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MagnaFlow Exhaust Installation - 2005 GMC Sierra

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How to Install a MagnaFlow Exhaust System on a 2005 GMC Sierra

Alright, today on this 2005 GMC Sierra we are going to install part number MF15841. Alright the first thing we need to do is go ahead and start getting the truck ready to install the exhaust. What we did is removed the spare tire. You do not have to do that but it makes things a lot easier to get to. It makes everything easier to see as well. Now we also have to remove the exhaust. So what we are going to do first off is go ahead and start removing the rubber hangers from the exhaust and also the bolts that connect the exhaust to the catalytic converter up front. So we are going to loosen these up first. That way, it puts less stress on the pipes up front when we disconnect the exhaust. Now you want to spray these down really go with a type of penetrant so you do not break the bolts. OK, we have that one loose. 1:05

We have the nuts removed. Let us go ahead and push it back if you can and just kind of push it out of the way. There we go. Let us work our way to the back of the truck and we will disconnect the rubber hangers along the way. Alright, we will apply some lubricant to the hangers as well to help remove them. And we will just get them off any way we can. Put a block behind there to have something to push against and we will just pry them off. Now try not to damage the hanger because we will be reusing this hanger with the new exhaust as well. The first one is done. Let us go ahead and continue on down the line. Now also what we did after undid the hanger, we actually put a strap back up to hold everything in place because once this falls down it only has one hanger to go. And take a look at the tailpipe. It just keeps it from doing any harm to the body work. Now we will go ahead and move on to our last hanger. There we go. Alright, now we have the exhaust totally disconnected. It is just laying on the axle now. Pull it towards the back, get the flange away from the cross member. Then we will take the whole exhaust off as one unit, going past over top of the axle. 2:17

Alright, let us go ahead and start installing the intermediate pipe first and work our way back. We will just slide it into position roughly. Reinstall the original hardware. And we can go ahead and tighten it down as well. Alright, we are actually using a very long extension to get access to the hardware. It makes it a lot easier so you have more room to work with as well. Now working on our tailpipe, what you have to do is a little bit of preassembly first. This is going to be the hanger for the tailpipe itself. The tailpipe is going to slide through. We have the rubber hanger of course. And then we have this hanger which is going to go to an existing hole inside of the frame. Now the frame is going to be sandwiched between these two washers right here. And we can adjust the height as needed. Loosely assemble this first and install it on the vehicle frame. Then we will slide the tailpipe into place. Alright, let us go ahead and move on to the muffler itself. Put the 3 inch clamp on first. It is the only 3 inch one in the kit. And then we will slide on the muffler. And then we will just run our clamp over it and just leave it loose. Next we will go ahead and install the driver side extension pipe. That is the one with the exhaust hanger welded on to it. 3:35

Install the 2-1/2 inch clamp now. And we will slide the drive side pipe into place. Alright, we will just push these together. We added a little bit of lubricant to make it a little bit easier as well. And we will just go ahead and just loosely install the flat washer on top and a flange nut, just enough to take up the gap. Now, we will take another 2.5 clamp and we will slide it on to our tailpipe and then slide it on to the previous pipe. And then the second hanger will slide on from the end. And we will do a quick test fit to see which way we need to orient it. Ok, let us put everything back together. Alright, to hold everything in position we will just go ahead and use a strap, just to hold it up for us. Let us go ahead and get our hardware for this clamp right here, the gold anodized bolt, flat washer and then the flange nut on top. Ok, we have our driver side pretty much laid out the way we want it. Now we will go ahead and go over to the passenger side and repeat the same process same hangers, same material. It is just a little bit different pipe and that is it. 5:08

At this point, we have everything lined up the way we want it. Let us go ahead and snug down everything and make sure everything stays in alignment. And then if everything stays, fine, great. We can torque everything down or make adjustments as needed. Once you have everything snugged down, sitting the way you like it, go ahead and torque down all of the clamps. Let us go ahead and slide on the tips now. Just slide the clamp on first and then the tip. And again, you want to arrange these any way you see fit. It is personal preference. And then once you have them the way you want them, go ahead and just clamp them down into place. And then you are finished with the install. Now let us go ahead and listen to what it sounds like. There you have it for part number MF15841.

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