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etrailer Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly Installation

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How to Install the etrailer Trailer Hub and Drum Assembly

Speaker 1: Today, we're going to be taking a look at and showing you how install the trailer hub and drum assembly for 5,200-pound and 6,000-pound E-Z Lube axles. That's going to be a 12-inch assembly with a 6 on 5 1/2-inch bolt pattern. That's going to be part number AKHD-655-6-EZ-K. Here's what our hub and drum assembly is going to look like once we have it installed. These are going to work with hydraulic or electric brakes and it's going to fit 5,200 and 6,000-pound E-Z Lube axles. Now, the E-Z Lube axles are going to be the axles that right here, if I take this cover off, we'll see there's going to be a grease fitting right at the end of the axle.

Now, the E-Z Lube cap as well as the dust cover is going to make lubing up the bearings a lot easier and simpler since we're not going to have to disassemble the whole hub to get some grease in there.Now, the drum is going to provide a surface area for our shoes on our brakes to grip onto whenever our brakes are activated. Our drums have an iron construction with a zinc enriched paint coating on it, so it's going to add to the durability. As well as zinc-coated bolts are going to help resist corrosion. Here's a look at the inside of our hub and drum assembly. Around the edge here, this is going to be where our pads are going to contact and create our friction to stop our trailer.

As you can see, is going to have a nice smooth surface. There's not going to be any gouges. It's going to be a lot of nice machining in there, and then if you are using an electric brake assembly, this smooth machine surface here is where that magnet's going to ride and that's what's going to activate the brakes.Now the seal, the inner and outer bearings are included and the races are pre installed on there, so we're not going to have to worry about that. Our hub and drum is going to work with a 12-inch brake assembly and the bolt pattern is going to be 6 on 5 1/2. Now, another nice feature is that it is going to include all new lug nuts, so if you're looking for hub and drum assembly for your trailer, these are going to be a great option.

Now, we do carry a full line of different sizes and different brands of hub and drum assemblies, but the biggest differences with this hub and drum assembly, is inaudible 00:02:14 give you a lot of the same features that some of those higher end ones have, for a very economical price point. To start out, we're going to go ahead and remove our drums so we can pull off this cap. Let's take a rubber mallet or we're going to tap it until it can come off.Put the cap aside for now. Now, on the top of the nut here, we're going to clean some of the grease off because there's going to be a retaining clip that's holding it in place. Just take a shop towel and wipe off some of the excess grease so we can find that retaining clip.

You want to grab a flathead screwdriver. There's going to be a tab that's going to be in between the two channels here on the nut itself. We're going to bend that tab down so that we can actually turn the nut and take it off. You want to be careful because our brake assembly is not going to come with a nut . retaining nut or washer, so you want to keep this hardware so we can reinstall it. Next, I'm going to grab a pair of channel locks and we're . grab the nut and just loosely turn it so it will unlock it. Then we can take it off by hand the rest of the way.Then we can pull off that retaining plate. We're going to pull this off and set it aside. And then if you need to, again, grab a flathead screwdriver and we're going to pull that washer off that's right behind it. We're going to grab the back of the hub, slowly pull back, and we'll set the hub aside as well. We got our new hub and drum assembly, and it does come with the races pre-installed as well as the race for the inner bearing right here. All we're going to need to do is pack the bearings and put the seal in place. We're going to be using a bearing packer. Let's put our bearing in place. We can take the top, just want to gently work it back and forth while pushing down. It's going to work that grease from the bottom up into the bearing.So you can see the grease is actually coming through the bearing so we know it's full of grease and it never hurts just to take a little bit of the excess and go around, make sure it got all the way in there. If we flip our drum over, we're going to take our inner bearing, which is going to be the larger of the two. You want to make sure that that cone shape is going towards the outside. We're going to drop it in place, and it's going to sit right inside that race right there. Then we can take our seal, that's going to go right over the bearing we just put in. Now, normally you would use a seal driver to put it in place. If you don't have a seal driver and you don't want to pick one up, you can use a block of wood to drive that seal in place.You're just going to want to run your finger around the edge to make sure it's all nice and even. Now, just for good measure, I'm going to clean the end of the axle off nice and good. Just get all that old grease off, in case there's any kind of contaminants inside of it. We'll just take some fresh, clean grease. I'm going to apply it right to the axle shaft, making it slide a little bit easier when I put my hub and drum assembly back in place, and also I don't have to use so much grease when I go to fill it up on the E-Z Lube . on the end there. Then we can take our drum assembly, we're going to slide it over, going to slide it on, make sure that it's seated all the way back on the axle. Then we can take our outer bearing and slide it into place, make sure that's pushed in all the way.We're going to take our large flat washer, going to line up the notch on the end of the axle with the washer, then we can take our keeper ring, put that back in place, and then thread the nut back on as well. WE can come back with those channel locks. We're going to tighten up the nut on the end, until it's nice and snug. Once we get that nice and tight, we're going to back it off just a little bit so we can see that that little keeper pin in there . that little notch . is right before this notch in our nut. Again, we're just going to back it off just a little bit, until inaudible 00:07:12 get that keeper in line in one of the notches. Then we can take our flathead screwdriver, and we're going to bend it back up, preventing that nut from turning. It's always a good idea to go ahead and come to the fitting here at the end. We're going to fill it up with grease.When you're filling it up, you're just looking for a little bit of grease to start coming out around the edge of the bearing there. That's when you know that you're going to have enough grease and it's completely full. Now our hub and drum assembly is going to come with the new grease cap. We can just put it over the end of our axle here. I'm going to take a rubber mallet and loosely just going around the cap, tap it into place. Our kit's going to even come with a new rubber cover for the cap so that whenever we do need to grease it, we can just pop it out and our grease fitting will be right there. With this hub and drum assembly in place, we're going to go ahead and repeat that for the other remaining positions. That'll finish up your look at the trailer hub and drum assembly for 5,200 and 6,000-pound E-Z Lube axles. .That's going to be part number AKHD-655-6-EZ-K.

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