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Manufacturer Review - Demco Autoslide 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch

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Manufacturer Review - Demco Autoslide 5th Wheel Trailer Hitch

Hello neighbors, it's Brad here at etrailer, and today we are actually in the parking lot of etrailer as we have our Tow Day. So this is a chance to talk with vendors, see some products that might be new, and just what's interesting, and luckily, I'm here with Jeff who works for Demco, and he's gonna be the expert here with the Autoslide. So we're gonna take a look at this. This is gonna be a great option for you short bed truck owners, and it's gonna allow you to slide, that way you're not smacking the cab corners on your truck in those turns. So Jeff, tell us a little bit about it. Hi, yes, this is our 18K- Well, what's shown here is our 21K Autoslide, we also offer a 18K Autoslide, and we also offer a 13K Autoslide, depending on what you're towing, and basically what vehicle you're towing with.

The 13K, it's not shown here, but what it's designed for is your 5 1/2 foot beds. So if you have a truck with a 5 1/2 foot bed, you wanted the crew cab, so you wanted more room in the cab, but you wanted something to fit in your garage, a lot of times a 5 1/2 foot bed might be your choice, but then all of a sudden, your camper doesn't exactly quite work. It can't do 90 degree turns, the bulkhead ends up hitting the back window, can knock your back window out, can cause all kinds of issues. So we at Demco designed some Autoslides. Again, that 13K not shown here, but what it does is when you turn, the head automatically will go 2 3/4 from side-to-side, so it gives you a little more clearance, but then the Travel, it has two openings instead of the one here, and it'll go to the one side, and then Travel 22 1/2 inches front-to-back.

So what that allows you is you do a. On most applications, a 90 degree turn with a 5 1/2 foot bed. We're the only one in the marketplace that makes one for the 5 1/2 foot bed, and that gives you that much Travel, 22 1/2 inches plus the side-to-side of the head. What makes ours stand out a little bit from our competition beyond that, is our heads. It doesn't matter if you're buying a stationary head, or excuse me, a hitch from Demco, or an Autoslide or a Manual Slide, ours come with all the same heads, so there's really no difference in the heads.

What we do differently than our competition, we do a 360 jaw system. So it's kinda hard to see when it moves fast, but as you can see, that's cut out, and this will come over the top of that. So it comes over, so you got a complete 360 plus then the locking bar. So you have a solid 2 1/2 inches of steel that protect that king pin from coming detached. We actually had an end consumer send us a photo once of a rollover that he had with his trucking camper.

The camper rolled over with the truck, they had the tow truck come out, flip the truck back over, the camper flipped back over with it, never disconnected. So that tells you how strong that bar and that 360 jaw system is. And again, we do that on every hitch that Demco offers. What's unique about the Autoslide versus our standard one, we call 'em wings. So we, we add these wings to it, and then we add these capture plates. So what these capture plates do, it captures the pin box, and so when you turn, it automatically turns the head. When the head turns, it automatically follows the track, and it'll go up to 14 inches back. So if you slightly turn, you're gonna get a little movement back, you do a 90 degree turn to a gas station, your campsite, it'll do the full 14 inches of Travel. That is for your 6 1/2 foot bed trucks, and that'll work on most applications you get a 90 degree turn out of. So that's unique. Also if you have any clearance issues on the rails of your truck, if you have a tunnel cover, got a little lip that's sticking up, it also offers three height positions. So it's basically on the side plates here. So when you get ready to install it, and do your initial install, these three holes are your height positions. So right now it's in the middle, so you can raise it to the higher position, or you can lower it to the lower position. You want the camper and the truck as level as possible going down the highway, so you don't get some squirliness out of the tow. So that's kinda unique to us too, the height adjustment. This one's showing on a standard industry, standard rail system. We now offer the 18K and 21K that you can buy specifically for the GM that has the factory puck system, you can buy it for the Ford with the factory puck system, and you can buy it for the Ram with the factory puck system. So instead of having the rail system, these sides will have the silvers that actually go down in the factory puck system and then it's good to go. It's easy install, no brackets necessary, no rails necessary, and when you take the hitch out, what's nice, you're gonna have a nice clean bed with no rails. Very nice. This one is showing with rails, we do sell our hitches with or without rails, so if you already had a hitch, and you're upgraded to a different. to a Demco hitch, and you already have industry standard rails, you can use your rails, our hitch will drop right in there. Beautiful. If you do have our hitch already, and you upgrade your truck, and you get one with the OE puck system, you can actually buy the puck system separately, and make that a puck install as well, so try to make it easy for the end consumer, easy for the installers, that type of thing, and we feel we've done a pretty good job at that. So that is our Autoslide. And this definitely fills a nice spot in the market because I've seen trucks with the shorter beds come in, and unfortunately the cab corners are smashed in, and you do that once, and that's enough to go, "Shoot," and so, maybe hard to go out and get a long bed truck. This is gonna be an awesome option that way you can get that clearance that you need. YeahVery nice. Well Jeff, thank you very much, and hopefully this helps you see some good options if you have that short bed, and that way you're not damaging your cab corners, or if you have your long bed, you have as an option as well. So thanks for watching. Appreciate it. Thank you. Thank you..

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