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2012 Acura MDX Review

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Review of the 2012 Acura MDX

Today were looking at the 2012 Acura MDX. Despite its super handling all wheel drive, youre probably not taking it off-roading every weekend, but what you are doing is hauling your bicycles, skis, luggage, and kids on a daily basis. Because life gets messy, youll want to maintain the integrity of your MDX, protective floor mats will ensure that your vehicles interior stays the way you left it, clean. Stuffing everything in and on top of your MDX like a nomadic luggage herder rarely works out without the help of a cargo carrier, especially if youve chosen to use the MDXs third row seat. Ive chosen the hitch mounted cargo carrier because it has a higher weight capacity and its easier to mount. Since I use my bikes a lot, to make things easier I put them on the roof so I wont have to choose between taking my bikes or my extra luggage, and the same goes if you ski or snowboard.

Hitch mounted bike racks are also available to use with your MDX and with those youll have the option of a ski and snowboard adapter for your bike rack. Plus if you use a roof-mounted cargo carrier you can bring your extra luggage. You wont always be hauling the small stuff though; the MDXs 6,000-pound towing capacity means you will be able to tow another MDX if you want. But, you still need a brake controller and a weight distribution system for your MDX to safely tow heavy loads. The brake controller will use your trailers brakes to share the braking process, which means a longer life for your MDXs brakes and shorter and safer stops.

A high trailer weight puts a great deal of stress on your MDXs rear axle, frame, hitch, and its suspension, weight that causes the rear of your vehicle to sag drastically. The result of using a weight distribution system is that your MDX will be level with your trailer, the ride will be smoother, the trailer will track better, and youll have the ability to use the maximum towing capacity, with the proper hitch of course. Whether youre a thrill seeker or just seeking out a playground, youve likely looked at the 2012 MDX, which is actually equipped with one of the most powerful engines Acura has ever created. That means you can hold a family and all their stuff without having to worry. Plus the Acuras four-tune suspension means body roll is a non-issue.

Ive loaded down the MDX with my bike, two cargo carriers, and a trunk full of luggage and trying to tell the difference in acceleration and handling has been pointless because the Acura MDX has been great regardless. So, good luck, and thats all for the 2012 Acura MDX.