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Powerhouse PH2700PRi Portable Generator Manufacturer Review

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Manufacturer Review of the Powerhouse PH2700PRi Portable Generator

From the camp site to the job site, the 2700 represents the ideal combination of power and economy. It features a full 2700 watts of power and the convenience of a remote electric start. Its ideal for high demand startup surges of many home appliances like refrigerators and ceiling fans, or hand tools like circular saws and electric chain saws. It has a built in carry handle as well as two wheels and a retractable wheelie handle for optional and easy transportation. It has a powerful 5.1 horsepower, four stroke engine which delivers up to seven hours of running time on 1.4 gallons of fuel. The 2700 is also parallel ready, which allows you to connect it to a second unit to deliver up to 5200 watts of power.

It includes two keys and a remote key fob to operate the remote electric start from up to 75 feet away. All Powerhouse generators are inverter equipped to deliver clean, quiet, portable power that is safe for sensitive electronics. They carry all necessary environmental and safety certifications for all markets in the United States and Canada, making them among the safest backup power providers for people and the environment. Powerhouse generators have a low oil shutoff mechanism that will shut the unit down if the oil level is too low. This protects the unit from damage because of inadequate lubrication.

They also have a built in fuel economy switch that allows the generators to operate at variable speeds depending on the load, or 100% full power. They feature exclusive inverter protect which bypasses the inverter in the event of an overload, allowing the engine to continue running. They are quiet enough to make them ideal for camping or recreation, and nearly all models meet National Parks Service Guidelines for campground use. Powerhouse generators include a quick start guide to make set up and start up fast and easy, and an owners manual for detailed information. They include an accessory kit consisting of an oil jug, oil drain extension, 12 volt charge cable, spare spark plug and plug wrench, and a spare fuse to get you up and running right out of the box.Powerhouse generators.

Powering life in the great outdoors.