Yakima LongArm Bed and Roof Load Extender Review - 2016 GMC Sierra 2500

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How to Install the Yakima LongArm Bed and Roof Load Extender on a 2016 GMC Sierra 2500

Today we're working on a 2016 GMC Sierra 2500. We're going to be taking a look at the Yakima Longarm Bed and Roof Load Extender, part number Y01149-1150. If you already have the Longarm Bed Extender, then you just need to pick up the Roof Load Extender, which is part number Y01150.The Truck Bed Extender helps you haul those elongated loads when your truck bed isn't quite long enough. While we have a kayak on there right now showing, it's showing you it's great for your sports and recreational life, it'll also help with your work life. It'll help with ladders, lumber, or anything related to that nature. It has four tie down points to secure your load.

With the tailgate folded down, it's going to give us about 33 and a half inches extra of load support. At the furthest point of our Longarm we have about 37 inches of ground clearance, which is more than enough space to where you're not going to have any problems going up steep hills or dragging on the pavement. The ground clearance on our Longarm when it's in the upright position is 21 inches, which is plenty of space to where you're not going to have any dragging problems. The closest point of our Longarm to our bumper is eight and a half inches, which is plenty of space where it won't make contact with your vehicle. Let's go ahead and remove our kayak so we can take a closer look.We have four different heights it can be set at depending on the height and depth of your truck bed.

Without the extender on you also have three different height options for your support bar. Right now we have it set to the second highest position. This is handy for if we have this hour tonneau cover right here, we can sit stuff on top of the tonneau cover and extend it over onto this bed extender. With it in its highest position, this is good for when it's not in use or if you have the Roof Extender installed, you can use it in conjunction with the Roof Rack that's on the cab of your truck, and you're going to be able to carry those extra long loads. With our Roof Height Extender installed, we can carry our extra long loads above our truck bed and above the cab of our truck on top of our Roof Rack.

This is also going to keep the bed of your truck completely open for any tools or other cargo that you might have to carry with you.The Extender comes with two cinching straps. Once they're installed on both sides of our support bar we can cinch those down and tighten so that there's no unnecessary swaying or rattling while we're traveling. As you can see we have many different heights we can set our Roof Extender to, to accommodate whatever height you might need in at for whatever you're hauling. If we bring the Extender all the way down, it will still work as a bed extender when we need it to. With the Roof Extender installed our weight capacity is 165 pounds.

If you need more of a weight limit, you can take the Extender out and use it only as a bed extension, to which you have the weight limit of 300 pounds. There you have it for the Yakima Longarm Bed and Roof Load Extender on our 2016 GMC Sierra 2500.

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