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Yakima StageTwo 2 Bike Rack Review - 2020 Ford Escape

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Review of the Yakima StageTwo 2 Bike Rack on a 2020 Ford Escape

Hey everyone, Charles here at Etrailer, and today we're taking a look at the Yakima Stage two, two-bike platform rack here on our 2020 Ford Escape. This is a heavy duty bike rack that can carry your heavy duty bikes. You have a 70 pound weight capacity per bike, so, it's gonna be great for your heavy electric bikes. And we also have an added ramp that you can get additionally to help make your bike loading and unloading a little bit easier. But since it is a front wheel mount this is also gonna be great for your carbon fiber frame bikes, as well as, anything with an odd-shaped frame bike as well. One of the great features about this rack is that you can tilt it away with the bikes loaded on there, and I like where the handle is at to tilt it away, it's right here.

You don't have to go through the middle to take it off, but we just pull on that lever, tilt it down, and now we can access our hatch to grab our helmets maybe sit there, change our shoes, whatever we need. Our tray's here, we have a thin groove that's gonna accommodate your road bikes a little bit better. And out of the box you can accommodate a wheel size of 3 1/4 inches. Even though this is 5 inches wide, you'll have to purchase an additional rear wheel strap to carry your fat bikes. Built into the frame holds is a lock.

Just stores nice and neat right in there. And to take the bike off, we're gonna start with the rear wheel strap. Just gonna undo that. And then keeping a hand on the bike, we can now push this button, lift up, throw that out of the way. And now our bike is free.

The trays are, kind of, stadium tiered, so, it's gonna help make loading the bikes a little bit easier without anything rubbing up against each other. And this is a pretty long bike rack. So, from the bumper to the end of the rack, it's gonna be about 36 inches off the back. So, something to keep in mind when you're backing up. And the ground clearance to the bottom of this handle, it's about 23 1/2 inches.

And from the shank, it's gonna be about 10 1/2 inches. Just another thing to keep in mind when you're going up those steep hills and driveways. And we could use the same handle to fold the rack up in a more compact position. And so now from the bumper to the furthest point of the rack, it's gonna be about 11 1/4 inches, and the closest point is gonna be about 3 inches. Our taillights and windshield are visible, but our license plate's gonna be covered, and so is our backup camera. But if that's gonna be an issue, then you can always ride with this thing folded down. Over here we have our 2 inch shank that fits into our 2 inch hitch receiver. Comes with a pin, but this is a tool free installation, with the anti-rattle locking device. And this also matches the same key that is for your cable lock as well. So, once you tighten this down, you can give it a shake, and you can see how the whole vehicle is moving ensuring its secure connection. And that was a look on the Yakima Stage two, two-bike platform rack here on our 2020 Ford Escape..

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