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Yakima Q Tower Roof Rack Installation - 2013 Ford Escape

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How to Install a Yakima Q Tower Roof Rack on a 2013 Ford Escape

Today on our 2013 Ford Escape well be test fitting the Yakima Q Tower roof rack system using part numbers Y00409, Y00639, Y00699 and Y00124. Weve already gone ahead and assembled our crossbars according to the instructions found within the fit kit, so were ready to fit it to the vehicle. Well begin with our crossbars already on top of the roof. Well need to take a measurement for our front crossbar first. Well measure from the top of the windshield edge back on our roofline 10 inches. This will be the location of the leading edge of the crossbar towers.

Well do this on both sides of the vehicle, just to ensure that our bar is straight with the vehicle. We can then work back and forth, tightening down each of the two towers to the roof. Well make sure that the clamps are clamping to the door opening. Now with those two clamps tight our crossbar is secured to the vehicle. Were ready to move on to the rear crossbar.

For the rear crossbar well position it, taking another measurement. This measurement will be from the center of the front crossbar to the center of the rear crossbar. Well measure 32 inches. Now with our rear crossbar in place we can go ahead and use the same tightening procedure that we did with the front, making sure that the clamp clamps in the door opening. With that, our roof racks on and were ready to load our accessories.

That completes our test fit of the Yakima Q Tower roof rack system, using part numbers Y00409, Y00639, Y00699 and Y00124 on our 2013 Ford Escape.

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