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Yakima StickUp 2 Hitch Bike Rack Review - 2013 Ford Escape

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Review of the Yakima StickUp 2 Hitch Bike Rack on a 2013 Ford Escape

Today on our 2013 Ford Escape well be test fitting the Yakima Stickup two bike carrier, part number Y02420. To begin our test fit well slide the shank of the carrier into the opening of the hitch, line up the hitch pin holes, thread our anti-rattle bolt through the pin holes and tighten with a wrench. With our bike carrier secure to the vehicle well go ahead and go over a few clearance measurements to see how the bike carrier and this vehicle will fit together. Theres about 12 inches of ground clearance. The closest part of the vehicle to the closest part of the carrier is about two and a half inches from the vehicle at the rear bumper. With the platform folded up weve added about 15 inches to the overall length of the vehicle.

Well then pull the red knob from the base of the carrier to tilt the platform down and well measure from the cargo door to the end of the platform and well get a measurement of 33 inches. With the platform folded down we will easily have access to our cargo area. To load the bike well unfold the mast, put the frame hooks to the top of the mast and well undo the tray straps. Well set the bike into the wheel trays, adjust the frame hooks tightly against the frame and secure with the straps. That completes our test fit of the Yakima Stickup two bike carrier, part number Y02420 on 2013 Ford Escape..