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Yakima OnRamp E-Bike Platform Rack with Ramp Review - 2021 Ford Bronco

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Review of the Yakima OnRamp E-Bike Platform Rack with Ramp on a 2021 Ford Bronco

Hi, everyone is Evangeline here at etrailer. And today we'll be taking a look at our Yakima OnRamp two bike platform rack right here on our 2021 Ford Bronco. So the Yakima OnRamp is what I think is really a good bike rack because it's designed to work with a ramp. If you have extra heavy electric bikes, if you have step through bikes, if you just have bikes that are difficult to lift up onto your Ford Bronco since it does sit kind of high up, up above the ground you can use the ramp, make it a lot easier for yourself. So we're gonna take a look at some of different specs some of the different measurements and features in relations to the Ford Bronco to see if it's the right fit for you, for your bicycles and your car. Before anything else though, I want to say that I am currently using a hitch extender that's because we have a spare tire on our Bronco and pretty much any other bike rack could not fit around that spare tire, especially since we had the factory tool package to factory hitch.

So if you want to carry the Yakima OnRamp and you have a spare tire I'm currently using the Yakima straight shot it adds about seven inches to the end of my hitch receiver. And it reduces my weight capacity by about half. The good news though is even at half, we still have enough capacity for two heavy e-bikes on our OnRamp. So the first feature we'll take a look at is the tilt away feature. So there's two knobs here, one over here just pull that pin out and let it drop.

And then we have a slightly trickier pin over here. So you're going to want to press it and then pull it out. The tricky part is because you have to lift up on the bike rack as you do so but once it's out this then tilts down, go ahead use your bikes or the mass to support it as it tilts away. The reason you'll tilt it away is if you want to be able to open your door even though the bikes are on there. So let's see how far we can swing this out, right there.

So just barely enough clearance to reach in there grab whatever you need. Go back out, close the door and then you lift back up on the bike rack. It should snap into place. There you go. Don't forget to put the pin back but you're ready to hit the road again.

