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Yakima CoreBar Steel Crossbars Installation - 2016 Ford Focus

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How to Install the Yakima CoreBar Steel Crossbars on a 2016 Ford Focus

Today on our 2016 Ford Focus, we're going to be test fitting the Yakima CoreBar Roof Rack System, consisting of part numbers Y00422, these are the Yakima CoreBar crossbars, 60 inches long, part number Y00146, these are the baseline towers for the Yakima crossbars, part number Y06135, and Y06105. These are going to be the base clip fit kits for the Ford Focus. The Yakima CoreBar system is great for carrying a wide variety of accessories on your roof while freeing up space inside your vehicle. The two bars have a combined carrying capacity of 220 pounds, although you always want to double check with your vehicle's manual to make sure your roof can withstand that weight. The bars have an aerodynamic shape to them, which will cut down wind noise and drag while you're driving, and all of our end caps have these knock-outs here, which you can install the Yakima Same Key System, so you can actually secure this to your roof once you have it installed. Now that we've gone over some of the features of the roof rack system, let's go ahead and show you how it installs. We have our rear bar partially assembled on our table here, and our next step is to take our baseline foot and attach it to our other end here.

I'll take this plastic piece here and it just pushes into place. You'll hear the clicks, like so. Then we'll take our adapter for our bar. We'll slide it on like so and then we'll flip the bar upside down, and attach our baseline foot. We'll line up our pole here with the top. Now, I can see the screw here.

Sometimes it will be blocked off like so. To open that up, you come to this portion here. You pull out like so, and you're able to see it again. We'll just loosely tighten it down, and then we'll get our measurement for the spacing between our feet. You'll find this measurement in your instructions, and once you have it where it needs to be, you can tighten it down.

The nice thing about this tightening tool that comes with the kit, it's actually going to click once it's completely tightened down so you don't over-tighten it, like so. Now, before we put anything else on, I want to point out this section here. You'll see that it has three notches, and those are going to be the settings for your specific vehicle. Now, to loosen or tighten it or to adjust it, you would loosen this screw here. Now, we have it set to where it needs to be right now, but always double check with your instructions to know the proper setting for this area here. Next we go to our base clip kit, and install a rubber pad, which just pushes in at the bottom of our foot.

Next we'll install our end cap, which just pushes on and now we can set this onto the roof of our vehicle. With it set down on our roof, our next step is to get our crossbar spread, and that's going to be from center of the bar to center of the bar. You can find this measurement in your instructions. We'll repeat this for the other side as well. Then we'll open up this gray door, go to this portion here, push our clip into place. By tightening down this screw, it'll climb toward to the actual door frame, and then we'll get it just snug by tightening up this portion here against the door, and then we'll repeat this process on the other side. Once we tighten these up, again using that same tightening tool we used earlier, you'll hear it click and you're ready to go. There we go, close up the gray door here. Then we can put on our end caps, and then we'll be able to install our accessories and hit the road. There you have it for the Yakima CoreBar Roof Rack System on our 2016 Ford Focus.

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