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Yakima Roof Rack Review - 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Review of the Yakima Roof Rack on a 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee

Hey, everybody, welcome to I'm Bobby and today we're taking a look at the Yakima JetStream Aero Bars here on our 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Now, guys, this is gonna be an excellent way of giving yourself a very nice roof rack system. Yakima, of course, very known for their roof rack system. You also do have a very nice style on these guys here today. Now, in my opinion, they do sit just a little bit high because of these skyline towers that we're also utilizing. However, that is also because of our rails here today.

So we are actually working with some raised rails here with a chrome and black finish. So make sure you are getting your appropriate roof rack also put in our fit guide. You guys might just have a little bit something different. If you are working on your 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee, make sure you do have that same rail system we're working on here today. However, of course, Yakima has a lot of different fit kits.

So these bars are still gonna work. It might be just a little bit different of getting your bars on your vehicle. But these guys are gonna be a great way of giving you a great option of getting some accessories on here. We're gonna have no trouble getting kayak carriers, roof baskets, anything that you might think you need to put up on there, we should be able to do a great job with it. You're getting a lot of great clearance as well.

So yeah, it's a little high, however, don't think we're gonna be limited by any of our accessories. Now we are on our 50 inch bars here today and we have them evened out, so you actually do have pretty good spacing here. You get about four inches. A lot of those kayaks with load assist need about four to eight inches. So if you're looking for overhang, we actually could shift it a little bit this way as well.