This has a weight capacity of 66 pounds per bike. So even with your extra heavy electric bikes, perfectly fine. One note with that though, is if you can please take the battery out of your electric bike before you hit the road, just for the battery life. It helps if you don't have that road vibration on there keep it inside of your vehicle. It also makes your bike lighter as it's on the bike rack. And if you're taking your Bronco off road which I know you're tempted to do your weight capacity then reduces down to 40 pounds per bike just because you're going over all those bumps and all that exciting adventure. Before we take our bike off we're going to take off the ramp and set it up. So the ramp is just secured by this knob. It's really nice that it's straight on the bike rack. That way I'm less likely to forget it and lose it. So once you have that off it just clips into the bike's tray. You can go on which every side is more comfortable for you. And then you can take your bike off. Our bike is secured at three mounting points. So one, two wheel straps. And then the third is our frame mount. So the frame has an interesting design here. You have all that versatility, no matter where your bike is, you just adjust the frame mount itself. You have this knob, it can rotate. It can go up and down. And then if you need to put it on the seat post that's going to be helpful if you have a step through bike because then you don't need a frame adapter bar. This will also work with your children's bikes your women's frame, which is what I have here. If you do have a wider frame, though you could use a frame adapter bar. So the options are endless with this type of a frame mount. So to take off the bike, you start at the wheel strap. You just press that button, lift that strap out and I just swing it down so that it doesn't get caught up in our spokes when you ramp it down. So press the lever, release the strap swing it all the way down then go over to your frame mount. So hold onto your bike. As you press the lever, release the strap right there. And then if I twist this away we now are able to tilt this away , with the bike release, you can now just swing it over to the side just to get past those pedals. There we go. And then this just ramps down. With our bike off, we now get, take a closer look at the bike rack itself. One thing I'd like to mention is even with your bikes, not on there please put your straps away, have them secured, that way they are not flopping around as you drive around. So we have a tray style platform here which allows you to adjust your bikes back and forth just to get the best fit with each other. The maximum wheel base is going to be about 50 inches but again, if you have two bikes with the same wheel base it could be kind of tricky, getting them to fit. Now for to tire size. Notice how we have these cradles here. The maximum tire size is going to be 3.25. So let's talk about the length added to the back of our Bronco. I'm going to measure from our bumper, again remember I'm using a hitch extender. So from the bumper to the end of the bike rack, it sits at 37 inches of length. Whenever you are backing into your garage or trying to park into a really tight spot, you already have a bigger vehicle. So don't forget that you have a bike rack as well as bikes behind you. Ground clearance is going to be a little bit different depending on what trim level you have for your Ford Bronco. We have the big bend, so a little bit taller than the base. So our ground clearance is going to be from the end of the bike rack to the ground, 26 inches of clearance. So compare that measurement with over here at the shank, which is 17 and a half inches. And that's really good because if you do take this off road if you do go over those steep inclines, like your driveways or hills, you're going to want extra ground clearance. So your bikes don't hit the ground. This has a lot of ground clearance. So rather the downside to this is it takes more height to lift your bikes up. That's a good thing, you have a ramp then, but what if I don't want to take my bikes out and I want this to be a bit more compact and a bit more portable. What I can do is I can fold it up but the first step is going to be to pull this lever and bring this mass down, with this in the still position, remember you are going to have to possibly move your frame mounts around just to get the best fit it. But now we can fold this up. So remember how we tilted it away earlier you're going to do the exact same thing. Pull this pin out, lift the bike rack a little bit as you press this pin and pull that out bring it up into the folded position. See here, how we have our spare tire. So we don't have clearance. What I have to do is I'm going to bring this frame out down. Now it's out of the way and now it clicks in the compact position. Don't forget to put your pin back into place right there. That's going to secure your mass. Okay. Let's take some measurements. The first measurement is going to be the closest point. Remember how difficult it was because we couldn't clear a spare tire with our frame mass in the up position. We have about a fingers width of space between that frame mass, right over here we have about an inch and a quarter. Good thing, this is a really sturdy bike rack though. So it's not getting any closer than that. Length now added to the back of our Bronco is where we measured earlier to the furthest point which is now by the hinge. And it's 21 inches. Big difference compared to when this is folded down, you'll definitely want to end this position, when you're just on planning on driving around town not planning on taking your bikes out. This is nice and portable, but what's it like living with a bike rack behind you Well, with this folded up notice how all of our taillights are still visible. Even though the bike rack is kind on the wide side our rear window is visible too. Our backup camera does sit right where the spare tire is. So that could be an issue for you. If your Bronco has a 360 degree view as you have it in the backup mode, that's going to be helpful if that's still going to be an issue for you though you can just have your bike rack in the down position which opens up that backup camera. We have a two inch shank which fits into our two inch hitch receiver which fits into our two inch factory hitch. Make sure that your hitch extender has an anti rattle bolt because then the anti rattle bolt that's included with your bike rack will be able to be used to its maximum of the effectiveness. So you get a cable lock that goes around your bikes and then that secures into your bike rack, anti rattle bolt creating the anti rattle effect and security. You also get a tool of tight down. I recommend doing what I do, which is either a 15, 16 socket or a 24 millimeter socket tightens that down very quickly. So as I shake our bike rack notice I'm really just shaking the Ford Bronco now because that connection is nice, tight and it's secure. You'll still get that normal road movement. But the good thing is you don't get extra movement from an improper fit. Here on our test course we'll start by going through this slalom. This is going to show us this side to side action which simulates turning corners or invasive maneuvers. Once we get to the alternating speed bumps we'll see the twisting action. This will simulate hitting a curb or a pothole or driving over uneven pavement. Now, lastly, we're going over some full speed bumps and you can see here the up and down action. And this will just be like driving in and out of a parking lot garage or driveway. My personal thoughts about the Yakima OnRamp is I'm a huge fan. I really like how we have a really good weight capacity and we have a ramp. The ramp did feel kind of steep just because the Bronco was kind of tall but it still worked, still a lot more helpful than having to lift the 66 pound bike right up there onto the platform. Some other options are out there though. If you're looking for something a little bit more premium maybe check out the Covet NV 2.0 and then get these separate access ramp for that. You get a front wheel mount design in case the frame mount design for here. Isn't as easy to use for you. That one also has a trade design where you can move your bikes back and forth just to get the best fit, all and all you have very similar features. This definitely checks off all the boxes. It looks good. It works really well. That ramp is easy to use and you have that great weight capacity and it's off road rated which is great for the Ford Bronco. So this right here was a very quick look at our Yakima OnRamp two bike rack right here on our 2021 Ford Bronco. My name is Evangeline and I hope this helped you out..

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