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Yakima Roof Rack Installation - 2021 Toyota 4Runner

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How to Install the Yakima Roof Rack on a 2021 Toyota 4Runner

Hey guys, welcome to I'm Bobby. And today we're taking a look at our Yakima JetStream 60 inch crossbar on our 2021 Toyota 4Runner. Now right away, you can kind of see this gives us a really nice sleek look here. It looks really good and it's gonna allow us to haul anything we want from bike carriers to cargo carriers on the top of our roof. Bear in mind, it does have 165 pound weight capacity.

So be sure if you're kind of putting any weight up there to consult with your owner's manual make sure it can handle that kind of low now, right away. You can kind of see these have these nice aerodynamic jet streams here. What that's gonna do. It's gonna reduce our wind coefficient. That's gonna give us better gas mileage than the long hauls, and it looks pretty cool to boot.

And we actually have our Timberline tower mounts here. That's gonna secure our rack to our raised bars here in our Toyota 4Runner. And we want to go ahead and get some quick measurements here. A real simple thing to do is we go from our corrugated rooftop here. And if we look to the bottom of the crossbar it's about three and a half to three and five eights inches.

And to the very top this is gonna be about four and a half inches even. So that's gonna give us plenty of room for any kind of accessories when either clamp on or use our T-slot slots here in a little bit and a really nice feature the JetStream here, you can see we have this T channel here. That's gonna last them out. Any kind of T clamp accessories to our rack as well. Another thing cool about this though.

We have this little nice little weather stripping in here. What that's gonna do. It's gonna cut down any kind of whistling we might hear as they go through that groove and all you have to do for this simply push down, clamping your T-slot accessory, and move on. Another cool thing with these Yakima products, it can actually pick up a locking core here and you get the same key system for all of our bars. And since we're using our Timberline mounting towers it's actually a pretty simple install. So let's go ahead and take a look. As you can see, we already have one of our bar bars mounted to our raised rails. And so it's really nice about this tower. As you can see here, we have this nice little latch and all basically that's gonna do it's gonna go underneath our raised rails and clamp on. So let's get a look and see how this actually mounts into our bar here. Now we take a look at this plastic piece. We can see that these have these little grooves in here and those are gonna match up really nice and set of our Tower Mount here and make sure that that that bolt you see they're sticking straight up. You want to keep it level and that's gonna help with installation later and making sure that bolt straight up we'll take this little T clamp here and place it down. And once we have that T clamp actually situated we're gonna have to reverse that Mount. You're gonna take this rubber coated metal piece and just go ahead and kinda move it and you can kinda see there's this little bolt just kinda blocking away. Then we would take our included tool. And after we move that a little bit further we're just go ahead and tighten that T clamp down on the other side. And mostly do you have that T bracket installed. What we're gonna do we want to come to the end of our bar here. And if you can see these little grooves we just want to slide both the bracket and those plastic tabs in there and slide it down the rest of our bar. Now, when you do actually get this installed. You're gonna have this little plastic stripping in there. You want to head and get that custom cut for your own mount installation and what that's gonna do. It's just gonna kinda reduce any of the noise you're gonna hear from the wind actually whistling through that. And we're going ahead and put these end of our plastic caps on those go right in place. As you can see that little tab just fits right on top. And now to get this installed all we are gonna want to do is lift it up and gently set it across our roof here. And as we do, don't go ahead and worry about the other side. We want to go ahead and get this set. Once we get this up here, we're just gonna go ahead and take a quick look at our post distance. As you can see here, we have it set to 28 and a half inches. We're gonna go ahead and replicate that on the other side. And as we get there, one big thing to look at is actually our overhanging distance here as well. A quick, easy way to see on the bottom here. These actually on these we actually have some nice little markings here that'll help us another quick, little easy trip. You can always just take it to the edge here. It looks about five and a half inches so we can go ahead and replay replicate that in the other side, if we need to actually get these to the appropriate distance. And now that we have our distance is set we're just gonna go ahead and dismount this from our roof and tighten these down. We just want to keep going until you here a few clicks and that means our proper torque is set. And once we actually do have that set to the appropriate distance, all we're gonna do take this rubber coated metal strip here. And it's gonna go ahead and pull up and around on these brackets here you can see it's inches in right here. And then this little tab is gonna go over and we take our specialized tool, go to this bolt right here and just go until you hear it click. And once we have that properly tightened we're just gonna take our end cap here. As you can see we have these two little mounting the holes here and they're gonna line up perfectly with this and slide right into place. Again. I love this rack. It looks really good. It looks really sleek. Yakima always looks good on the Toyotas. It's gonna allow us to haul anything we need. The T clamp system here really, really really easy to utilize, no cutting required. And that's really nice. Again, the installation, very easy, very secure and I think it's gonna be great for what you guys need..

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