However, you are gonna be just a little uneven if you do that, of course. So your passenger side or your driver's side, it can be shifted too. But if you're going for that look, and you want a little bit of overhang, just go ahead, look at some of our longer bars here today. These are the 50-inchers just to give you guys an idea. They also do have that nice black of course, but they do come in silver. So if you're wanting to match your vehicle color as well, you can do so. Talking about what they're made of as well, they are an aluminum make, so they're not gonna be rusting or corroding. And with that, they also do have a black powder coat finish on them. So as long as we're treating it well, we're keeping ourselves from banging and nicking it and dinging it, it can hold up quite well. Just keep in mind that black powder coat, guys, if you aren't treating it well, you can end up kind of scraping it off. So just keep that in mind. Try to be nice with it. Try to get your things up on there in a concise manner. It'll start lasting you for the years to come, which is gonna be great. You also are gonna get 165 pounds of weight capacity on here, which should be plenty for getting most of the things we need. Of course, make sure you are checking with your vehicle's owner's manual guide to make sure that our roof can handle that. Now that is your dynamic use, so that's when it's actually in use. If you're looking to put some tents up on here and you're thinking, "Well, man, I can't get up on there." Your static is gonna be way higher than that. This is just for when you actually are moving and transporting your things while the vehicle is in motion. Well, the installation of this guy doesn't take too much time at all. I actually am a really big fan of how this system works and I think you guys will be too once you see how that gets in place. So let's go ahead, see how we got this on our roof. To go ahead and start our install, guys, we're gonna actually need to start on the top of our car here. Now you are gonna have these little bolts in place. So in the very back here, we've gone ahead and already removed that. Remember that torque bolt does come included with your pad system. To go ahead and get those removed, Of course, lefty loosey, get those guys right out of there. Then we're gonna go ahead and take our pad. Now, one thing we're gonna be looking for, these arrows need to be pointed away from our vehicle or towards the outside if we're looking at it. Then we can go ahead and take our spacer, start slotting it on top there. we're gonna take our included bolt and our washer set, swinging our flat washer towards the bottom and that locking towards the head of our bolt. And then we can simply slot that in place here and simply get it aligned right there and start tightening this down. As we get closer, make sure you use your included tool so you don't over-tighten. Once you hear that click, we know we're nice and secure. For the second part of our installation guys, we're gonna go ahead and start working on getting our system set up. So we're gonna start with our skyline towers here today. Now you guys might have to actually add this little metal element here, this little plastic spacer. It's really easy to add. What I like to do, we'll go ahead and give you guys an idea of how it's actually mounted in there. You can see where it's actually catching on that little latch right there, so it's easy to go ahead, put one of your crescents in and then put the other side, it'll clip right in place, get it set. To actually getting this guy tightened down on the other side here, we are gonna have a little exposed Allen wrench guy. All you gotta do, loosen it if you need to, of course, and then just tighten that bolt in to your metal spacer here. And this is actually what's gonna be going on our T track here, guys. So nice that we can go ahead and quickly get that installed. Really takes no time at all. Just go ahead and put that guy in. Of course, we can go ahead and replace our plastic covering here. Go ahead and get one side set, lock it down. Then we can go ahead and start getting our tower ready, guys. All we have to do, start setting this guy on there. And all we have to do is start getting this T slot set up. So it's nice to go ahead, keep it a little loose like yourself for that, and then just to start fitting in both our plastic and our metal ends right onto that T slot attachment right there, guys. So we can go ahead and start sliding it. Now at this point, we could go ahead and start measuring our spread on our vehicle. I find the best thing to do, try to get it to where you think it's gonna be. And then we can actually start seating these guys in there and then adjusting your bar while it's on there. I just, time and time again, you sit there and try to get a measurement and you're like, "I think I got it," and then you got to put it on there, just doesn't quite work out. So I think the best thing to do, get it to where you can just barely slide it. That way, when we can find that measurement, we can go ahead and take our bar off and start tightening things down. Now things might be a little different at home here too. Once we actually find that positioning, you also are gonna have this little strip here. So kind of jumping forward a little bit, but once we actually have these towers set, which we're about to do, you can go ahead and start cutting the strip to length, guys. No, we're not gonna do that here today of course, just because somebody at home might be getting this rack and they might be on a different vehicle. But all it is, just snip it, get that lined up and start filling in this hole. That's gonna do a great job of really reducing that wind noise you're gonna feel. Otherwise you're gonna have a very severe whistle as it does get on the road. It starts getting those high miles that you are- Sorry, miles per hour you'll be going, so that speed, really gonna start feeling that wind. So let's go ahead and start throwing this guy up on there, and start getting aligned. To start getting this on here, guys, all we want to do is start laying it across our roof like this. Of course, being gentle with it is gonna be nice. And really all I want to do is start fitting this in. So you guys can see as that's closed these little tabs go out, so we're just gonna be sitting that right in there. So make sure it's going down towards you. Start getting that set and locking in our patch just like so. So let's go ahead and repeat the process on the other side and make sure our bars are in the correct position. To go ahead and actually get these aligned properly, you guys can see we have a little bit of an overhang here to our left. Now of course, we can go ahead and start measuring, but I like to start eyeballing it a little bit here. So I'm gonna go ahead, shift it just a bit for myself like so. Then I can go ahead, grab my tape measure, and just from that edge of our skyline there to the very end, putting this about four and a half inches there on our passenger side right now. It looks like I'm gonna have to come back just a little bit towards our driver, but that's okay. And about four, right under four inches there. So I'm gonna come just a quarter of an inch back, like so. And double-checking myself here. Sorry guys, I know I just blocked you on that side. So about four and a half on this side. Now I might be over-correcting just a little bit. But of course, only takes me two seconds to walk across and really get them aligned. And that's gonna be right at four as well. So four inches. That way we can go ahead, give ourselves just a tad bit this way. So that's putting us at four and a half. While this guy is right at four. So again, we'll go ahead, try to go for that quarter just right there. Now we're gonna be perfectly aligned, as I did have that half inch. So we're aligned. All we got to do, tighten down with our included tool so we're nice and secure. Once we hear that clack, we know we're perfectly aligned and we can bring up our plate. I think we're a little misaligned here, guys. Let me go ahead and reseat that guy. Make sure it's pro-, there we go. Seated properly there now. You can see we are nice and secure on that bar. Now we are in our final stages here. At this point, like we talked about before, I would go ahead and add my stripping. All we have to do there, guys, pop open that latch, like so. You actually take this entire system out, which makes it really easy to add that stripping in. Then we can just walk our bar right back up, clip it in place, we'll be nice and secure again for ourselves. Of course, be sure to be adding your little caps here at the very end as well. Try not to drop them like me. But then we can go ahead and make sure that's nice and secure, That way you have it so we don't have anything getting on the inside of our bars. Well, now that our installation is complete, we can go ahead, hop up, take a closer look at the bars and how they interact with our roof. Now of course you do have that really nice aero look. So you're getting that wind spread across here in the front tailoring down to the back. Gives it that nice sleek look. Got the little Yakima on there, of course, getting that style points for itself. However, it doesn't just stop there with looks. I really do like how this system works. The big thing for me is this little T slot channel at the top here. So a lot of times, guys, this little stripping in here on a lot of the different carriers you might see out there requires you to cut it or get it out of there, and then you have to resize everything, and then you're trying to fill in those holes just like we we're talking about with that kind of whistle noise from that bottom side there. What's nice with this guy, though, we didn't do any cutting. All we had to do, take our T slot and start slotting it in right at the bottom there. So all we have to do is push it and it actually will conform to that T slot. You guys can see my fingers sliding down in there and then actually hold right there. So what's great about that, as we said, no cutting, no whistling, a lot less aggravation actually getting your accessories on there, which I do love to see. So go ahead, slap that guy back on. But a couple things we're gonna look at here. what kind of height we're adding onto our car, of course. Maybe we want to pull this in the garage or at least get through those drive-throughs wherever we might be going. So it is gonna be important to keep in mind exactly what we're working with here. And from the very top of our corrugate of our roof to the top of our bar here is gonna be putting us right at five and, right at five inches actually there, guys. So just maybe a hair over it. While our clearance for the bottom here is gonna be actually just under four inches. So you've got about an inch of a bar there, guys, so right under four and right over five for our max height. And of course, that under four is you're gonna be your clearance issue. Now that's only gonna be an issue, of course, at your corrugate and for getting your accessories on there. Now, working with a lot of rooftop accessories, I hadn't really seen anything that needs you to have this much of clearance. So I think all of us are gonna have a great time getting anything that we need up on these guys. Not to mention, with that T slot up top, should be giving us no trouble at all. Well as you guys saw, I've got a lot of good clearance there on our bars. Now, of course, like we said, they are a little tall. However, I think that fits well with our Jeep here, the Grand Cherokee already somewhat of a larger vehicle. So I don't think it's too out of place. Maybe on the sedan these will be a little tall, but I think we are in a pretty good look here for ourselves today. Now one last little great thing about Yakima. Right here, guys, you probably have noticed these little holes. So right now they're not really doing too much for us, but say we want to go ahead and keep it from anybody just doing this to our roof rack. We can go ahead and grab ourselves some locking cores from Yakima available here at One great little thing about this as well, guys, say you have a Yakima rooftop bike carrier, you can go ahead and actually get that locking core keyed alike utilizing Yakima's same key system. Not only that, if we had any hitch accessories, anything that we might have a Yakima locking core for, we can go ahead and start getting them keyed alike, making ourselves just to have one little key which is great for this system, 'cause I like it if we going ahead, if we're looking at getting a bunch of accessories, can be nice to go ahead, just get them all in that Yakima field and that way you just have one key for all the things that we need to make our trip successful and fun. Well, guys, I think that that's gonna do it for our look here at the Yakima JetStream 50 inch crossbars here on our 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I'm Bobby. Thank you for watching..

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