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Manufacturer Demo of the Flex-a-lite Transmission Coolers

Chris Duke: I'm Chris Duke and today we're talking about how to better cool your transmission with Flex-a-lite's advanced transmission coolers. Now, if you've never thought twice about your transmission cooler, I'm going to show you why you would need one and why Flex-a-lite's high quality coolers are the best choice for you to cool down your transmission.Now if your vehicle came from the factory with one, you might be thinking, "Why the heck do I need another one. Isn't mine good enough" Well, it just depends on how hard you push your vehicle. If you've modified your vehicle to increase performance, or you tow a lot, or maybe you just live in a really hot climate, then you can benefit greatly by adding a Flex-a-Lite transmission cooler.Now if your transmission fluid gets too hot, it can lead to premature wear and eventually failure. And this, you don't want my friends. Now, when the transmission fluid gets too hot, it can't do its job of lubricating, protecting internal components, and operating at top performance.

Pretty much any vehicle that you tow with can benefit from additional cooling.You can also add a Flex-a-Lite transmission cooler in addition to a factory cooler. You just plug the Flex-a-lite cooler in after the factory cooler. Now that you know why you should have one, let me show you the best ones that you can get and why they are the best in the industry.Flex-a-Lite's transmission coolers are in a class by themselves because of their patented, dimple plate technology. We'll dive into that in a second. The transmission coolers are a stacked plate design, manufactured so that their aluminum plates are stacked together, and embrace to form a single unit.

And because they are a hundred percent aluminum, they are lightweight, very strong, and rigid. So strong and rigid that they have a 500 PSI burst strength. In other words, if you've got that kind of pressure in your transmission cooler, you've got bigger problems, but your Flex-a-Lite cooler won't be one of them.These coolers use a patented dimple plate design that keeps the fluid mixed as it flows through the transmission cooler. These strategically located dimples provide better heat transfer and improved cooling. Without this cool tech, a cooler outer layer fluid would form near the to wall and hot fluid would pass through the middle without receiving significant cooling.

As a result, Flex-a-lite's, dimpled plate transmission coolers provide nearly double the heat rejection compared to low cost coolers.The design of Flex-a-lite's transmission coolers also minimizes oil pressure drop. For reference, the oil pressure drop of a low cost transmission cooler is nearly 2.5 times greater than Flex-a-Lite's. This is important because the transmission operates on fluid pressure and you want the least restriction possible. If there's too much drop in transmission fluid pressure, then the clutches and bands inside the transmission could slip and cause damage.Available for a variety of applications, their flanges at the top and bottom allow for an easy mounting solution. Flex-a-lite offers a variety of sizes of coolers to accommodate a variety of applications from small cars to heavy duty pickup trucks that are used for towing.Flex-a-lite's transmission coolers are available with three eighths inch barb fittings or dash six AN.

Three eighths inch barb fittings are ideal for vehicles that use a rubber hose for connection. Other threaded dash six AN fittings are for performance vehicles using braided steel hose.You can also get their transmission cooler that comes with a Flex-a-lite electric fan pre-mounted. You can mount these in front of the radiator, underneath the vehicle, on a roll cage, or even on the back of a race car. Really, you can mount them anywhere you want because they have a built in supply of air flow.When it comes to cooling or transmission in tough environments, Flex-a-lite coolers provide class leading cooling to all demanding applications. Flex-a-lite has been in the performance cooling business for more than 50 years. Their light of advanced transmission coolers raises the bar considerably.

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