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Bestop Pet Barrier Manufacturer Review

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Manufacturer Review of the Bestop Pet Barrier

Anybody who has got a dog knows that a dog barrier is very useful. Keeps them from jumping in the front seat and eating your French fries, keeps the dog safe, and what most of us do is go with some sort of generic, one-size-fits-all design like this. It may work all right but they work using friction which has two big problems for the Jeep world. The first problem is that as soon as you go off-road, your truck flexes a little bit, and that thing falls down and smacks your dog in the head. The second big problem with the Wrangler, you can't push that up against the soft top. Bestop needed to come up with a different solution and we've got Rick here to explain exactly how that's going to work. This is the Pet Barrier for Bestop.Rick: That's right.

This one's designed to fit the Four Door JK Unlimited. They come easy to assemble in just a couple of pieces, custom designed to fit behind the seats. They mount with a couple of hard mounted brackets to make sure it's secure and doesn't fall down.Go to the website or the catalog and make sure you get the exact one to fit your Jeep because these are so custom fit, they're the opposite of universal.Rick: That's right.How hard to put in We don't need this. Is there any reason why we need this dog barrierRick: After securing all the brackets, it's nice and strong. Originally designed to European safety standards to prevent any intrusion into the passenger area.This would actually work well on the trail for just keeping your luggage in the back.Rick: Keeps everything secure and off the back of your head.This is, I mean ...Rick: It's solid.That's nice.

Let's see if we can get the dog in there. Watch your toes. Rick, thanks very much for explaining this to us. Let's put the top back on this Jeep so I can actually keep this dog inside.Rick: You've got it. .

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Hi there, I was wondering if your company sells any barriers for a 2019 Ford F-250 with a crew cab, to go in behind the front seat. I am looking for a barrier to separate my dogs from the front and back seat, that do not get along when we are camping. Thank you!

Etrailer Expert
Reply from Chris R.

The best option we have for your Ford F-250 is a more universal setup like the Canine Cover # DPB001BK . This will just hook up between the two front seats of your truck to provide a soft barrier between them and the backseat. Hopefully it's enough to keep the peace between your two pups. There isn't a custom hard barrier available like the one shown in the video for your F-250.

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