Yakima Roof Rack Review - 2016 Jeep Cherokee

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Review of the Yakima Roof Rack on a 2016 Jeep Cherokee

Hey, everyone. I'm Collin here at etrailer. Today we have a 2016 Jeep Cherokee. We're going to be test fitting the Yakima JetStream Roof Rack System. Now, this roof rack system mounts to the raised side rails of your Cherokee. It allows you to get at your favorite accessories, whether you got a bike rack, a kayak carrier, or even a roof box up on your roof and mounted to it.Now, this system is made up of a couple different components.

Up top, we're gonna have our 16" JetStream Crossbars. Now, these are nice aerodynamic crossbars to help cut down on wind noise and drag when compared to your standard square bar, or round bar roof rack system. It's gonna have a nice T-track up top. That's gonna also help cut down on wind noise and drag with the rubber strip right there. What's nice about this rubber strip in the T-slot is that instead of having to pull it out and cut it to length for whatever T-track accessory you want to use, you can actually push down on that strip, and then slide in your favorite accessory to wherever you desire to be on your roof, and then there's not really cutting involved, so you don't have to risk buying a new stripping.

I'm gonna put the end cap back on.Now, kind of a middle man between our JetStream Crossbars and our raised side rails is gonna be our Timberline Tower System. Now, this system is going to slide into the slot on the bottom side of our JetStream Crossbar, and connect with the rubber coated steel strap around our raised side rail. I'll take the end cap off, and you can see what's going on in the inside. The end cap is gonna help protect the mechanics on the inside for any type of water, or dirt, or debris. This steel strap comes around and hooks into those slots.

Then we have a bolt right here that tightens it down from the back side.Now, with the end cap on you're also going to see that we have these plastic lock cores on the outside, which you can replace with Yakima Lock Cores, which are sold separately here at etrailer. That's just gonna give a nice secure feeling for your roof rack, so that no one can remove it without that key. In the bottom side of our Timberline Towers there is also gonna be a nice rubber padding, so that it doesn't harm or scratch the finish of our raised side rail.Now, this roof rack system is gonna have a little bit more crossbar overhang when compared to the 50" crossbar system. That's gonna allow you to get more accessories on top. You can mount them actually to the overhang on to your system.

You can get three, or four bike racks up there, or even two kayaks.Now, we'll give you some clearance measurements, so you can know how much you've added to the top of your roof, and what you need for the clamp on accessories to get under the bar. From the top of our roof to the bottom of our JetStream Crossbars it's gonna be 3 1/2". From the top of our roof to the top of our crossbar that's gonna be 4 1/4". Overall, the roof rack system is gonna have 165 pound weight capacity. But, you do want to be sure you double check with your Cherokee's Owner's Manual to make sure your roof can handle that weight.Now that we've gone over some of those features, I'll go ahead and show you how to get it installed. Now, we have the front crossbar installed. The second one is gonna assemble and install the exact same way. Now, how you get the front in place, with the raised side rails it doesn't necessarily matter where you put it on the side rails, so you can base it off of whatever accessory you might be hauling. But, I basically just chose a spot on the side rail to measure from to make sure I got my crossbar parallel. I just picked the top of this circle right here and then measured to the edge of my Timberline Tower. I'll do that evenly on both side, and that tightened everything down.Now, I'm gonna grab the second crossbar, so we can go ahead and assemble that together. It's gonna be pretty easy to do. We're gonna start by going and flipping over our crossbar. We have one of our Timberline Towers installed right there. We're gonna grab our tower. We need to do a little bit of assembly. We'll take this black plastic piece, and put it in the slot right there until you hear it snap in, like so. Then we're gonna grab our silver piece right here, and we want to thread it onto that bolt on the inside. We're just gonna line it up. We need to flip it over. What we're gonna do is take the strap and the bolt to tighten it down is on the inside right here, so we just need to push this strap out to gain access to it.Once we do that we can insert our tightening tool, and then begin to tighten it down. You can see how it's going out down out there. We're gonna go until we hear the audible clicks from our tightening tool letting us know it's tight enough. There we go. Now that's done, we can put it on our crossbar.Now, we'll just slide these notches into the channel on the back side of our JetStream Crossbar. Now, if you find that you're having trouble, and maybe it's not sliding in all the way, or you're having a hard time with it, what you can do is actually come to the inside of the Timberline Tower. There's gonna be bolts down on the inside where my finger is. You just loosen that up, and then it should do the trick to let you slide it into the channel. Once you have that, we're ready to put it on our roof.Now one thing I want to point out is that, this crease right here where that hole is, it goes right in the center of that hole, you need that sitting on the middle of your raised side rail to make sure that the weight is evenly distributed on the Timberline Tower. Now, we can go ahead and get it on our roof.I'm gonna just reach across, and get that Timberline Tower set on to your raised side rail on both sides. Make sure that strap goes under the raised side rail. Then we're gonna go back and forth and make sure that, that line is one the center of the side rail on both sides.Now, we need to make a few measurements before we tighten everything down. The first one is gonna be the crossbar spread. That's gonna ensure that our crossbars are completely parallel. We're gonna go center on center from the crossbars. There is no set measurement that it needs to be. You just want to make sure it's over 24". Most of the time you can base it off of whatever accessory you might be hauling for that day. Once you get one side just go on over to the other side. Make sure it's even. Again, it doesn't hurt to double check it a few times because you really do want to make sure you have it even.Now, the second measurement is gonna be our crossbar overhang. Meaning, the amount of crossbar hanging off from our Timberline Tower. You want to make sure that's also even on both sides. We're just gonna pick a point and measure from it to the outside. We'll go to the other side and make sure it's the same length. If it's not, the reason we didn't tighten down our Timberline Towers yet, is so that we can adjust it. All you got to do is get a hold of your Timberline Tower, and then push the bar just that little bit that you might need to adjust it.Now, we can tighten down our Timberline Towers. What we're gonna do is pull our rubber coated steel strap up, and get it into its slots right there. Now, we have two different bolts we need to tighten down. We need to tighten down the top one on the inside. That's gonna ensure that our Timberline Tower stays secure on our JetStream Crossbar. Then we need to tighten down this second one right here. We're just gonna tighten down the Timberline Tower to our raised side rail. Let's go ahead and do both of those.Now for both bolts, you're just gonna tighten down until you hear the audible clicks out of our tightening tool like that, and do both bolts. Once you hear those clicks, we can put our end cap on. Then you just want to repeat this process for the other side. With everything tightened down, go ahead and give your roof rack a quick shake. Make sure everything is secure. With all that being said, you're ready to load up your favorite roof rack accessories and hit the road.

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