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Yakima Roof Rack Installation - 2018 Chevrolet Traverse

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How to Install a Yakima Roof Rack on a 2018 Chevrolet Traverse

Today in our 2018 Chevrolet Traverse, we're going to be doing a test fit on the Yakima Jet Stream Crossbar Roof Rack System. With this system in place, it's going to allow us to carry bike racks, kayak carriers, cargo boxes, and more. Now the jet stream crossbars are 60 inches long. You can see how they stretch across the whole roof of our Chevrolet Traverse. This is great because it's going to allow us to carry multiple accessories on our bars, so maybe a couple bike racks or our bike rack and a kayak carrier. Now the bars here are in black, but they're also available in silver, so if the silver is something you're interested in, see'll notice how they have an aerodynamic design, so that's where the jet stream name comes from.

These are going to be a lot quieter than your round or square bars. These are going to help cut down on some of that noise. You'll still have some noise, but not as much as those round or square bars. Now they're going to work with your standard clamp on accessories as well as your t-slot accessories. Simply pop off that end cap and that t-bolt is just going to slide right over the top of that rubber strip.

There's no need to trim that around your accessories. It'll give you a nice clean look when you put it in the position you'd like. Put the end cap back on and you're all set.Now the crossbars are held in place by four baseline towers. Now underneath our cover here, it hides our hardware. It also protects it from the elements.

Now the clips are what keep our towers attached to our roof. You can see here how they match the contour of that. They're going to hook on the inside, and they too are rubber coated; that way they won't harm or scratch the finish should you want to take it off Put my cover back on here and I'd like to mention this plastic key will here. We can trade this out for a Yakima metal lock core to add more security to our roof rack system. That way no one can remove it from our roof.Now this roof rack system has a weight capacity of 165 pounds.

You do, however, want to check with your Traverse's owner's manual to see if it can support that much weight. From the top of the roof to the top of the bar is about four and a half inches. From the top of the roof of the underside of the bar is about three and a half inches.We could start off by grabbing our foot or tower. We'll take our plastic clip and we're going to click it in place just like that. Then we'll take the metal nut and put that down over the top of the plastic clip and the bolt will hold it in place when we want to turn it upside down and take our included tool and tighten that up. In order to get access to that bolt, we need to take off the cover here. We'll squeeze in on the two sides and fold the cover out and it should come right off. We want to pull out the little door here and that's going to give us access to the bolt. Now we don't want to tighten this down all the way. We just want to get it started to where it's going to hold that metal nut in place just like this. On the bottom side, we then want to take our pad and clip that in place. Let's give it a squeeze. It should pop right on. You want to make sure both sides pop in place. Give it a good pull.Now you'll want to turn the crossbar over to where this channel here is visible, then we'll take our tower, turn it upside down, and slide that on. Now you want to make sure you get it lined up, push it on. Sometimes that piece of rubber underneath gets caught. You want to be sure to lift that up. That way we can scoot it the rest of the way on.Now per our instructions, we need to set it to our scale. It's kind of difficult for you to see, but our scale is located right here on our jet stream crossbar. Per our instructions, we need to set it at 40 and seven eighths. So we'll push it until we get to that position, and then we can set our pitch and tow.Now our pitch and tow are located right here. This one's our pitch and this one is our tow. Per our instructions, the pitch needs to be set to B, that's going to be that middle line, so we can go ahead and tighten that one down. What we're doing is we're just lining up the bolt with that center line. Go ahead and tighten that down. And our included tool here is going to click. That's how we know it's properly torqued down just like that. Now for our tow, it needs to be set to position two which is also the middle line, so we can take our pad and adjust it down until that's lined up. Then we can tighten this down and we'll also listen for a click. Then we can put on our end cap and we're ready to set our cross bar in place.Now we set it in place on our Traverse. We want to be sure that the rounded portion of the bar is facing forward just like you see it here. And we'll gently rest it down and per our instructions we need it to be 32 inches from the front of the front crossbar to the front of the rear crossbar. Just want to grab my tape measure, and we need to be sure and check that on both sides.So again, 32 inches just about there. Good. So we'll grab our clip. We need to be sure that this gray door is opened up here, and we're going to be focused on this bolt underneath of it. But you can see how this little tab here is sticking up. That actually needs to be facing down. So we're just going to grab that, turn it over. Then we can take our clip. We're going to slide it in underneath here until it clips in place. You can see how that's kind of locked in. I can't pull that out. Then we can take our included tool and we're going to tighten up this bolt right here first. And what that's going to do is it's going to adjust the angle so it's correct with the top of our roof.Now we don't need to listen for any clicks on this one. From there we can come up underneath and start tightening it on this one. And this is going to help take some of the slack out of the clip. Now we needed to do that on both sides before we start completely tightening it down. Once both clips are making contact with the inside of the door, all the slack has taken out, we can then begin tightening them down.Now it's still a good idea to alternate sides. I've already gone ahead and mostly tighten the other side, so for this side, we just need to be listening for those clicks. After that we can close up our gray door on both sides and then put on our cover. And that cover just clips in like so. Give it a good push and you're all set. Once everything's assembled and installed correctly, you're ready to load up your favorite roof mount accessory and hit the road. But that's going to complete our look and installation of the Yakima Jet Stream Crossbar Roof Rack System on our 2018 Chevrolet Traverse.

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