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Yakima OutPost HD Overland Truck Bed Rack Review - 2012 Chevrolet Silverado

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Review of the Yakima OutPost HD Overland Truck Bed Rack on a 2012 Chevrolet Silverado

Today we have a 2012 Chevrolet Silverado 2,500 HD and we're enabling it to do a lot more with the Yakima OutPost Ladder Rack. One thing that Yakima wins overall when it comes to ladder racks are the bar sizes. So with these we can use a bunch of different types of accessories and they work because these cross bars aren't that big. The Thule options, sometimes those bars get a little too big so you wrap around or your clamp on accessories don't really wanna work. But any type of wraparound accessory like this with the steel bands that are coated in rubber will work. And then over here with our tent the clamp on style also works.

Any of the other type of wraparounds most likely are going to work. And if you do have a T slot accessory you can use the slot up top. And the cool thing about this is you don't have to remove the cap to do so. Compared to some other ladder racks, this one, it's perfect. The OutPost is nice and low so it's really easy for me to get my bikes up there.

It's only gonna sit about 13 inches off the top of the rails of your truck. This is kind of a recreational type rack for your truck. It's not really gonna be used for your ladders, your lumber or even kayaks just because the height is not gonna exceed our cab height. That being said, we have another Yakima option. It's called the Yakima Overhaul HD and that's gonna be one that's a little taller.

You can also get one that is also adjustable. So you can get really the best of both worlds and it's all gonna be the same exact thing. There's a couple things that we can add to this setup that I think would look pretty cool. If you come in here and look at these posts here. There's two screws on the insides here, what that is for, you can get a sidebar and add an extra little bar that connects to both of these towers.

So then you can add stuff like a jerrycan or just have another spot for more accessories. I think it looks pretty cool too. I'm really digging the look. It's got a matte powder coated finish and it's all made of aluminum, so it's gonna be the lightweight. It's about 50 pounds and it's not gonna rust away. So you can keep it on your truck and look cool throughout all the seasons. And we have a couple cool things, I'll walk you through it. One, we have a tie down on the end of each bar and also the T slot is opened up so we don't have to remove this cap. That tie down is gonna come in handy whenever we're tying stuff down. There's another one right here that we can use to tie down stuff as well. And it's just welded right to the inside here. And of course with Yakima, we got a bottle opener too. Before you put anything up on the crossbars, you want to check and make sure that you're within the crossbar spread that that accessory wants. The one right here, this is a Yakima tent, works really well with the OutPost system. We're at about 40 inches of crossbar spread and that's just a measurement from the center of one crossbar to the center of the other. If you wanna give an idea of how cool this looks with a tent on top, I always check out the over landing rigs whenever they're going down the highway. It just looks cool and whenever you see a box like this up on top of a flat rack on a truck, you know they're gonna be doing something pretty cool. So we actually have a decent amount of crossbar spread on here still too, cuz the tent doesn't really take up all of the bar space. So what we have it set up right now is just on the driver's side And it's gonna work really good with our setup up. So now once this is done, we can unlatch it and fold it out. So here we go. The ladder is plenty long, so just hits like that. Ah, this is perfect. So this is how cool it can look i, especially if you are over landing, but this is a time where we talk about the capacity. If you are going off-road, the capacity of the whole entire system is gonna be 300 pounds in motion. And then when we're just on the normal road, not off-road it's gonna be 500 pounds. All you need is a truck bed to install this. It didn't take me a whole lot of time. Once you have it all set up, it's pretty simple. So if you follow along in the video, we're gonna show you exactly how we did it. First thing, lay out all the parts make sure everything's there. You're gonna have two towers for one side and then two for the other side, and then the part that connects to your bars. But this is just the base. What you're gonna need is some crossbars for your compact trucks. You're gonna go with the 60. These aren't gonna fit on your larger size trucks. Then we have the 68, which is gonna work on all your trucks. And then the 78 if you want a lot of bar space. We'll take our base. What we're gonna do is take these little square pieces and they're gonna go into this little slot. There's be one on this slot and one on this slot, just like that. Then you take our big bolts and go through there. Places this up like this, and then we can take our little foot here and screw it in. The goal here is to go underneath our rails. If you do have a drop in liner you might have to trim it a little bit for this to fit, but if you have a spray in liner or a bare bed like this it's gonna work. And we'll do the same thing on this side. What I like to do is screw it down until it'll kind of stay in place and it's nice and snug. Then we'll come back through here with our big tool, right here and tighten these up. We wanna make sure that this is nice and sucked up to this little edge right here, which it is. So we can tighten these up Now we can loosen this and notice how this plate is gonna back off a little bit like that. So then we can take one of our little towers right here. Now we set this into place. The goal here is to have the tower being on the either farthest back side, if you're installing it back here or the farthest to the front. We want these legs to have a gap in between 'em and I want them to face each other. So then we can go ahead and tighten up this thing right here a little bit to get it nice and held into place. You should have a pretty solid unit at this point so give it a good shake. Make sure it's nice and tight because now that we put this on here we can't access those bigger bolts we tightened up earlier. Now for the second little base here, notice how these little screws are different. So this is where the locking core is gonna go. So for each set of bars we wanna have one of these on there meaning on the passenger side, which is where we're at. We wanna have one like this and one like this. Now we prepare the bar. What we wanna do on each of our bars there's gonna be an end cap, to remove that's a little bolt right here. Take the tool that comes with the kit and take those out. It's easiest to loosen 'em and then flip it over to get the bolts out if you undo it all the way. So that's the way I do it and I only have to do this on one side because what we want to do here, pull that cap off and then we can just take our little brackets over here and we can put 'em both in on one side but one is gonna go way over there. This one's gonna stay right around here. They're gonna be a little loose. Then after that you can just put this back in the place. We're gonna do that for both of our bars. Get these two little brackets and keep them in the middle just so they're not hidden. So then what we wanna do now is lift this up and put it into place and then make it as even as you can. Now we'll go underneath and we can take each of them a little bracket and slide it in. There's gonna be two different holes right here. Let's line up the hole and then we can take our bolt right here with a lock washer on first and then a normal washer and we can get this tightened down. This is gonna be two for each side so four total for each bar. Give it a good shake. This is very, very solid. So if you feel a little bit of wiggling just make sure you go around and tighten everything up. There's one last thing we wanna do. It does include locks for it. So remember the little pegs on some of our feet right here. So what happens here, you put it over like that and then you can lock it up right here. So this is just gonna prevent anybody from getting to the bolts that secure the rack down. So as you know, after assembling this on the base this tower is actually covering up those bolts. So this thing is fully locked down If you wanna impress all your truck friends and enable your truck to do a lot more the Yakima OutPost HD is one way of doing so. And that's pretty much it for a look at the Yakima OutPost HD on our 2012 Chevy Silverado 2,500 HD..

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