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Lomax Folding Hard Tonneau Cover Manufacturer Review

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Manufacturer Review of the Lomax Folding Hard Tonneau Cover

Speaker 1: ACI proudly introduces the Lomax Hard Tri-fold Cover. Made from durable aluminum, the cover sits less than half an inch above the truck bed, combining strength and style. It's easy to operate. Simply pull the release cord to unlock and fold each panel to stack neatly at the front of your truck bed. Use the integrated storage clips to lock the Lomax securely in place. The Lomax hard tri-fold is weather sealed from the elements and built to last.

Extruded aluminum channels support the panels to keep the cover flat and rigid.To close, release storage clips and use built in handles to unfold panels. Cover automatically secures to the rails at ten points when closed, keeping your cargo protected and out of site. The Lomax hard tri-fold cover. A new kind of low profile. Speaker 2: It's a piece of cake.

Position the side rail with front catch towards the front of box. Push the rail forward until it touches the front of the box. Adjust rail flush with top of the box and hold in place. Install the first clamp as close to the front as possible. It is important to make sure the clamp's teeth engage the grooves on the rail.

With rail flush and level with the top of the truck bed, install the two middle clamps, making sure they are equally spaced from front to rear.Next, install the rear clamp towards the back of the truck. When done, torque all clamps to 20 foot pounds. Repeat this process to install rail on opposite side. Now install the Tonneau cover. Place the leading edge of the tri-fold cover onto the rails.

Slide cover hooks underneath the front catch on each side. With cover hooks engaged, lower the cover and engage latch containment bracket on each side. Unhook storage clips and unfold cover. Latches will automatically engage each side rail. Close the tailgate and experience what a hard Tonneau cover should be, with the Lomax Hard Tri-Fold Cover.To remove Lomax, fold cover using build in handles and secure using the integrated storage clips. Once secure, pull cord on front panel and slightly lift the rear of folded assembly. Slide the hard Tonneau cover back to disengage hooks and remove from truck. Reinstalling the Lomax hard cover is just as easy. Place the leading edge of the hard cover onto the rails. Slide Lomax cover forward to engage hooks, then lower latches into retainer brackets and unfold. You can also remove and re-install the Lomax Hard Tri-Fold cover with two people.

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