct drive system, the pressure is going to be maximized because the pump pistons are going to move at the same speed as the engine is.

We're going to have copper heads on all of our fittings, and the entire pump itself is going to have a full aluminum body, so you're not going to have to worry about any rust or corrosion when it comes to introducing all that water to it.Up here on the top, you'll see we have a nice soft foam handle so that even when it does get wet, it's going to give you a superior grip to a rubber handle for when you need to tote your power washer around on the convenient wheels. On the side here, you'll see that we have a holder for our gun. We can slide out handle in there, and then on the back it has a nice, convenient spot to be able to put our hose when we're not using it.The gas tank and the motor itself are going to have a nice, cherry red powder coat to it and the handle is going to have a gray powder coat. These are going to both help the frame itself to stay nice and rust-free over time of frequent introduction to water. Now, let's go ahead and go over how to get everything set up, get it fired up, and let's wash some things.We'll go ahead and show you how to set it up right out of the box.

More then likely, you're probably going to leave it assembled and stow it in your garage during the winter or the seasons that you're not using it. We'll take one end of our easy connect hose, slide it in, and thread on our collar. Make sure you make this good and tight so you don't have any leaks. Then we'll take the other end of our hose, connect it to the bottom of our handle, same thing, twist it on, again, make sure it's good and tight so you don't have any leaks, and finally, take the end of our nozzle, and thread it in to the half way point of our handle.They do have nut here if you can't get it hand-tight enough or your hands are wet or soapy. You can put a wrench on there and tighten it up.

I don't like to do that because I don't want to risk damaging the threads and we'll take this protective rubber collar and slide it over top.To get it started, you do want to make sure that you follow the directions and put the appropriate amount of oil in your oil reservoir down here in the bottom of your motor. And then, it will hold about a gallon of fuel, so you'll want to put some premium, unleaded fuel in your tank. Then we'll simply turn our switch on, make sure that our fuel is on and our choke is in the start position. There's a start and a run. You want to start it in the start position, and then turn it to run. If you have been running it, you can just start it in the run position. It's probably better for the motor, anyway. We'll take out handle, give it a pull.Now, you do want to make sure when starting your pressure washer that your water is turned on because it's motor and pump are designed to start and run with your water already running to it. You can see, we have more than enough power to be able to get that kind of pressure we need to get some tough dirt and grime off of our RV here. Let's go ahead and show you how it works on concrete. So you can see here, on our concrete, we do have a little bit of a dark mark. We'll see if we can't get it off with that 25-degree angle.Now that we've showed you how it works by itself with just water, we'll go ahead and show you how to use the soap nozzle. What you'll do, is you'll take a soapy solution. Here we have an RV cleaner. It's going to be a wash and wax combo type of soap. We do have this here at etrailer. I have used it before. It does do a pretty good job. You'll take your filter and slide it down inside the solution and then take the other end and hook it to the top of this brass fitting on top of the pump. What's going to happen is as the water goes past this tube, it's going to siphon the solution out, go through the pump and come out of end of the nozzle.Now here we have the black tip on, which is going to be our soap dispensing tip. This is going to be a nice feature to be able to put a nice, even coating of soap on your RV or on your vehicle or on the side of your house. We're not going to have to worry about ever getting that bucket of soap and water out ever again with the use of this tip. And what we'll do is we'll let this sit for a little bit, then we'll come back with our green nozzle and wash it all off.One of my favorite things to use this power washer by A-iPower for is going to be when you pair it with the Griot's Garage Foam Cannon. For the foam cannon, you're going to want to have the Foaming Surface Cleaner. This is going to put a nice layer of foam to stick to the side of our camper in order to clean it. Then after you put that layer of foam on, you're going to want to let it sit there for about three to five minutes in order to let it work, soften some of the dirt, before you rinse it off.Now, you'll known when you have the right consistency of foam when it's got about the consistency of whipped cream. But you do want to make sure that you do not let it dry on the side of your RV. You'll have a big old mess after that.You do want to be sure to make sure that you get all the soap off. The best way to find that out is if you run the power washer up against it's own stream, there will be no more bubble created on the side of your vehicle, your house, or your RV. Now, one thing to keep in mind, if you find that when your RV or your vehicle or your house we're to dry, and it still has a lot of the, the silty dirt sunk into the paint or on your siding, you may want to take a light-bristled brush or a soft-bristle brush against it in order to get that tough, stuck on dirt off.Just a few maintenance tips to go over with you guys. On either side of the motor, there's going to be an oil fill. The oil fill that is closer to the open side, to where you're on/off switch is at, that's where your oil cap is going to have your dip stick in it. When your first, initially filling it up, and when you're refilling it, you're going to want to fill the oil to about when it starts touching the threads on the inside of the reservoir and then you simply put your cap back on, twist it all the way on, and then twist it back off to be able to check the level on the dip stick.Another maintenance, is going to be your air filter. Air filter's going to be underneath this wing nut. Lift off the cap and you'll simply take this other wing nut off and use a light air source to be able to blow out any dust or dirt that might be in your air filter. Simply replace the wing nut to secure the cap.This is where your spark plug's going to be located. When you're going through your routine maintenance, it's a good idea to check your spark plug to make sure it's operating correctly. It is going to come with a spark plug tool to be able to remove it, to replace it with a new one.Another nice feature, because this is going to be a unit that the whole motor is going to vibrate, the motor itself is going to be separated from the frame by rubber feet and there's going to be a rubber foot on the front of the entire stand. So, you notice when I'm shaking the whole stand, the motor is going to shake independently. This is going to cut down on the vibrations and make sure that your pressure washer's going to sit still while you're using it.Now, another feature I like about this pressure washer is that because it is compact in size, and they have one more feature that's going to help you to, help you to get it into a smaller vehicle. So, what you do, is you push on these two spring-loaded pins, you'll pull this handle off, and it's going to compact into the size and the height of your gas tank, so it makes it nice and easy to put it in the trunk of your car or in the back of your SUV if you need to haul it somewhere.Well guys, with all that being said, I hope you enjoyed the review of the A-iPower Pressure Washer.

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